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  1. WHAT IS THE DNKJB or Divine Name King James Bible? The DNKJB is not a revision of the Bible’s message – nothing has been added to the Bible or taken away from it. The DNKJB is the ‘King James Bible’ – with no changes to the text – except to use the ancient manuscripts as the authority and put God’s name where it belongs. How do we know where God’s name belongs? The translators of the Authorized King James Version of the Bible the translators knew that God’s name is Jehovah and put it in the Bible in 4 places and in over 6000 places put LORD where they could see God's name. There are now thousands upon thousands of ancient hand written copies of the Bible that clearly show where God's name appears in the Bible. Is it necessary to know God's name? "No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day. 45 It is written in the prophets, And they shall be all taught of God (Jehovah Isa 54:13). Every man therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me." (John 6:44, 45) We didn’t say this, Jesus did. As the end is drawing near, people everywhere will be forced to know God's name. Yes, Christendom who refuses to acknowledge Jehovah as God, will have no choice now that the Bible that they love and trust so much will be filled with Jehovah's name as it was from the Beginning when someone decided to change it to Lord, or God, just titles. I invite all who read this to visit this article, https://bit.ly/Jahreplaced121. There you will see why it was decided that Jehovah's name should be put back in 7,000 places in their Bible. If you remember back when the book "The Nations Will Know That I Am Jehovah" was released, that theme is emphasized in the book of Ezekiel, which repeatedly states that “the nations will have to know that I am Jehovah.” (Ezekiel 36:23; 37:28; 38:23; 39:7) Notice that the nations will not choose whether to know that he is Jehovah or not. Rather, they “will have to know.” With Christendom putting Jehovah's name back in the Bible, this is another prophecy being fulfilled. I went personally and researched Isaiah 43:10, 11 to see if this write-up was true and this is what it says: "10 Ye are my witnesses, saith Jehovah, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me. 11 I, even I, am Jehovah; and beside me there is no saviour. Once you check out the site above you will be able to look for yourself, there is an online copy of the whole Bible found at http://dnkjb.net, now when we talk with householders in the ministry we can use their own Bible for reference. It is indeed true "A Better World Is Near"
  2. Please be aware that1990 is too far back because of Jehovah teaching us new things. Not saying that all of the information is incorrect, just saying that after a brief discussion with the elders we need to focus on newly updated information when posting here. There will be no remnants remaining on earth after Armageddon, they will all be taken to heaven and come back to fight with our King Jesus. And what a joy that it will be!
  3. I am glad that Brother Hess brought that to my attention his post on the remnants that I spoke about. however, I was not aware of the watchtower that you have quoted here, I am sure that there may be many friends that was shocked to learn that some of the 144,000 will be here when the Great Tribulation will start. And I am sure that a lot of newly friends who was raised in the truth was taught the same and probably was not aware of it as well. Throughout the years Jehovah has corrected a lot of misinformation that we were taught as growing up in the truth. I do not know if you remember when the subject "New Things Learned" was taught to the Witnesses back in the day, a lot of stuff was taught to us back then that the Witnesses had to correct, and a lot of corrections was made. But your information it is good to know. I was just mentioning what I had recently seen on JW broadcasting. You mentioned the 1990 Watchtower, pg.. 30. Although raised in the truth, I didn't come back until 2014, so to me it was new news to me, and maybe an eye opening for others that were raised in the truth, but had strayed away and came back later in the years. There will be many of times that someone may quote something that is new to them. It is good to have friends like yourself who can shed some light on some of the subjects discussed. Keep up the good work and continue to share the research.
  4. I think that some Meds work and other don't depending on the person's immune system. However, i do believe that the Co-vid-19 shots are doing well although it had a rough beginning. We as witnesses need to do what is best for us and our families. A lot of brothers and sisters has opted out of taking the shot for various reasons. However, I feel that if we want to get back to meetings, we need to re-think what we are doing. It's either or. Whether a person take the shot and protect themselves, or whether they show no regard for the life that Jehovah have blessed them and do not try to protect themselves and their families. The branch offices have reported that Jehovah's witnesses is not against taking the Co-vid shot. As a matter of fact they have reported that 95% of the Bethelites have taken the shot and returned to regular meetings. I believe that the branch released that statement to let everyone know that they would like to see all of us return back to somewhat normal meetings again. So the question remains: Do you want to return to regular meetings with your spiritual family or not? The choice is left up to you.
  5. Hello friends, For many years I was under the impression that the 144,000 will all be taken to heaven before the great tribulation break out. But to my surprise, I found out through the November broadcast that some of the remnants will still be here with us when the great tribulation starts. Jehovah is getting us equipped for things to soon come. Since we have learned that some of the remnants are still going to be here at that time, as always, it is not time to slack in our service to Jehovah. And not only that, the last assembly that we had last weekend is helping us se the important of Strengthening our faith now. Why do we need to do so? It is because we must have strong faith in order to go through some of the trials and tribulations that we are going through now, and those that is heading our way. Strong faith will help us get closer to the end of this present system of things. Yes, we need strong faith. We can see what ours sisters and brothers are going through in other parts of the world, we all will go through some form of persecution, so we must have strong faith. Hebrews 10:39 brings out that we need faith to preserve our lives. When Paul spoke about shrinking back, remember friends, he is not speaking of a normal fear, we all can get fearful at times, but he is speaking about slacking our course of serving Jehovah,. The fear to stop serving Jehovah when things get rough. With strong faith we will not take in consideration such action. No matter what we go through, or are going to go through in the future, we will not turn to the things behind. With strong faith it will allow us to press on through current persecution as well as any other ones that may come in the future. Strong faith have us to know that Jehovah knows what we are going through and he will help us. Our faith will be tested so we need strong faith to get through trials. And since we have learned that some of the remnants will still be here when the great tribulation starts, we must press on with our integrity and not think that we have time to strengthen our faith later, we need to strengthen our faith now if we are to make it through Jehovah's final war- Armageddon. We have to make it through the great tribulation first. Also remember that having faith - strong faith, depends on the saving of our lives. And as the world become more unstable, our faith will be tested. When that time comes it will be too late to evaluate whether you have strong faith or not. So brothers and sisters, if you are lacking faith, ask Jehovah for it, he gives it to us freely if we ask. We show such faith by persistence. By repeatedly asking, we reveal that we really need what we are asking for and that we truly believe that Jehovah can grant it. (Mark 11:24)

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