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  1. Sorry - been blown away with life lately! But I just flew back in! The words on the news were - That's it. I assumed up to this point that theoretically, there is freedom of religion. Although - some people in our territory beg to differ..... What exactly it means, I don't know So - why the big announcement? What's up?
  2. Melanie - can I ask, where did you find the tour brochures? Myself and another sister who lives in Canada, are planning the trip in July. SOOOOOOO looking forward to it! Hope this isn't snatching away from this thread - but, is the Stanley Theatre still on the visitation list?
  3. I've just heard on the news in Australia, that the government is pushing for religious equality - the same as equality for gender, age, etc. They say that everyone should be able to worship as they wish in this country. Interesting to see where this goes.
  4. Personally I think ice hockey should be included here! It's not a ball - but it is round! Can I just say - you guys have me in tears with your lovely and generous posts. Thank you all.
  5. I can't believe this is happening. I remember in the 70's there was a shooting on the steps of the courthouse in downtown Toronto - and we were shocked. How is this happening in Canada ???????????????? It really impacted on us. This? As far as I can see we are just that much closer to the end.
  6. I was wondering if anyone here knows, or has, a copy of a talk by Charles Sinutko ""Power of Prayer". It is a most moving talk but my old tape of it died a cruel death. I hope this is OK to ask - if not, please delete.
  7. Did you say "timbits" ??? As in - Tim Hortons Timbits ??? Is Tim Horton in the States?
  8. I live in the north end of eastern Australia. When I first moved here, public speakers were dear brothers who lived off the land, worked with their hands, strong men. I found however, that I missed the beautiful talks that I had had the privilege to hear when I lived in the south. Over the years - who'd a thunk it! These brothers became wonderful speakers !!! (oh - yeah, and my parents changed from being narrow minded people when I was in my teens, to profound thinkers when I grew older) Anyway, I SO appreciate talks that are posted on the Broadcast site. It has made me feel to much a part, a closeness with witnesses all over the world. It's like we are being drawn together in love. Thank you for posting this.
  9. Pardon me Ma'am. Ah just wanted to show you the donut to eat on the east coast of Australia - it's tropical! Y Well if donuts are out - can we do pizza ???????? (hhmmmmmmm .... New Yorker style !)
  10. We had the second meeting at 8PM - and for our town that was very good! We also had the deaf group there as well. We had 184 in attendance - our congregation is just shy 100. So great turnout!
  11. And the Aleutian Islands look to be last cab of the rank. There must be witnesses up there!
  12. Samoa as well. Oh, 4pm here in Queensland. Our Memorial is at 8pm; with an earlier congregation at 6pm. Here comes the wave!
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