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  1. EXACTLY!!!! That’s what I think they were getting us ready for. Who knows maybe the unusual direction will come sooner than later!!!
  2. You can sense through the loving but direct counsel how close the end is! And you can also sense that they are getting us ready for the “unusual” direction the Governing Body will have to give us in the very near future!!!
  3. So I just checked and yeah it was only one month we didn’t have one they started in March and we had 9 of them they skipped august last year but this year they already skipped June, so I would think they’d follow the same pattern this year but I could be wrong.
  4. I agree! Someone had asked why they changed the name and I was like I didn’t even catch that. But I’m glad they asked. Shows you how, as bro. Lett said, that we are “deep deep” in the end, anytime the GB feels the need to provide regular status updates. Beautiful arrangement, no one can ever say the governing body doesn’t do all they can to feed and care for us!!
  5. It’s also because in the beginning they were going to be just about the pandemic, the first two were actually called coronavirus update, but it was changed to Governing Body update because the governing body determined that because the world is changing/deteriorating so fast, they will need to provide such updates from here on out, even if the pandemic ends. Nice to have had a brother who works in the Jw Broadcasting department give a talk!
  6. Well all the updates isn’t exclusively about the pandemic, this is one reason why we have renamed it from its original name coronavirus update to governing body update. If the pandemic ends before the great tribulation does, the updates are here to stay.
  7. I’m surprised we haven’t had an update yet, thought we would possibly have had it by now. I wonder what it will be about? I believe it’s Bro Loch’s turn
  8. That’s actually not true, I thought that too but had a brother visit my congregation that worked in the coordinators committee office and he said we are aware of witnesses there and in North Korea (don’t know anything about Somalia never came up) but any numbers or details are highly confidential so we don’t know (the field) anything about who. Some things are only known by the governing body due to the situation in some countries.
  9. I have heard this before so I understand why you would think that, but that is not actually true. The shingles vaccine is a newer type of vaccine but it is not similar to the COVID vaccines. The shingles vaccine introduces to the body a particular antigen that is not the actual pathogen, but it does not hijack the body’s protein building capabilities to build that antigen. This technology has NEVER been used in mass prior to COVID. The only vaccines that have been attempted on a large scale in a somewhat similar fashion is the adenovirus vaccines (JJ, Astrozenica)
  10. I get where you coming from, I just hate when I hear some people (not you) act as if everyone that is concerned about the long-term safety of the vaccines are anti-vaccine or similar. I’m a clinician with a background in immunology (the immune system has always fascinated me) and I was one of the ones that did not immediately take it, wasn’t the last by far and even though I’ve been vaccinated for months, I was and still am very leery about the whole thing. I agree wholeheartedly that we are at the point where if you want to keep living and not put others at risk, unless you are a hermit with a self contained biosphere, you need to take the vaccine,period. I educate everyone, including my patients (without pressuring of course) that the course of wisdom is to get vaccinated, otherwise you are putting yourself and those around you in grave danger. I also point out that we have more safety data now. Too, if they still have safety concerns I point out that the technology that was used to make the J&J vaccine was used for the Ebola vaccine which we have a few years of data on and was fully approved….. This does not mean that everything that has been said negatively about the vaccine technology is 100% false. As they say, misinformation usually has bits of the truth wrapped up in lies. The reality is mRNA technology in particular has always had concerns from respected physicians and scientists of long term auto immune effects, which is precisely why,even though the technology has been out since the late 80s, it hasn’t been used on a mass scale before. There are also some real concerns with causing the immune system to manufacture a piece of a pathogen, especially when that particular piece is remarkably similar to human tissue. What does this mean? If there is some effect down the line, how many people would it affect? The answer is we don’t know. But right now we DO know there is no better alternative to the vaccines. But please don’t be naive (and I don’t say this offensively) enough to think that because they say nothing will happen, we should wholeheartedly trust them. If you do any research on the pharmaceutical and scientific industry, there have been MANY times when they have said something was safe only for us later to discover it wasn’t. Now sometimes this has been deliberate with greed as a motive, but other times it’s been an honest assumption based on the evidence that was available at that time. Please remember, Psalm 146:3. Yes, we take the vaccine and continue to do all we reasonably can to safeguard our life. But we understand these are temporary solutions for a temporary world. That’s why we keep praying for God’s Kingdom to come and come quickly because we don’t know what the future (in this system) holds.
  11. I don’t agree with this, not that it matters because I am vaccinated, but this idea of side effect manifesting in the short term is due to a faulty view of comparing COVID vaccines to other vaccines; the COVID vaccines use technology that has never been used in mass in the populations so any likelihood of long term effects and what that looks like is truly unknown. This is not heresay or some anti vaccine point of view (I feel strongly and educate that people need to be vaccinated not just for COVID but other diseases too), this is a scientific fact. Don’t take my word for it, look at the peer reviewed articles for the safety and efficacy for Moderna, J&J and Pfizer and they all say that what the study does not know is if there are any long term side effects. Studies have also shown that the body’s immune response to the COVID-19 spike protein could cause some auto-immunity. In theory, this means that whether you are exposed to antibodies for the protein, either naturally through infection or through vaccination, there may be some risk of an autoimmune reaction down the line. The key word is MAY, and also with all that being said this is all conjecture, it may cause this issue it may not, and even if it does, that doesn’t mean that will be a common thing. But there is a risk. That is not being anti-vaccine, that’s just being scientific. Now the question you have to ask yourself is which risk is greater, you getting infected with COVID and dying or you taking the vaccine and MAYBE experiencing some unknown side effects later down the line. I would argue that the risk of getting COVID is much higher. Now don’t get me wrong, are some people out there stoking fear into people, absolutely. But to say there is a concern about what the future holds is not fear mongering, it just a fact, we simply don’t know. Anyone who says otherwise is lying because we don’t even have something to compare it too. Now we could say that it’s unlikely but to say that there is no risk, that’s just simply untrue. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it, anymore than a cancer patient who is faced with a cancer that could kill shouldn’t take chemo because it could have some risk.

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