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    The story is this,I was brought up in the truth but left before getting baptised when I was 15. I moved out of home and went to live with my worldly girlfriend. After a few failed relationships I met my wife back in 2004. We were into drugs, alcohol, raves, smoking I was a modern day hippy with large beard and dreadlocks etc etc. We got married and went on a trip around the world to Goa in India, Australia and Thailand.

    While in Australia (2010) working and living on a farm we worked for a farmer who was very religious. He had lots of weird and wonderful ideas about the bible. A lot of what he believed was in contradiction to what I was taught when I was younger so I started to teach him the truth about what the bible really taught. I had to contact the local JWs to get bibles and literature to study so I could help teach him. In reality though I started teaching myself the bible. I gave up smoking and drugs so I had freedom of speech when talking to the farmer. When I left that farm I had placed 5 bibles and various other pieces of literature even though I wasn't even an unbaptised publisher, the farmer was praying to Jehovah and I was on my way back into the truth. I studied the bible teach book with my wife and we were going to some meetings, in all honesty she had no choice but to join me as we were so far from home.

    We got back to the UK from our travels and I started up a bible study and got baptised in 2012. My wife got baptised 5 years later.

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    Pioneering, Curcuit Training, Running, Singing and playing guitar. Listening to loud electronic music.
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    I only read theocratic material.
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    Raging Drum and Bass, Ambient music, Good quality electronic music, Classic rock, Kingdom melodies.

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  1. How do you feel now it’s a year down the line? I am thinking about getting my wife a kindle fire 7” or a Kindle Fire 8” (2017/2018) She does not use tablets that much so will just be using it for ministry, surfing and studying. Just would like to get your opinion now it’s a year later. Thanks!
  2. Your right it didn’t happen like that. He didn’t make it onto the stage and the security measures worked.
  3. He was an individual who a few years ago managed for a time to be in disguise as an attendant at an assembly. He was near the front of the London Excel and started shouting his nonsense. The brothers and the excel security escorted him slowly to the exits and then he continued shouting outside for a bit. The brothers and sister all spontaneously started clapping until he was gone out of the main arena so it was only those directly near to him who heard all his rubbish. He for a while had court order to not go anywhere near our Kingdom Halls and assemblies or risk going to jail. As far as I know he has been quiet for a while now. He would be stupid to do anything as he has been warned by the authorities and we are prepared to just phone the police if he rocks up anywhere shouting his nonsense.
  4. Noah did not write Genesis, Moses did many years after the flood under the direction of Jehovah’s Holy Spirit. 1. It was Jehovah that guided the animals to the ark. 2. It was Jehovah that caused the flood 3. It was Jehovah’s will that they swarm out after the flood to the whole earth (Gen 8:17) 4. It was Jehovah that said he would “wipe from the surface of the ground every living thing that I have made” 5. It was Jehovah that had recorded that every breathing creature perished (Gen 7:23) I have not seen anything to the contrary that would prove this didn’t happen as is plainly stated in the Genesis account. There are viable explanations for the repopulation of the planet of various animals even in Australia and New Zealand. I see no reason to confuse ourselves by getting an explanation that disagrees with what the bible says or trying to explain clear bible sentences to fit with my own interpretation of scientific evidence. To me that is pointless and not really in any bodies interest.
  5. See the thing is the bible says Gen 7:23 So He wiped every living thing from the surface of the earth, including man, animals, creeping animals, and the flying creatures of the sky. They were all wiped off the earth; only Noah and those with him in the ark survived. You are right it is only talking about land And flying animals here but after talking about these types of animals it says only Noah and the animals on the ark survived. The bible does not say only Noah and those with him in the ark survived (and also a few other animals that escaped on drifting things) The bible is quite clear and unambiguous about the account. Is it too much to think that divine intervention was involved afterwards? After all the whole flood account was an act of divine intervention. This would fit with the bible account more closely and the faithful slaves thoughts on the matter. Anything contrary disagrees with the bible and our publications which is a dangerous road to go down.
  6. https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1200000281#h=7:0-7:829 Some have contended that the presence of animals on isolated islands like Australia and New Zealand is an indication that not all land animals outside the ark perished in the Deluge. However, the findings of oceanographers indicate that at one time land ridges connected what are now isolated land areas. For example, oceanographic studies indicate that the Mid-Atlantic Ridge may have crossed that ocean above the surface. Possibly there were also other ridges, and animals could have migrated by means of these before such ridges sank below the surface of the ocean. Other oceanographic studies have turned up evidence that once there existed a huge South Pacific continent that took in Australia and many of the South Sea isles. If such was the case, then, of course, the animals had no difficulty in migrating to these lands. - Animals, Insight on the scriptures Vol 1
  7. How do you match your thinking that “some animals survived” with the bibles statement that “every living thing was wiped from the earth” in Genesis 7 Genesis 7:21 So all living creatures that were moving on the earth perished—the flying creatures, the domestic animals, the wild animals, the swarming creatures, and all mankind. 22 Everything on dry land that had the breath of life in its nostrils died. 23 So He wiped every living thing from the surface of the earth, including man, animals, creeping animals, and the flying creatures of the sky. They were all wiped off the earth; only Noah and those with him in the ark survived.
  8. I heard laurel mostly but there has been a couple of times I have heard Yanny.
  9. Did my first Public Talk/Symposium  on Sunday (Stand Still and See the Salvation of Jehovah). It went better than I could hope for. :)

    1. Friends just call me Ross

      Friends just call me Ross

      Thank you for 'reaching out' in your service to Jehovah. :D


    2. Dismal_Bliss


      Awesome! Public Talks are the highlight of my spiritual career ;)

    3. carlos


      Congratulations! I have that talk too and I love it. I'm sure it was great.

  10. http://ghettofunk.bandcamp.com/track/crash-party-pgh http://ghettofunk.bandcamp.com/track/boomin http://ghettofunk.bandcamp.com/track/kool-hertz-originator http://ghettofunk.bandcamp.com/track/kool-hertz-supadupa-bad
  11. http://ghettofunk.bandcamp.com/track/father-funk-take-2 http://ghettofunk.bandcamp.com/track/father-funk-jump-on-it https://ghettofunk.bandcamp.com/track/father-funk-emperor-groove http://ghettofunk.bandcamp.com/track/father-funk-sheriff-shooter
  12. I wouldn’t swap all the money in the world for my spiritual richness I now have. Whether this survey is correct or not (in a way I hope it is) our focus is trained to be spiritual not physical. I have turned down full time work and a promotion quite a few times over the past 7 years. Every decision has been to simplify and create more time for spiritual interests. Me and my wife are both way below the national average wage and both work part time. Somehow (although I know why) I have gone from a little flat to now a little house with a garden and a garage, I have had a little holiday every year to somewhere warm/nice during winter and I seem to have more money for the things I want, yet I have not been persueing those things but been persueing kingdom interests. How did that happen? Matthew 6:33Keep on, then, seeking first the Kingdom and his righteousness, and all these other things will be added to you. Jesus was telling the truth that Jehovah would provide for us if we put him first. Those who do it get to experience first hand this miracle of Jehovah providing for them. It’s like a front row seat to your own personal miracle. I am glad it is like this as it means many of us rely on Jehovah and not the money that we earn. I think if this survey is true it is evidence that we are being trained to rely on Jehovah and not our money. Disclaimer:- This does not mean that Jehovah can’t do this for those with higher incomes. He does it for all those servants who put his kingdom interests first.
  13. I took a screen shot of the web page. It was pretty obvious.
  14. I didn’t include link. I have tried before but you don’t seem to be able to include links on Instagram.
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