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    Interests other than spiritually connected things are: hi-fi and music.
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    Apart from the Bible, which goes without saying, almost everything by Charles Dickens and Anthony Trollope (I love 19th century English novels).
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    I love classical music by Philip Glass, Aaron Copland, Gustav Mahler, Beethoven's symphonies. I also love opera, whether it be Donizetti's lovely and hilarious "The Elixir Of Love", or John Adams' "Nixon In China" and "Doctor Atomic". My wife and I go to English National Opera productions when we are able.

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  1. I have a wide musical interest. But for pop/rock I probably end at the 80s. I really love classical music, and fave is string quartets. I love chamber music and full orchestral pieces. Not so keen on choral works, and definitely no religious music. From the 60s onwards the great rock bands and prog especially. The Stones, The Who, the Kinks, Pink Floyd, Queen, Genesis, Man, Gentle Giant, Greenslade, so so many.
  2. The RVW discs are excellent! Espeicially the Barbirolli conducted symphonies with the Hallé Orchestra. The recording of the Prokofiev is good, although I am not completely enamoured of Sting's narration and characterisations. The Overture on Hebrew Themes is wonderful, both recording and performance. The disc of Lennox Berkeley is well-played and superbly recorded and I am just 'getting into' the music. The trio for flute, clarinet and bassoon is delightful. Sir Arthur Bliss - nice recording but the music I will have to have a few listens to. Leó Weiner's music is new to me, but I enjoyed it very much. The sonatas are well-played and well-recorded. I haven't played Carmina Burana yet, (my wife doesn't enjoy such choral works) and we are planning an evening for Wagner so we can hear the entire at one sitting. All in all I am well pleased with my bargain purchases.
  3. I scour charity shops and such for bargain music cds, especially for classical music. A problem arises sometimes when the shop puts the classical discs on the bottom shelf and I can't get down to look - and if I did, I would never get up again! This week I picked up some good ones: Ralph Vaughan Williams symphonies 2 and 8 conducted by Barbirolli. RVW Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis; Five Variants on Dives and Lazarus; Job - a Masque for dancing. Leó Weiner violin sonatas Lennox Berkeley chamber works (Berkeley Ensemble) Prokofiev Peter And The Wolf (narrated by Sting); overture on Hebrew themes; and the Classical Symphony Arthur Bliss violin Concerto and The Lady Of Shalott (ballet) Carl Orff Carmina Burana Richard Wagner Tristan Und Isolde (4 discs) Furtwängler's 1955 version (considered one of the top two versions!) Each cost me £1 only. Some great entertainment ahead with beautiful music.
  4. My wife and I saw Peter Gabriel in Munich a few years ago. The "So" tour. And a ballet to music by Frank Zappa at the wonderful opera house. Then 2 years ago we went to opera in Hamburg - Britten's. A Midsummer Night's Dream. Last year in Berlin we saw Queen. That was special. We used to holiday in Germany each year. Now our passports have expired, but there is plenty to see and hear in London!
  5. @coony77 The Staatsoper Stuttgart have some nice upcoming concerts. Is Stuttgart easy to get to from Reutlingen?
  6. I recently made a group booking with the London Philharmonic Orchestra to attend a concert on 23rd March at the Royal Festival Hall, and 30 (members of our congregation and spouses etc) paid for a ticket! I got a 20% reduction on the tickets because 10+ are going. The program is Beethoven: Egmont Overture Elgar: Cello Concerto Mahler: Symphony no1 We are looking forward to this very much, the seats are great, right in the middle of the rear stalls and an entire row of brothers and sisters and a few in the row behind. And such wonderful music!
  7. Carrying a pepper spray or similar device is illegal in the UK. Although it's purpose is defensive, it could be used offensively and therefore is classed as an offensive weapon. The are legal alternatives which spray a red gel which causes blurred vision and red staining, and one option has purple staining with uv properties, so even after washing can be used to identify an attacker.
  8. I'm reading the just-published book "Darwin Devolves" by Michael Behe. I loved "Darwin's Black Box" by Behe and this book seems to be as easy to read and as informative as that one. I am reading the Kindle edition.
  9. Has anyone else got this problem? "Not available at this time" it says when I click a video at the start of a chapter. Yes, I am online.
  10. Just as long as you don't judge those whose conscience decides differently to yours. 😋
  11. Yes, as I mentioned I saw the original (in English it's Untouchable https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1675434/?ref_=nv_sr_6 )
  12. That's good, Roseanne. You won't be going against your conscience. I saw the original French movie and thought it was hilarious. My real worry is how Hollywood might have ruined it, as they usually do. (Compare Pour Elle and The Next Three Days, or Spoorloos and The Vanishing)
  13. Working now.... I wonder what the problem was? Never mind, AOK now.
  14. In my JWLibrary app (ios) there is an update for the article series Young People Ask, but the installation fails after the download. Anyone else have this problem?
  15. Thanks Deric. That is what we said to her. I explained that it was like a one-way-street; the videos etc can only move down from the server to her device, she doesn't have to 'send it back up'! Just delete it, you can get it again later. Also, I told he the tablet was like a pint pot (her father kept a pub) and she was trying to put a quart into it. She is in her 80's and a faithful pioneer sister, but she does sometimes have her own ideas about things. We love her dearly.
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