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  1. or where I'm from there are worries of EColi in the tap water lol 🤦‍♂️
  2. Sorry I've not been around as much, LOVING Pioneering!!

    1. booboo


      Tate how wonderful to hear this.  May Jehovah richly bless your ministry.  Ps 34:8. 


    2. rocket


      Very happy for you !!!

    3. Dismal_Bliss


      Awesome! Keep setting a fine example! :D

  3. I still do and always will love Disney films. *Disney & Pixar actually cause Wall-E is one of my favs.
  4. I think it's probably because you can dial in to Zoom so most aren't seeing a need for KHconf
  5. Humans are destorying this world. I can't wait for Jehovah to put that right.

    1. rocket
    2. Sister Twister

      Sister Twister

      So true Tate 

    3. shali


      Because of the radical changes in the weather and all the disasters it is causing, I can't see Jehovah allowing this system to go on much longer.  The organization is probably doing more disaster work than anything else now.  It's hard to believe that what has been done to the earth will be fixed, one way (with our help) or the other (Jehovah doing it).  Cant wait till Jehovah erases the faces of those presidents off of Mount Rushmore too! LOL

  6. I've seen a few reports, I couldn't believe it haha
  7. I will always remember a brother from one of our videos (I forget which one, I think it was 'faith in action') but he said something along the lines of "get those words off the page and into your heart"
  8. Anything to do with animals, I think a lot about all the species that have become extinct and if we get time to study them it would be my dream come true maybe I could write and illustrate a book about some of Jehovah's creation

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    I found the truth through a London metropolitan witness cart, I picked up a bible teach book as a joke as I was with old friends. I went out and got very drunk that night with the book still in my back pocket, I woke up the next morning and saw it, was inclined to read it for some reason and here we are!

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