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    My sister introduced me I would sit in on her study, then one day the sister asked me if I would like my own, long story short I said yes, and here I am, that was 1978,

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    I enjoy my ministry, Bible research, and I enjoy cooking. and also going to the park and feeding the ducks.
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    The Bible, and I like woman's world and cooking magazines

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  1. Thanks, I know for sure it wasn't 1978, because both my boys were small my 2nd son was born in 1978
  2. It does not sound familiar, do you have the one for 1980? I know it had to be CA, because there was no district convention in New Orleans, they were in Baton Rouge. Thanks for your help.
  3. I am trying to find the theme for the Circuit Assembly in the fall of 1979, please. I just recently learned the date on my publisher card for my baptism is wrong. I left the truth for many years and have also forgotten the date. I was baptized in New Orleans in 1979 at the Circuit Assembly at the Municipal Auditorium. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You But the way, I have been back since 2011....
  4. Dolly Parton's movie the coat of many colors comes on tonight at 8pm, looks like a good movie.
  5. I kinda thought Barrett would do through, but wasn't sure. I think Emily has a good chance of winning. I really thought Jeffery would go through, now since he was saved don't think he will win. I really think Jordan deserves it he is the best. But America is voting.....that being said it would not surprise me if Emily or Barrett win this., Just my thoughts......have a nice day!
  6. I really like the Voice. This season has really been a good one, last night performances were terrific. My meeting is on Tuesdays, so I have to go online the next day to see the highlights......I think the final four will be Jordan, Shelby(or maybe Amy), Emily and Jeffery(my fav performance of his was last night)..... Oh maybe I will look on here after the meeting tonight to see who the final four are....
  7. Hi Leslie, I just sent you a message. I would like to take a trip up there and check things out. How is the weather this time of year? Is there snow? Chat with you soon.
  8. It can be rough at times working in this world. I usually just say when asked to some type of celebration, donate money, eat birthday cake, etc...." Oh I 'm sorry, I thought you knew I was one of Jehovah's Witnesses." I try to always be brief in my response. Most people are accepting these days, especially when you can quickly respond. I have been able to answer many questions after work and on lunch breaks. The most important thing is to always, always pray to Jehovah. Especially when you can at work.
  9. Sounds simply delightful, I will have to make these for the grand-kids this weekend. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Great idea Richard thanks, I have Noah on the top floor, I will be moving the animals around. I have to go today and find little people
  11. This may or may not be finished, here are a couple of pictures. What do you think? Anyone? Should I complete it with the roof? or leave as is, any suggestions? Thanks
  12. Here is an almost finished project of my Noah's Ark, help!!!, how do I add Picture here?
  13. Thanks MizPeg, I have done a lot of research so I have a lot to share with the residents, we are attempting to start this project Oct 13. They are all looking forward to it. We have decided to make smaller ones, because everyone has a handicap just about, and some would like to bring it back to their room. I love the picture Michael thank you. I am getting cardboard boxes from the Coca Cola Co, we are using Popsicle sticks and hot glue, I am getting a few craft supplies donating from Michael's Crafts and getting hay from the dollar store.
  14. I am interested in building Noah's Ark at the Nursing Home that I visit regularly. I have glue and Popsicle sticks...... I am not very crafty, I was wondering is there a diagram or a model somewhere I can follow step by step. I have searched the Library and found lots of info to share, but no picture models. I have googled it and found a couple of things, Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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