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  1. He use to be our circuit overseer in the late 70’s. He and his wife always stayed their visit at my father-in-laws. A very encouraging brother.
  2. If they were giving that stuff away for free it wouldn’t be worth risking your life among all those people, and almost all of them not wearing gloves or a mask. Stay home, be safe, follow Jehovah’s direction. Stay alive. We need each other.
  3. Still no Iron county ‘yet’, but I’m sure it’s coming. Not taking any chances, as much as possible anyway. Seems like it’s everywhere.
  4. Darrin, can you be more specific about what changed with regard to what to put in TOGO bag?
  5. The trial run for our congregation was perfect. It was so encouraging to be together again even it it’s on a virtual level. It was mentioned that this is going to be how it is for quite a while. I just love it. There were many on there that haven’t been real regular for awhile. Our CO even talked a little. This is the week for his visit so I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night and his service talk and the latest updates from the branch and all that. Anyway, it was wonderful and gave me a sense of normality and reassurance that Jehovah is right there and in full control and always will be. Thank you Jehovah!
  6. The meeting for me that starts right now is just a rehearsal for our meeting tomorrow night. To be continued...
  7. I wonder what they’re doing about all the homeless people that are living literally on the streets, in tents and in cardboard boxes right next to each other? Even in big cities like L.A., they’re all over the place by the thousands in some places. It can’t be good.
  8. Watching the link that friends of Ross posted, and the additional video, it’s very obvious to see how absolutely vital it is to work in conjunction with the instructions they are giving us. They’re trying to save lives and control health systems that are overloaded and being stressed to the breaking point. We definitely need to willingly comply! They are saying that we are on a trajectory equal to that of Italy. Scary.
  9. Why is it so much easier when it’s someone else? But when it’s us it’s becomes so much more real... in a bad way. But.... the way it’s going there’s no telling what the government might do next. So we wait... for the other shoe to drop. Go bags maybe?


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    Came across truth book in Vietnam.

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    Studying, field ministry, new points in magazines, jwbroadcasting, close friends in the truth, door step bible studies (4). Drawing close to Jehovah.................
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    One plus Jehovah equals a majority. Don't write a check bigger then your butt can cash.

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