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  1. Thank you for the history Bob very interesting ! it’s a lovely forum to get to know others and enjoy the debates and @rocketzoom chats are always such fun and it’s nice knowing the moderators keep a good eye on things . So thank you all .
  2. It’s interesting that the point is made about how our culture affects us , we could allow our behaviour or our dominant mental attitude be in line with the world because of the strong views around us , but as Christians our DMA must always be in line with Jehovah and that often means fighting cultural traits .
  3. I remember an illustration from an assembly , gathering material possessions and making a good life in this system is like polishing the brass on the Titanic , its effect is temporary and a waste of time and energy .
  4. After being a such an opposer to Christians Jehovah saw something good in Paul , something that he could use . Jehovah could see Paul had the beautiful quality of humility . Haughtiness is like poison. The effects can be devastating. It is a quality that can render the most gifted human useless to God. Humility, on the other hand, can make even the least one very useful to Jehovah. . . . [He] will . . . delight in rewarding you for your humility.”* Really, could we hope for anything better than to bring joy to Jehovah’s heart?—Prov. 23:15.
  5. Teach by our own example of love for Jehovah and faith in his word , be Alive with the sprit it’s infectious .
  6. Knowing that being hated by the world means being loved by Jehovah helps,. A feeling of exclusion as @Vinnie mentioned is not unusual as the psalmist and also Job felt the wicked prosper and that can leave us feeling our sacrifices for Jehovah are difficult to bare , but we have to remember Mark 10v30
  7. Feeling stressed and overwhelmed is normal in the life we are living today but our strength comes from reliance on Jehovah . we have to face and deal with our weaknesses , as with the psalmist he developed an envy of those opposed to a Jehovah and even doubted the blessings he received But he spoke freely to him about the reasons why he was so stressed. And they continued to go to Jehovah’s place of worship. so having the feelings sometimes is natural but we must deal with them quickly to stay close to a Jehovah .
  8. This days text so sums up the attitude in the world , the children grow up in the environment of telling them to think themselves special , then on the other end of the scale because of abuse and others selfishness others grow up feeling unworthy and unlovable . only Jehovah can sort this out Satan has done such a good job on finding ways to mess people up , it’s not curable in this system.
  9. Such a difficult one for Elders I’m sure , but their help and bible counsel could mean our life . It is so difficult for them to have to counsel us so we can make it easier for them by showing respect and appreciation when they need to do this .
  10. I do struggle to know what to say when people need comfort , but I was once told its better to say SOMETHING rather than nothing even if its not perfect it does show you care.
  11. Having good friends and being a good friend is so valuable at this time , not being quick to judge or over react , not keeping account of injury but being forgiving if necessary at times and hoping our friends will forgive us . having good friendships can make or break us so we should value them above all irritations and issues. Love above all else .
  12. Its good to think whoever we are whatever our circumstances , whatever our age we can be useful in helping and encouraging others , it can be practically but even just with kind words and support . Jehovah has opened up the world to us since Covid and Vinnie has said we get encouragement and support from a worldwide brotherhood like never before , so we need to use every opportunity to keep things positive and be refreshing to others whilst we benefit from others refreshing us. Satan would love to find ways to cause devisions which would be a disaster for us in these critical times.
  13. Our new and strange assignment since the pandemic which at first seemed as though it would slow us down but instead we took it on and adapted joyfully and it as everything with Jehovah has success.
  14. So perfect for the time we are living in with the GT right in front of us , our convention showing us the importance of maintaining our faith and the power that will give us to endure , and the reward ahead .

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