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  1. Maybe it will be like brother Letts says, ....less than 25 years...in fact a LOT less than 25 years we're talking today. That would be grand!
  2. I think this sister was featured on Broadcasting...shes great LOVED the tactile artwork!
  3. Excellent article, its rare to read such a detailed account. I particularly enjoyed the comment: "We don’t have prejudice. We don’t have wolf-whistling on site or any disrespectful behaviour,” says JW project manager Rob McRedmond" I had to laugh trying to imagine the reaction if someone did wolfwhistle one of our sisters ...the site would probable grind to a halt as everyone waited for the ground to open up and swallow up the offender ...😊
  4. Who but Satan could think to put the beautiful clean living fine young men in prison? All praise to Jehovah they are now free!
  5. South London, right? We lived for years in a flat like that. Preaching on the balconies is fine in good weather, but in winter when the wnd blows the rain horizontal, you have to remember the sheep always live on the top floor and the angels want you up there!😊
  6. The architecture tells me the Bible Principle segment was probably filmed, in my home city London, probably South London... The accents in this segment were do familiar to me I enjoyed the new series on Lessons from the Watchtower... it seems we really have to be on point regarding neutrality!
  7. We are trained here to pack up and move at the first sign of trouble. Standing ones ground can get you hurt or worse. If someone grabbed at me or stared up at me suugestivley I would tell my partner we must move straight away. We're preaching in the city, you need street smarts here for sure!
  8. Be patient my brother, Now would be a good time to mediate in how to keep calm and have complete confidence in the brothers. They are neither negligent or lazy so we can be sure, if there is nothing on the Germany site they have their reasons, whether those reasons be on a local international or global level. We are in training now, its these little irritations we must use as stepping stones to be in shape for the greater tests ahead when we will not have all the jnformation we would like, at the moment we want it ....
  9. Thank you Carlos, I really believe that kind of thing is of apostate origin, Jehovah's people do not lie. Enemies will I believe use fake news against us, all the more reason for relying on JW news outlets.
  10. It looks like its the wrong shape, it should be more like a rectangle box... still kudos to them for trying. We'll build a proper replica museum in the new system and get the plans from Noah himself.
  11. One of my mother's cousins was fathered by an Irish priest. My mother is African and this cousin had a black mother and a white irish priest as a father. The child looked completly white and had a hard time poor thing. She eventually migrated to Ireland. I once asked my mother if in her village all the girls were raped by the priests, she said she didn't know but that all her friends had been, it was almost universal. Those nasty men ran the schools and took any pretty girl they wanted. I will not tell my mother's story for it is not mine to tell, but as you can imagine I'm afraid I cannot look at an Irish Priest without feeling sick to my stomach (not metaphorically, literally). This was in the villages 60 years ago. Yes the Catholic ran institutions in the west are now telling their stories but who is there to tell the story of all those hundreds, thousands of girls (and boys) in Africa, Asia? South America, in the orphanages, schools and collages, in the villages before the internet? ... as for how many children have been fathered by Priests? Who knows, but I think it's fair to say it isn't "rare"!
  12. I just wanted to share what one of my students asked me yesterday. I teach English language in University to first years (18/19 year olds) ... anyway we were studying a video that I had on my laptop. On the cover I have a JW.ORG sticker. So during the break one girl came up and asked "Is that the Jehovah website" pointing to the sticker. I said "Yes, do you know it?" She said, no but that she had seen it on the stands in the street. I couldn't really preach as French schools are very strict about things like that, but I did say "You should check it out, it's very interesting". I found this encouraging because it shows that when we're public witnessing, we don't really see who takes notice or not, but this young girl not only remembered the logo but knew it "belonged" to Jehovah. Made me smile.
  13. I love all of Paul s rebukes, they're the BEST! We've already talked about his "God will strike you, you whitewashed wall" ... he had such a way with words. I can't help but smile at what I imagine Elymus' face was like after Paul called him a " man full of every sort of fraud and every sort of villainy, ... son of the Devil, ... enemy of everything righteous"! He must have turned all shades of purple HA ! but what about Paul's rebuke of the Judaizers GAL 5:12 "I wish the men who are trying to unsettle you would emasculate themselves" [footnote: “castrate themselves; become eunuchs,” ] That is called hitting the enemy where it hurts. Or scripturally "aiming ones blows so as not to be striking the air"
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