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  1. An Amazing Experience Experience from Warwick Bethel A couple was kayaking on the Bethel premises at Warwick and when they were pulling up their Kayak out of the water the sister noticed something brightly colored laying in the trees, she went over to investigate and it was a bunch of helium balloons with two notes attached. One note had a picture of a young girl and said “In Loving Memory of” and gave her name. The other note said this is my cousin, she went missing in June of 2020 and in January of 2021 her body was found. She went on to say that she misses her cousin everyday and thinks about her and she said in her note, “If you find this please write to me.” The couple actually did something more than just write back to the woman. They did research on her cousin that went missing and found out about her life and her family. Then our Brother made a shadow box that had parts of the balloons as well as a picture of her cousin and the letter she wrote. Our sister then composed a three page letter that started with “My husband and I serve at the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses and we found your balloons and notes after we were kayaking.” Then our sister went on to express her sympathies and wrote some personal details that they had learned in their research about her cousin. Then her letter went on to tell her about our wonderful hope that she will see her cousin again when God resurrects her back to life again on a paradise earth. The wife also included her phone number and encouraged her to text or call her. The couple wrapped up the gift of the shadow box with the letter and mailed it out to the woman and put a tracking number on it. They saw that it had arrived and 1 hour and half later the our sister’s phone rang. It was the woman and she was crying on the other end of the phone. She proceeded to tell our sister that she was on her way to work that morning and her boys called her and told her she got a package. She told them to open it up and the boys said, “Mom it’s Jehovah’s Witnesses you need to come home and see this.” She turned around and came home and read the letter and saw the thoughtful gift of the shadow box. She then called her physical sister who told her , “You call that woman and listen to everything she has to say.” The sister had a good conversation with the woman and since they have been texting and talking on the phone and having many good scriptural discussions. Here is an interesting part of this whole experience. The women lives in Canton PA, which is a FOUR hour drive to Warwick Bethel. The woman sent out the balloons on the anniversary her cousin went missing in June of 2021. Our Brother and Sister found it four days later. The angels had to be blowing hard to make sure those balloons reached the right place and the right people during a pandemic when our focus is writing letters to ones. Jehovah and Jesus and the angels are truly blessing our unique ministry at this time in history!!!! Verified by Danny and Lauren Fensom in Warwick Note:- I hope this is a real experience. I don't have any way to verify this other than put this on here and see if anyone else has heard of this or even knows the people who verified it from Warwick.
  2. I think you will find many brothers and sisters struggle with Zoom meetings. Whether it is a fear of camaras, being up close and personal with so many people, being afraid of technology or simply not liking the feel and various aspects of zoom. That said we have Zoom breakout rooms after the meeting for about 30mins. Some people stay on for a while others not so much. Initially it's random and then we move people about as numbers start to dwindle. We also have ministry days everyday and breakout rooms for the ministry. Certain days are well supported. We do get some that really don't like breakout rooms with others that really don't mind them and view them as a main way they get their association at this time.
  3. We are looking to try to get the best experience for our brothers and sisters and produce the best for Jehovah. The possibility to fix this sound issue for our songs for perhaps thousands of Zoom accounts and congregations would of been worth it. At the conventions our brothers would be doing everything they could to fix this kind of sound issue as they would want the quality to be great for our brothers. If the problem had always been there then I would of left it but it has only been an issue since May. As this is a Technical/Zoom chat I couldn't think of a more appropriate place to discuss this.
  4. So basically they are telling us it's a Microsoft issue and not a zoom issue and that hopefully Windows 11 will fix it. They are also saying that macs are better quality sound wise with zoom.This could explain why some are not hearing the issue at their meetings. Some brothers may be using a Mac so are not hearing the pops and crackles
  5. So here is the updated conversation with Zoom technical team. Sherry Dalida (Zoom) Aug 3, 2021, 9:26 PDT Hi SImon, Good day! I've consulted this with our Engineers and in our design, share sound or share sound + optimize video clip, there is no difference between those two cases so it won’t happen that share sound is ok while share sound + optimize video clip is not ok. However, if using Windows client to do share sound, the performance is indeed not as good as Mac. This isn’t what Zoom can optimize but the Windows system does. So to improve the effect of share sound on Windows, we can suggest the following: Upgrade the Windows 10 to Windows 11 Or, when someone is sharing sound, make all other participants muted so that the environmental noise won’t be sent to the share side which leads to a bad effect on System’s sound capture. Thanks, Sherry Simon Wood Jul 30, 2021, 4:09 PDT Hi Sherry, It looked like the zip files of the logs did not send in my last email so here they are again. Sorry about that Regards Simon Sent from Mail for Windows 10 Attachment(s) C5B925A39C1C494D87500E02C7D48220.png C55CF29B92F54F42B363107166C423C9.png DCCFB88CF26B4C9ABA303DB0A7D0EF7F.png Zoom Logs co-host first part of meeting.zip Zoom logs host.zip Sherry Dalida (Zoom) Jul 30, 2021, 1:37 PDT Hi SImon, Good day! I hope this email finds you well. Thank you so much for the logs. We really appreciate your cooperation. Please allow us 3-5 business days to investigate this matter. Thanks, Sherry Simon Wood Jul 29, 2021, 13:31 PDT Hello Sherry, Please find attached the logs for our meeting this evening. The co-host has provided a time log of sound issues for the beginning music along with his logs and I have provided my logs as host for the entire meeting. Many thanks Simon Wood Sent from Mail for Windows 10 Attachment(s) AFFB4549AE674614B5811C7DB19322BD.png 2AECA52B928B47478F12D30464C4AF73.png 768E357AE1BB49CD9E8BE53F74BEB032.png Zoom sound issues time log Sherry Dalida (Zoom) Jul 27, 2021, 4:06 PDT Hi Simon, Good day! Is it possible to try both? So our Engineers can easily determine the root cause. Thanks, Sherry Simon Wood Jul 26, 2021, 16:11 PDT Hello Sherry, Just so I can get this straight. I have appended the new line in the zoom.us.ini file and am ready to record the log file. The next opportunity to reproduce the issue is Thursday evening. I will be the host on that evening. I will have to keep the meeting going for 3 hours at least though. Will this be appropriate for the recording of the log file? The host does not hear the issues it is the participants and co-hosts that are listening to the music that hears the issues. Would it be more appropriate for myself the host to log the issue and send you the compressed log file or would it be better for one of the co-hosts that will be able to hear the issue to log the issue and send a shortened version of their logged file (Maybe 20 minutes worth)? Your advice on what you would prefer would be helpful. Thank you so much for your help with this matter. Kind regards Simon Sent from Mail for Windows 10 Attachment(s) 9FAE44CC8ABE4148B17DC532D5471F25.png 3BEC1479F6684A06978148CBB670F3EC.png 439E25EACD7248CF9E6B404F884EC5A2.png Sherry Dalida (Zoom) Jul 26, 2021, 8:39 PDT Hi Simon, Good day! Thank you for contacting Zoom Technical Support! My name is Sherry and apologies for the inconvenience that caused you, so let me go ahead and help. For me to begin with, please record on cloud/local and reproduce the issue by following the steps below. Exit/Quit Zoom client. Append new line enable.memlog.file=true under section [ZoomChat] in configuration file %appdata%\Zoom\data\zoom.us.ini . Relaunch Zoom client. Reproduce the issue. Exit/Quit Zoom client. Remove the configuration added in step 2. Compress folder %appdata%\Zoom\logs and send to us. Provide also the meeting ID together with the date and time. Thanks, Sherry
  6. Hey thanks for the info. Have you confirmed that the issue is non existent on a personal account with more than 20 people?
  7. As a little update I have replied to Jobelle as below:- Hiya, in addition to the below information we as a group of 5 started to notice "glitchy" audio on our Zoom meetings as early as early May. Around the 6th May we really started to notice it. I hope that is useful information for the Zoom team that are looking into this. Kind regards Simon Sent from my iPad On 24 Jul 2021, at 04:07, simon wood <simonwood@hotmail.co.uk> wrote: Hi Jobelle, I have found out that this issue is happening in many congregations around the world. All over America, Australia, UK etc etc. It seemed to of started happening between 5.6.4 update and 5.6.6 update. One person started mentioning they heard it from just before May 21st. It is exactly the same problem as we have been experiencing. As you may be aware the Jehovah's Witness organisation has 1000s of Zoom accounts so hopefully this can be sorted soon. Hope this information is useful. Many thanks for your persistent help in this matter. Kind regards Simon Sent from my iPad
  8. I did there is as link to a recording on my one drive on the email sent:- Jul 18, 2021, 3:57 PDT
  9. Can I ask you what you have done for the crackling to only be at the start of the song? Ours is intermittently throughout the song. I am currently speaking with Zoom about this. Please see below our conversation. # Please type your reply above this line # Jobelle Padilla [C] (Zoom) Jul 23, 2021, 3:00 PDT Hi Simon, Thank you so much for your patience. We will be referring this to our next level of support for further assistance. If there are any additional questions or details you have, please feel free to reply to this ticket. Thanks, Jobelle Simon Wood Jul 22, 2021, 23:46 PDT Hi Jobelle, Yes we tried using the 5.6 version last night at our meeting but it still didn't fix it. Also one of our co-hosts tried installing the 64 bit version of 5.7 previously about a month ago and that didn't help. We haven't attempted to delete our audio drivers and install hd ones yet. Surely we shouldn't all have to do that on each of our computers this is happening to all of us. When we tried it yesterday with the 5.6 version we noticed that as more and more people join it is getting worse. It is almost like other devices although they are muted are intermittently echoing or interfering with the song. If it is other people's devices interfering with our sharing of music it may be a struggle to isolate the culprits and fix this without everyone being rolled back to previous versions of zoom. Not sure where we can go from here, any advice would be welcome. Kind regards Simon Get Outlook for Android Jobelle Padilla [C] (Zoom) Jul 22, 2021, 18:37 PDT Hi Simon, I hope you are having a good day! I have sent you an email previously to assist you with your concern. I would like to ask if you have reviewed the solution I have provided in my previous email. Please feel free to reply to this email if you need further assistance. Thank you for choosing Zoom. Have a great day! Regards, Jobelle Jobelle Padilla [C] (Zoom) Jul 19, 2021, 2:55 PDT Hi Simon, Thanks for reporting this again and sorry to hear that the issue is persistent. Can you try downloading version 5.7 in 64-bit? If the issue persists, can you go ahead and install the 5.6 version of Zoom: https://zoom.us/client/ Another possible solution that we've seen work in the past is to update your Audio drivers or completely remove them such as Realtek drivers and install HD audio. Hope this helps. If anything arises, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or open a new ticket should you have any other questions. Best regards and stay safe, Jobelle Simon Wood Jul 19, 2021, 2:04 PDT Hi Jobelle, The issue is happening when everyone including the host are muted. There is nobody unmuted for echoing to be the cause. The setting is set to mute participants on entry. We never hear anybody singing which you would if their device was unmuted. As it happens with 5 different windows pcs it is extremely unlikely that it is a device issue. Honestly we have tried everything. If everybody is muted and it is still happening how do we fix this? It only happens with music and not when playing a normal video so it is as if Zoom is filtering the audio/music. If it started after a zoom update and used to be fine my suggestion is something has happened with the recent update. It happened in the Keynsham, Bristol congregation that I recently spoke at so this does not seem to be an isolated incident. They also had all devices muted while it happened. Is there anyway to roll back to a previous zoom update? Kind regards Simon Get Outlook for Android Attachment(s) 1F7D67ABCC86408D90166AF18F2D1253.png Jobelle Padilla [C] (Zoom) Jul 18, 2021, 22:00 PDT Hi Simon, Thank you for providing the recording of the issue. If you hear audio echo or audio feedback during your meeting, there are 3 possible causes: A participant has both the computer and telephone audio active Participants with computer or telephones speakers that are too close to each other Multiple computers with active audio in the same conference room Generally, it means that there is a device out there that is channeling your audio back. Here are some tips to isolate the attendee: Host can mute the attendee one at a time Host can mute all, and unmute one at a time Attendee can mute him/herself The source of echo can also be from: Speakers (such as TV or soundbar) that are too loud Echo cancellation has failed (device or performance issue) A bad microphone For additional details and steps please refer to our guide on addressing Audio Echo In A Meeting. In addition, please advised participants to enable the original sound on their settings. And make sure that everyone has an updated Zoom version with a stable connection. The original sound allows you to preserve the sound from your microphone without using Zoom's echo cancellation and audio-enhancing features. This is ideal if your microphone or sound equipment has these features built-in and you do not need the additional enhancement. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client. On the Home tab, click the settings button. Click the Audio tab. Under the Music and Professional Audio section, check Show in-meeting option to "Enable Original Sound" from the microphone. (Optional) Check High fidelity music mode. (Optional) Uncheck Echo cancellation. (Optional) Check Stereo audio. For more details, you may visit this article: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115003279466-Enabling-option-to-preserve-original-sound. Hope this helps. Please feel free to reply to this ticket if you have additional questions or concerns. Stay healthy and safe all the time. Have a good one! Thank you, Jobelle Simon Wood Jul 18, 2021, 3:57 PDT Dear Jobelle, Please find below a link to a short recording of our congregation Zoom meeting while sharing a song this morning. We followed your instructions to the letter. https://1drv.ms/v/s!BK_zokYJhsEkoE90v8b6Yh45_NA4?e=U39i70 We all hear these pops and crackles, while the one hosting does not. This issue happens with all of our computers. It also happens when we use other media players such as vlc media player. You will find little pops and crackles throughout but most notably at:- 0:26 0:34 1:04-1:16 1:48-1:53 As you can see this sound is pretty terrible and has not been like this until the past 2 months. If you have any issues listening or accessing the file please let me know and I will try to find some other way to share it. Many thanks Simon Wood Sent from Mail for Windows 10 Attachment(s) 0A9EF838E07440A492D1C5DE5DB71005.png 4235BFB9B9C14C11865FAE5C09533531.png Jobelle Padilla [C] (Zoom) Jul 17, 2021, 1:36 PDT Hi Simon, Thank you for your quick response. Could I ask you to try a couple of steps for me, and let me know what happens? For Windows, please run the CleanZoom application in the attachments, and then restart your computer when it's finished? Could you ask the host or the user who shared music to please run the CleanZoom application in the attachments, and then restart their computer when it's finished? Once done restarting please visit this link https://zoom.us/support/download this will automatically download the newest version for you. Please install this version once downloaded. Once completed, please run a test meeting, share music and see if the issue is fixed. Please get back to me with the results. You can also record it and attached it here, so we can further check it. Best regards, Jobelle Attachment(s) CleanZoom.exe Simon Wood Jul 16, 2021, 21:35 PDT Hi Jobella, Yes we normally share sound in both of those ways and the little popping and crackle noises still happens. Playing videos that don't have music play fine. It's when the video or file being shared is music that the quality is compromised. It's almost like Zoom is processing it before it is played out to others. The one sharing can't hear the bad quality but all the other participants can. If you want to listen on Sunday morning you will see what I mean. It has only been happening since 5.7 update. We have tried changing audio settings to see if we can fix it but nothing has worked so far. Your help would be much appreciated. Regards Simon Sent from my iPad On 17 Jul 2021, at 05:20, Jobelle Padilla [C] (Zoom Video Communications) <support@zoomus.zendesk.com> wrote: Jobelle Padilla [C] (Zoom) Jul 16, 2021, 21:20 PDT Hi Simon, Thank you for getting in touch. If you’re wanting to share a video with sound or perhaps music directly into the meeting, there are two options for this. One way allows you to add audio to the shared screen feature, while the other allows you to just share audio with no visuals. To share audio with your shared content, you will want to use the “Share Computer Sound” option. This option is in the bottom-left corner of the Share Screen window, and when enabled will send all computer audio straight into the meeting, including any notification sounds from other sites or applications. This can also be enabled/disabled while already sharing your screen, but clicking the More option on the toolbar available while sharing, as shown below: Note: if sharing a video, we also recommend enabling the “Optimize Screen Share for Video Clip”, which will improve the quality of the video. Just be sure to disable that option once the video is finished, as this will have the opposite effect on normal images and text. To just share audio with no visuals, open the Share Screen window, then choose the Advanced tab along the top. There you will have the “Music or Computer Sound only” option, which will send any audio from your computer directly into the meeting, including any notification sounds from other sites or applications. I would also advise that you and other participants should check and use a wired connection and close any unnecessary application on your device. I hope this helps but if you have concerns please do not hesitate to respond so that I can further assist. Best regards, Jobelle Simon Wood Jul 16, 2021, 13:32 PDT It happens every Thursday Evening and Sunday Morning when we have our main meeting with 65-75 participants on. It has been happening since update 5.7 ID *** **** *** Devices are all PCs using Windows 10:- Myself: Bazooka 550 motherboard Amd Ryzen 5600x RTX 3060 graphics card 16GB Ram Another person HP elitedesk 800 G1 Intel i5-4570 Intel HD4600 graphics 12GB Ram 840evo ssd There are 3 other people using pcs of different specs. We all have the same problem when playing songs. With it crackling or popping slightly when more than 20 people are on and we are playing music. I have been to other congregations who use zoom and they have the same problem as well. Like I said a few months ago before 5.7 this didn't happen. Many thanks for your help in this matter. Kind regards Simon Sent from my iPad On 10 Jul 2021, at 02:25, Jobelle Padilla [C] (Zoom Video Communications) <support@zoomus.zendesk.com> wrote: Jobelle Padilla [C] (Zoom) Jul 15, 2021, 21:25 PDT Hi Simon, I just want to check if you still need assistance regarding this ticket? Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to let me know. Have a wonderful day and stay safe! Best regards, Jobelle Jobelle Padilla [C] (Zoom) Jul 12, 2021, 21:00 PDT Hi Simon, Good day. Hope all is well on your end I would like to follow up on the ticket if you are still experiencing this issue. If so, kindly provide the following information. This will help us to check the real issue and provide you with the correct solution based on your concern. Date and time when the issue happened: Meeting ID where the issue happened: Sample Email address of the Host or Co-host: What device and operating system were the performer used when this issue happened? If you do have any other questions, inquiries, or issues with the program, please dont hesitate to let me know and I will be more than happy to assist you. Kind regards, Jobelle Jobelle Padilla [C] (Zoom) Jul 9, 2021, 18:25 PDT Hi Simon, Thanks for contacting Zoom Technical Support! I hope all is well with you. I'm sorry to hear that some of your users are experiencing audio issues when sharing music. Let me help you with your concern. For us to provide you with the most accurate support. I would like to ask for some information. This will help us to check the real issue and provide you with the correct solution based on your concern. Date and time when the issue happened: Meeting ID where the issue happened: Sample Email address of the Host or Co-host: What device and operating system were the performer used when this issue happened? Once I receive the information needed, I will look into it and assist you further. Stay safe and have a wonderful day. Warm regards, Jobelle Simon Wood Jul 9, 2021, 10:42 PDT Hello we are having trouble with our sharing sound on our zoom conference account please let me explain: We have an organizational account as we are a religious organization (Jehovah's Witnesses). We currently have sound issues when any of the hosts or co-hosts share audio/music and there is above 20 people. It starts to crackle, stutter and pop ever so slightly causing an unprofessional sound. It has only started to do it since just before 5.7 update. Before then it has been fine. It also seems to be fine when there is just a couple of people on the meeting but as soon as the numbers increase the sound gets worse and worse. I did follow one advisors advice to open the zoom app go to audio > Music and Professional sound > High Fidelity music mode. That was all the instructions I got as the connection dropped when I opened the app. Now I have been asked to submit a request so here I am. Your help would be much appreciated. We all run windows 10 and have a mixture of good to medium quality computers but the same thing happens for all hosts and co-hosts. Many thanks Simon Wood
  10. I am not sure there is such a thing as a efficacious malaria vaccine. I took tablets when I travelled. What about if a vaccine had blood fractions in it say human Albumin. Would the missionary be given the ultimatum to either take the vaccine and go to the designated country or no longer be a missionary. I don't think our loving brothers would be like that. edit.... okay there is 1 approved malaria vaccine although it isn't very good and I don't think it is mandated for any country.
  11. For me it was: Ponder over these things; be absorbed in them, so that your advancement may be plainly seen by all people. - 1Tim 4:15 To be absorbed in the truth is the only way we should do the truth. Be diligent and whole hearted in the ministry. Be stuck right in the middle of the congregation. Be interested in becoming a better teacher. Embrace counsel and at all times uphold Jehovah's standards. Also love the brothers so much you would die for them. If you live and breathe the truth, that will act as the best protection you could wish for in this rotten old system.
  12. I kind of expect my main Jobs other than the teaching work to be the clearing up work, and associated with building infrastructure and doing local and regional construction work. I would like to write music in my spare time if I had any but I would just want to see what skills the brothers needed to help out. After the 1000 years I would like to mainly write some of the most epic electronic music anyone has ever heard. I expect my chosen profession that takes up a lot of my time to come into play after the 1000 years.
  13. In line with Uanis link she posted on post 4 of this thread: Vitamin D seems to be a very real and safe way to protect yourself from the serious effects of covid 19 In Uanis link there was this intriguing reality:- "A small, randomized study found that of 50 people hospitalized with COVID-19 who were given a high dose of a type of vitamin D (calcifediol), only one needed treatment in the intensive care unit. In contrast, among the 26 people with COVID-19 who weren't given calcifediol, 13 needed to be treated in the intensive care unit. " Doesn't this work out as 25 times less likely to get seriously ill even if you have only started taking it when your really not coping with it very well and had to go to hospital. Also 200 scientists are calling for vitamin d to be taken seriously as a viable protection against covid 19:- https://vitamindforall.org/letter.html I also enjoyed this video too:-
  14. I had the Pfizer vaccine 9 days ago as I am an elderly care home support worker in the UK. My wife should get a vaccine soon as she is also a care home worker but for young adults so she is in group 2 of who is due to get a vaccine. I still don't feel safe yet. 1 in 50 people have the virus in the UK if numbers are correct and in some places in London it is up to 1 in 20 people. The situation in our hospitals is absolutely shocking and it will get worse for the next 2-3 weeks. My care home has not had an outbreak of covid19 throughout the pandemic. We have been as careful as we can but until all the residents in my home get the vaccine I cannot relax at work. Hopefully now with the Oxford vaccine this will happen in the next couple of weeks. We have had one brother die in our congregation from covid. He was a good friend. We have also had around 10 people in our congregation who have had covid and recovered. This has made our congregation very diligent with regards to safety. The thing that is keeping me and my wife going is our meetings, ministry and letter writing. It is like an anchor for our faith. Trying to offer others comfort at this time is like medicine for the times we live in. Focusing on the hope of the kingdom and teaching others about it is vital for our mental health at this time. Many brothers have asked if I have had the vaccine as they want to know if the rollout is happening as the news suggests. The main thing is for me that it had no blood fractions which we were told in a letter from the branch. I actually researched the vaccine before the letter was read to us so I knew exactly what it contained already. I can confirm that I have not turned into a broccoli and only had a painful arm. Please brothers and sisters stay safe, focus on the ministry that is the main protection for us at this time. Enjoy not having to go out in the cold of winter (if in the northern hemisphere). The hope of the Kingdom is the ultimate solution. If I can do something that will allow me to keep on preaching up until Jehovah's great day then I have done it.
  15. A bit more discreet and hard to find the update now. I suppose they want to try to keep our brothers and sisters as safe as they can.

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