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  1. We serve Jehovah whole-souled out of love for Him. We do this by utilizing all the resources we have to show how much we care for his laws. Since the outbreak of this Pandemic, most of us were introduced to letter writing/ telephone witnessing &&&. These new preaching methods paved way for us to show our whole souled love for Jehovah. We are not seen by others when we do our Field Service but we make sure that we continue to show our love for Jehovah’s name. We show our support by sharing as fully as possible in this life-saving work. Now is no longer about the Hours but the Quality of our service to Jehovah is more important than ever before, May we cherish this privilege & serve Him loyally.
  2. verse4 “let endurance complete its work, so that you may be complete and sound in all respect, not lacking anything.” In a steel processing plant, Steel has to pass through a blast furnace where impurities are removed from the raw iron. Faith that stands up through test is proven faith & it works out for stronger endurance for the next test. Let’s allow trials to take its course & in the meantime accepting Jesus’ invitation “Come to Me”. Like furnace, trials might expose some weaknesses in us that we need to work on. In the refining process Jesus will help us to add more qualities in our endurance, to produce the complete & sound product Jehovah requires. # “The more we endure the stronger we will become.”
  3. The Bible say - ‘we should love not in word or with the tongue but in deed & truth’. Paul was not hesitant to approach Mark for help in dire situations. We learn from Mark’s example to be approachable & be willing to help in practical ways. He didn’t have a martyr complex or even get tired of helping a friend/brother. # Do I offer help then complain about it to others or sometimes to the person whom I’m giving help?
  4. Actions speak louder than words. Children are taught by actions & they will remember it for decades but are more likely to forget what we say. Fathers take the lead in submitting to Jehovah’s standards. They are careful not to abuse their authority but to rely on Jehovah & seek his guidance in earnest prayer, on how to be good examples to the entire family. They are aware that ‘Happy families leads to a Happy & more United Congregation’.
  5. We learn that Jehovah allows his faithful servants to be persecuted so that they can prove their love for Him . On the other hand, It helps us see Jehovah’s abundant blessings during those darkest moments. That if we rely on Jehovah our enemies will never prevail & they cannot end the worship of Jehovah, in fact it can have a positive effect on non-witnesses. Rather than allowing it to intimidate us, opposition will motivate us to happily serve Jehovah more fully & to completely distance ourselves from Satan’s world.
  6. The command of preaching to all people also applies to us sisters but Jehovah knows that we sometimes have challenges of going out to the ministry. In the Bible Jehovah gave us examples of faithful women who did this work regardless of any situations, like ill-health, bearing & raising children, taking care of household chores, etc. For our preaching work to be more effective we need to improve the quality of our disciple-making work & helping people to get baptized. Teaching is more than preaching because it involves coming repeatedly to the student with the intention of striving to reach his/her heart.
  7. Although Jehovah will not speak to us directly as he did in Bible times, but He will speak through his Word the Bible & his Organization. To read & meditate in his Word daily will give us comfort & hope to deal with stress. He also helps us to regain strength by attending meetings & by being with our brothers & sisters who serve, as a source of encouragement.
  8. The scripture shows that, Transformation starts with the mind & making our minds over requires filling our minds with Godly thinking.
  9. When we have done all we could to deal with a trial, Faith will move us to leave the matter with/to Jehovah. Because we trust that he can deal with the matter better than we ever could. We need to pray more frequently & intensely to gain more peace of mind & heart. when we are intensely occupied with our preaching work, we are better able to put our troubles into perspective.
  10. Paul mentioned the names of several brothers who assisted him in difficult times. He further said, ‘ I received much joy & comfort in hearing your love’. * Do we appreciate the help we receive from our brothers or do we feel as if we are entitled to their help? (Sense of entitlement) Humility & modesty will help us to appreciate them. * These qualities will help us to seek help in times of distress. We will never expect our brothers to read our minds. Eg. Paul humbly asked Timothy to bring him the scrolls - he didn’t expect him to know that he needs the scrolls.
  11. We imitate Jehovah - with our fine conduct that glorify God - In our dealings with others including the way we treat our children - when we boast in Jehovah, by helping others to come to know him & enjoy the benefits of learning & imitating Him - When we Rely on Jehovah to give us the courage we need to imitate Him.
  12. The reference Watchtower of the DT mentions those embarrassing questions - Watchtower, January 2016.
  13. # The text also helps us to stop meddling in other people’s affairs but to keep peace with our brothers & consider their feelings. # Not to behave indecently but to remain humble & modest # Not to view Jehovah’s rewards (earthly/heavenly) to his worshippers as an inheritance but a privilege that requires us to be faithful.
  14. As our song says ‘life in this world can be hard & it can bring tears & pain’. But how grateful we are, to know that Our Father values us, though life’s hardships & our imperfections can make us feel worthless. Through his love, he made us valuable by elevating us above the rest of physical creation.
  15. Prayer will help us to trust in Jehovah now & during the GT. When opposition/persecution strikes, reliance in Jehovah will help us to align ourselves with God’s people, instead of seeking favour from the enemy. Like Moses who risked Pharaoh’s wrath just to be with God’s people. Learning more on faithful servants like Moses & the qualities they possessed and how Jehovah dealt with them, will help us to imitate their faith.

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