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  1. one video may be uploaded tomorrow, not connected to the 2021 conventions, earlier. An older video. Stay tuned!
  2. Can we expect a new video about conventions tomorrow to be uploaded at Jw.org ? 🤗🤗🤗🤗
  3. scary ... happened today: also interesting: the church is ... gone 798988681_VOLCNLAPALMA_CAMPANARIOdeTODOQUEDERRUMBADO_DIARIOAS-720p.mp4
  4. I think this will happen less magazines for the public Oh so my guess was right after all glad to know I keep up the pace 🤗
  5. “We can best honour the International Day of Peace by standing up against acts of hate, and by spreading compassion, kindness and hope so the world can “live as one” – just as John Lennon imagined,” said the UNPA on its website announcing the stamps.” “In a Playboy interview with David Sheff from 1980, Lennon explained of the song: “The concept of positive prayer ... If you can imaginea world at peace, with no denominations of religion – not without religion but without this my God-is-bigger-than-your-God thing – then it can be true ... the World Church called me once and asked, "Can we use the lyrics to 'Imagine' and just change it to 'Imagine one religion'?" That showed [me] they didn't understand it at all. It would defeat the whole purpose of the song, the whole idea.” Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidchiu/2021/09/21/john-lennon-honored-on-united-nations-stamps-to-mark-international-day-of-peace/?sh=7867aacb1bae
  6. Ever since 2020, the 17 SDG for 2030 had a set back. Guterres said the goals are now a decade late. The UN promiss was to reach them in 2030. Here´s their efforts to keep that promise: https://media.un.org/en/asset/k1l/k1l525wrnt#:~:text=Summary%3A People everywhere will join a new United,world on a more equal and sustainable path. source: https://news.un.org/en/story/2021/09/1100312 World leaders, BTS, join Guterres in call to get SDGs back on track Humans cant realize that only the Kingdom can do this. Not UN. This is why it´s called a disgusting thing, because it declares it can do only what Jehovah can.
  7. Correct 6000 displaced it seems another magma bubble is being formed and may burst anytime lava hasn’t reach the ocean yet when it happens water steam explosions and other phenomena are expected
  8. Yes i think bro Jackson applied to the GB it self it was always a bit hard to understand now I can see clearly 😃 never jump into conclusions about any ilustration other Bible translations translated wrongly based upon wrong conclusions lesson learned ☺️

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