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  1. You win the award for the longest thing I've carefully read in a very long time. Congrats! Lol, joking aside, I'm staying out of this conversation...
  2. Sorry for mentioning horses!!!! We are so off topic now....
  3. Horses work just fine. And you are more in touch with creation. And each other...
  4. I'm getting to see you're a really funny brother.... But yeah, it's sad, sick, and twisted. And more and more I hear Invader Zim's words in my head: "This world is just begging to be destroyed!!!" We must keep them in our prayers constantly, and beg Jehovah to let his Kingdom come!!! With the way people are getting, it is easy to see how we will not feel sorry at all for those destroyed at Armageddon. Rather, we will feel relief. It is sad that that is where the human race is headed, but it is indeed heading there fast! Justice will be served. But as @jwhess said, we must try very hard to have the mindset to pray for those persecuting us. Ask to open their eyes to their actions, their heart to their conscious, and let them be overcome with guilt. Maybe then they can change and be saved. And in turn, provide relief to our brothers....
  5. As you said, he'd be having other symptoms if it was a battery issue. Don't know if PCs still do this, but he might even be stopped on bootup with a POST test error. So I'd rule out the CMOS battery as a culprit... More than likely a BIOS or other driver update is needed.
  6. I have a PC that has the same exact problem you have. Had the problem since day 1 (it was a refurbished machine). It's probably a BIOS issue, and BIOS needs an update, but I never bothered with it. I just disabled sleep mode altogether and do a shutdown. So....I never "fixed" my own problem, I just worked around it. All that to say, I don't think your computer's about to break (so no need to look for a new one). Probably needs BIOS updated, or another driver updated, and then it will be fine...
  7. That's gonna be dependent on your service provider. Some, like Google Fi, let you pause your service with the click of a button. On the other hand, if you paused your service, you may miss (and not be able to ever recover) any texts that are sent to you. For forwarding, it's the same thing. Depends on your provider. I can log into my Google Fi account and forward to another number easily. Forwarding might be your best bet. But I'd have to ask, does this happen every time you get a text message? It seems very unusual that a text message would cause you to lose internet connectivity...
  8. Bottom left corner, under "Settings". You can also click on "Settings" itself and see it there.
  9. A lot of work was done recently, fixing tons of bugs. It seems most brothers gave up on Public Speaker Sharing. We didn't. Hours and hours of troubleshooting and 2 months later, we helped JWS support enough to get it fully working. Just make sure everyone in your congregation who uses the PC version is on 1147 or greater.
  10. JW Broadcasting - 2014-10.mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2014-11.mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2014-12.mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2015-01.mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2015-02.mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2015-03.mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2015-04.mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2015-05.mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2015-06.mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2015-07.mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2015-08.mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2015-09.mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2015-10.mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2015-11 (Return to Jehovah).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2015-12 (How to research and improve our studies).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2016-01 (Complimenting Others and Behind the Scenes).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2016-02 (Different Types of Sin and Overcoming Guilt).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2016-03 (Maintain a positive viewpoint).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2016-04 (Learn from the things behind, and keep on looking forward).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2016-05 (Help for the family, make family ties stronger).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2016-07 (Love -The Identifying Mark of a Disciple of Jesus).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2016-08 (Loyalty to Jehovah and the Faithful and Discreet Slave).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2016-09 (Enhance your Appreciation for Bible Reading).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2016-11 (Be a Champion of Truth).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2017-01 (The Word of our God Endures Forever).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2017-02 (using our free will to make wise decisions).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2017-03 (Young ones, build your future with Jehovah).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2017-04.mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2017-05.mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2017-06 (Discouragement - Are you defined by your circumstances).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2017-07 (Jehovah's Organization).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2017-08 (Being on time, punctual).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2017-11 (Accuracy in JW Research, Wedding advice).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2018-02 (Managing your time wisely, setting priorities).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2018-03 (Trust).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2018-07 ('Tightly grip the Word of God', Gilead study methods, Joseph's example, 'I am not alone' music video).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2018-08 (Appreciating our 'gifts in men', sister overcomes drug addiction to serve Jehovah).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2018-09 (Stop being molded after this system of things & A proper view of discipline brings us closer to Jehovah).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2018-10 (Father, Glorify your Name, explains detective work when determining if Jehovah belongs in Greek scriptures, comments on Trinity falsehood).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2019-03 (Christian Neutrality - What it means, what it takes, and why we choose it. New series - Lessons from the Watchtower).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2019-04 (Giving our gift to Jehovah, staying physically clean, and how they make braille Bibles).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2019-05 (Worry & Anxiety, how to overcome it. A brother who has ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, and Tourets overcomes them).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2019-07 (Modesty-A Quality That Stems From 'What Is Good').mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2019-08 (Cherish Your Privilege of Prayer, see Jehovah's answers, avoid spiritism).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2019-11 (Jehovah is with You, Behind the Scenes of Animation).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2020-05 (Be Childlike, not childish; Not immature in feeding, easily tricked or fooled, prefer play over responsibility; Be babes to badness, humble and teachable, exuberant and enthusiastic).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2020-10 (Pray constantly to deliver us from temptation, music video on forgivness).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2020-11 (Pay attention, elders, in the ministry, and youths; Music video on race for life).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2021-05 (Daniel's prophecy & King of the North, Russia situation, Prophecy will not fail, My Teen Life, Russian song).mp4 JW Broadcasting - 2021-09 (Discouragement and fighting negative feelings, cultivating friendships, donations, always rejoice song).mp4
  11. I literally created a topic about that just a few days ago. I will be providing text that can be copied for all the broadcasts & their subjects as soon as I get home, if I don't forget again.
  12. Sure! I'll work on that when I get home. I think I remember a DOS command that would let me output all the file names into a text file...
  13. Cool...that's not too bad. But I'd like to eliminate caffeine completely. I'll give the decaf a shot and see how it tastes. Thanks again for your input!
  14. Wow, yeah sounds like you got something else going on. Might not want to mess with fasting in your case!

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