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  1. Who here writes poetry, songs, stories or novels, or makes music or instrumental music? Do you want to put your works on a website? I have a website, and there are brothers and sisters who give me their works, and I post them there. If any of you, brothers and sisters, would like to have your works posted on my website, please do not hesitate to message me. 🙂 I want to expand my website, not only for me, but also for my brothers and sisters. When I have free time again, I will put your works there. There is a fee for the website but even if I pay for it, I want to put your works there for free or no charge. The website is not yet available in English, it is in Filipino. But you can read the articles there using google translate. Again, brothers and sisters, If any of you would like to have your works posted on my website, please do not hesitate to message me. Thank you! Agape everyone.
  2. Is there any website that I can download a Photo or Artwork for free that only designated by JW's? I just want to know if there is, because I want to use some artworks/photos on my website. I know that there is a website for free photos like Pexels and Unsplash, but I am looking for a JW photos and artworks that I can use for free. Or, if anyone here wants to use his or her JW artworks, is it okay if I used it on my Website? Just send me a dm. Thank you brothers and sisters!
  3. Thank you for this .. I already used One Note on windows 10 .. it is different than the first photo you posted .. But it's a great tool then ....
  4. What if the organization build a school for those who wants to become a skilled workers? So, after they graduate on that school, they able now to become a full time worker of Jehovah, to build buildings, assembly hall, kingdom hall and other buildings that is needed .. I mean a school exclusive for those who want to have a specific skill like welding, construction ...
  5. I have a Youtube channel, I posted some travel vlogs with congregation friends and a school vlogs too [before pandemic occur] ... I also posted some of my original song composition ... But lately, I realized that being a Youtuber or making a content on YT is also taking too much time .. like, you edit videos, you also think for contents that satisfies the needs of your audience hahaha 😆😅 Anyways, I temporarily stopped uploading videos on my YT channel .. and most of my videos are now private 😅 Now, I use my time to the most important things in my life, like personal studies, Bible reading and other stuffs .. I don't want to use my time to those things that will be destroy in Armageddon .. like, if I have made a travel vlog or make a documentary about a person's life, or a job, is this videos will be also save in the day of Jehovah? or in Armageddon? But to make it reasonable, I will upload a videos [maybe in the near future] if it makes me happy and if my time does not affected into it .. I just want to use my time wisely, and maybe, in the right time, I will be a Youtuber again 😆😅 hahaha I really love to make a Youtube content but like what we know, we have a limited time in this system of things ...
  6. Well, all of these will be provided by Kingdom Farm Worldwide .. KFW came from many part of the world, some may came from Japan, Wallkill, Philippines (Rice Terraces) hahaha ..
  7. Do you know any apps that available for PC and Android phone that we can sync our notes? For now, I used One Note from Microsoft office and I really loved to use it. I also know the "Notebook — Take Notes, Sync" app on Android phone and on Windows, it also has a sync features. So, anyone here that can suggest more apps like those two apps? 😃😃😃
  8. I forgot, Kingdom Worldwide Farm hahahah it produces tomato sauce, ketchups, fruit juices hahaha something like that ...
  9. We are all excited to be in the Paradise and we always meditate for the time that all the things that we will build and we will do are only for Jehovah. So, the question is, what are those things? You can add some things or more things here.. I'll give some ... • Satellite Channel [We can watch livestreaming of all JW Broadcasting; there is also different channels like for teenagers, for families, for kids, for creation (like National Geographic), and others] • National Geographic Production [too, hahahahahahaha] • NASA [We have our own satellite and spaceships outside the earth] • Subways and Railways [that connects countries and continents] 😆 • Airports • Departments/Buildings/Factory 😆 for producing appliances or gadgets [Like TV, Computers, Laptop, Tablets, and Phones; and others stuffs hahaha] • Schools [We will have a schools (like universities or primary schools) that teach primarily about Jehovah; In the past, universities teach about evolution and theories, but in the Paradise, all things that we will teach and we will learn are focusing to Jehovah's personality] So, what are the things that comes to your mind? 😄
  10. You can copy your notes on a specific verse/scriptures .. It will appear on your personal study notes too ..

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