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  1. Why is Watchtowers named after months, example this is January 2022 when in fact (in this issue) study articles for February 28 - April 3?
  2. Only by living forever we can postpone things to another day always and always. 😁 I can’t wait!
  3. Very interesting but I do not think there was anything like what we would not have already been dealt with. The content of the book of Revelation is often misunderstood in christendom and perhaps this has affected our new brothers and sisters which is why we have been remembered for this again. Instead, the study article 39 about how to deal with situation where our loved one has left Jehovah is very encouraging and touching. ❤️
  4. And this topic was created in May? Our brother who created this topic has been on move early as we say in Finland. 😄
  5. Oh here we go again, a long explanation of the comments of one imperfect brother even though he is a member of the governing body. 😁 Peace, whether Russia is the last KOTN or not, we know what it means to us anyway. No reason to worry.
  6. Doesn’t it require an internet connection and that works better on mobile devices than computers.
  7. if WTL is removed, how can I study our publications without an internet connection on my computer? ?? 🤔Does Jw library works like that? 😮
  8. Well, I hope they will realize that they should support true Christians, Jehovah's servants and to reduce the impact of apostates, KoN and ITS allies etc. Only then these statements would be maybe a little bit useful ...everything else is rubbish as always. Lots of words, little deeds like we say in Finland. The scarlet-colored beast runs too fast to see around. Quite embarrassing for a creature with seven heads. 😁
  9. This is no surprise But an interesting interview. I wish there were more of these than just complaining about apostates about how they are treated.
  10. This is second memorial that takes place in the zoom (in Finland) . And what a pleasure to hear Brother Lett’s speech about this wonderful gift from Jehovah.
  11. and also the fact that no one expects them to break the commandments even if it is difficult. Not especially if there is a war and then disobedience can even lead to death (military fugitive, deserter). A war where no one is fighting is soon lost. How much more it fits into the spiritual warfare where we are soldiers and Jesus is our commander! (Philipp. 2:25, 2. Tim.2:4)
  12. ” The green grass dries up, The blossom withers, But the word of our God endures forever.”
  13. 2 Timothy 4: 3 fits this perfectly. Clearly shows the innermost thoughts of apostates. " For there will be a period of time when they will not put up with the healthful teaching,+ but, in accord with their own desires, they will accumulate teachers for themselves to have their ears tickled; "
  14. one thing I find strange: From article I understand that it does not go like this. quote from jw.org

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