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    Married to a sister
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    Yes. 11-14-70.

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    Came across truth book in Vietnam.

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    Studying, field ministry, new points in magazines, jwbroadcasting, close friends in the truth, door step bible studies (4). Drawing close to Jehovah.................
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    All the kingdom books, each for their own value. They help me keep my head on straight and maintain a waiting attitude.
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    Depends on how I'm feeling at the time.
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    One plus Jehovah equals a majority. Don't write a check bigger then your butt can cash.

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  1. Hey Greg, the numbers are great! Makes me want to get out even more. Very encouraging.
  2. I second what Leslie said. I really appreciate the positive comments and expressions we find on this site. It’s like an oasis of spiritual refreshment in a parched world of depression and anxiety that keeps getting worse by the day. Thanks to all of you.
  3. Yes, of course, your main point still stands. Your posts are always great and I think most of us look forward to them. I hesitated to even mention it.
  4. Christian Greek scriptures written over 3000 years ago????? Not knit picking, just wondering. Maybe my math is off?
  5. It seems to me that if Mr. Pell was innocent of these allegations that there could be nothing that could prevent him from going to Australia so as to clear his name. He cannot stay in the Vatican because of his close connection with the pope. I wonder how many children are accusing him. I think he's going to jail, where he belongs! Just when you think that things can't get any worse for the Catholic Church. Makes me wonder what's next.
  6. Yes it was a beautiful broadcast. It seemed as if Jehovah himself was talking to each one of us. What a beautiful organization we are a part of. How could we not be touched by such love and compassion? Really was a faith strengthening and motivating broadcast. I'm sure I will be watching it over again........and again. Yes my eyes did water....but only a little bit.
  7. That's funny.lol I really wanted to say more about that article but, seen's how it isn't a new point I will try and restrain myself. If that doesn't make any sense it's because it is reflecting my frame of mind at the moment.
  8. Trottigy, You are right about handguns and employment being well known for decades. The part I was specifically making reference to was the part on owning a handgun that is kept in the house and being used for self protection against other humans would fall under the same category as carrying a handgun for employment. Maybe that thought has been out there and I just missed it, which is entirely possible but I just didn't catch it. That does happen to me from time to time. At any rate I'm glad you did.
  9. Well, the world like him when he was wild and out there. And they would always want him to go back to the way he was. We have friends like that when we come into the truth. They always want us to come back and have fun and party with them again. And sometimes it is a challenge, kind of like the call of the wild. It was really pretty hard for him to get away from all of that because it was always there, everywhere he went. It will be great when in the new world he can channel his talents to making music that honors Jehovah and allows him to fully express his talents without being put on a pedestal.
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