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  1. I guarantee you will never know which GB members did or did not take the vaccine. They will keep that personal decision to themselves. And if asked they will likely remind you in a loving way that it is a personal decision and they would rather not discuss it. You won't see them in selfies while getting a jab or smiling with their vaccination cards. They respect others personal choice and wouldn't want their choice to influence yours.
  2. Likely at the US branches the government supplied the vaccine for the Bethel medical staff to administer.
  3. I think he meant many have been and that some have not. Since it is a personal decision as he stated each individual is allowed to decide for themselves. And if one is pro-vax or anti-vax they should keep that personal choice to themselves. It does not need to be shared just as many other personal decisions are ours to make and shouldn't be up for debate. I like to apply 1 Thess. 4:11 when discussing personal decisions.
  4. I come from a long line of Diabetics. I was pre-diabetic. The US doctor wanted to put me on medication. I couldn't get the medication here in Belize. So after much research my wife and I changed our diet. We have now been on a Keto diet for 3 years. I have lost nearly 90lbs (40kg). When I was back in the states in 2020 I had a full blood workup, doctor said no longer pre-diabetic. All results well into normal range. Doc asked what I was doing, told him Keto and mild exercise (Regular Pioneering). He said "Our HMO doesn't recommend that diet style but keep doing whatever you're doing"
  5. Zoom bombing is still a threat same as having a disruptive visitor at a Kingdom Hall is a threat. The organization has given instructions on how to limit the chances of this. 1. All Zoom meetings require a passcode (Zoom did that for us) 2. We are instructed to not post the Zoom info on public forums or on signs at the KH. But publishers are allowed to invite interested ones to attend 3. The attendants primary job during the meeting is to watch for disruptions and remove people if necessary. *It is much easier and faster to remove a disruptive individual from Zoom than to physically remove them from Kingdom Hall* It only takes about 5 seconds to remove a Zoom Bomber from the meeting.
  6. I hate to argue with you my brother but this is what you posted on Feb 21; "We don't have a rule you must change your name. If you enter with the name of your device showing and the attendant knows how you are, he will change it for you. If you enter and are not recognized and refuse to give your name - you will be dropped ... but you not have to change your name - you can simply not come back." This seems to me that you are requiring that they identify themselves or will be booted from the meetings and not allowed to come back. A pretty stiff penalty for not following a "non-rule" about giving your name.
  7. That's awesome that you help your mother to get the most out of her Meetings. We did training for the friends by service groups when we first started and as we see that some are having a hard time we work independently with them. But we still have a good laugh when the WT conductor (an It professional by trade) forgets to unmute himself. It's just a reminder that we are all imperfect and all fall short. Even errors happen when we are meeting in person. JW library crashes right as meeting starts, power outage on a 105 degree day. I once accidentally muted the opening prayer at the Convention a few years ago.
  8. Certainly I wouldn't advocate talking over the speaker just as we wouldn't at the Kingdom Hall. But also as at the Kingdom Hall if a visitor were to arrive we would not insist that they give us their name to attend the meeting. The attendants would watch them to make sure they were not causing a disturbance and the same is true on Zoom. If someone joins without a name we allow them to join, no pressure. The attendant has instructions to watch for disturbances, mute, turn off video, even remove if necessary so that others will not be distracted during the meeting.
  9. These are all great practices. But we don't "make" anyone do anything. One of the reasons many inactive ones are attending meetings on Zoom is because of the ability to join without pressure, we have been instructed that we don't need to have their name or count in order to join our meetings. It has been a very loving provision. My brother (fleshly) had been inactive for more than 25 years and struggled to step back into a KH for fear of being judged, since I first invited him to hear me give a public talk on Zoom he and his wife have been at almost every Sunday meeting but right now they are attending without name and video. But Jehovah is happy to have them like that for now.
  10. We've been doing this for ONLY one year may be a better way to state this. We have been having conventions for decades yet every year we have to over the "convention reminders". I always thought WHY? It's the same as last year, right!? But we are all just imperfect volunteers trying to our best for Jehovah. 1 year seems like a ong timme but for older ones or those that are not techy that 1 year is a small amount of time.
  11. This is true however there are also instructions for taking attendance and again they are done with love. The attendant is responsible for taking attendance. The coordinator of the body of elders determines the most practical way to take attendance. However, it is understood that it may not be possible to obtain the most accurate figures. So the branch understands that it is not always possible to be completely accurate. Just encourages the brothers to do the best they can. We have 2 brothers count at every meeting and then avergae the number. We also tried to use the poll but found out that attendees can close the poll without making a selection so it was also not completely accurate.
  12. There are already guidelines for having Zoom meetings provided by HQ, the BOE should be using those guidelines and not establishing their own outside of those that are provided. As an example; AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION 8. Commenters may either raise their physical hand or use an electronic hand raising feature. So there is no need for a BOE to set a rule that you must use the "raise hand" button when the guidelines say that the commenters may use either. The guidelines cover everything that has been discussed here and the elders and ministerial servants have access to the instructions. I found that the instructions are very clear and are based on love and reasonableness. One of my favorite lines from the instructions...Additional features may be utilized but should not be so restrictive that it makes it difficult for older ones and newly-interested persons to attend. We wouldn't want to make the meetings so strict and rule oriented that it becomes a burden to attend and some loose their joy in attending or new ones stop going because they "have" to do something.
  13. If you like the NUMA Files you will like the entire Dirk Pitt series. I've finished all of them. My current favorites from the same writers is the Oregon Files they are a lot of fun. https://clive-cussler-books.com/category/books/the-oregon-files/
  14. I know I'm late to this party. But thanks for this little tool. It will speed up finding pictures for me!
  15. I would love to have the Tinolang Manok recipe, including the measurements of the spices.

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