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  1. Brother Sanderson’s talk and the videos of our Russian brothers and sisters moved me to tears. To see the support our brothers and sisters in Russia gave to the ones who were being sent to prison was just too much. Brother Sanderson wonderfully explained our clarified understanding of Daniel 11:40. I had goosebumps the whole talk! And that video in Brother Jackson’s talk... wow. Just. Wow.
  2. Beautiful original song and announcement of a new video series! “Principles for Daily Living”
  3. The new format of the study edition will include the “Some Expressions Explained” box, which at the moment only appears in the simplified. There would also be design changes that allow for a larger font to be used. So it appears these changes begin with the January issue of 2019, rather than the issue that contains study articles for January 2019.
  4. Building a New Bible Look Under OUR ACTIVITIES > Printing and Shipping Hope that helps
  5. I am studying for pioneer school currently, so this broadcast came at just the right time. I have applied the suggestions from the broadcast to my study, and I can honestly say it’s been life-changing for me. Personal application has never been so clear. Bible accounts have come alive like they never have before. I had done personal study before, but now it’s entirely different. I feel like Job, who said of Jehovah: “My ears have heard about you, but now I do see you with my eyes.” (Job 42:5) I am seeing Jehovah in a whole new, far more personal light, and the more I study, the closer I feel to him
  6. On special metropolitan carts this morning we had an awesome conversation with a man who had just started reading the Bible, but is just picking random pages of the Bible to read and isn’t fully understanding what he is reading. (Acts 8:26-31) So we explained our free Bible study program, placed a Teach Us book with him, and I got to show him the online Bible study lessons on jw.org as something he can start right away while he decides whether he wants a study with a personal instructor. After the conversation, he walked off with jw.org open on his phone, ready to try out one of the lessons Thank you, Jehovah!!
  7. Showed the explanatory video at the field service group this morning, all were very impressed and couldn’t wait to try out this new feature. I was also able to show the online Bible study course to a Bible student of mine later in the morning and he reckoned it looked great
  8. I hope it is brother Noumair, always enjoy his talks of course, all of them are great.
  9. Perhaps you are thinking of the Research Guide for Jehovah’s Witnesses? Which is yet another study tool. You may have had a valid reason for printing that out, since it is a publication that is only made available digitally in English. I wouldn’t feel that printing out the study Bible would be particularly beneficial since many of its features only work digitally (videos, animations etc.)
  10. Up in American Sign Language Features the trailer for this year’s convention drama. Very cool
  11. An indication of some of the doctrinal issues with the James book can be found in this Questions From Readers article from 1981: Questions From Readers ● The Commentary on the Letter of James, on page 47, states: “Besides being the God of Christians, Jehovah is also their Father, for he has begotten them by means of his spirit to be his sons.” And the question on page 57 relating to this reads: “How is God also the Father to Christians?” Does this mean that all dedicated and baptized Christians have been begotten by God’s holy spirit to be his sons? No, this is not the thought that should be gathered from this, as though we now had a change of understanding in this matter. Such a change would nullify the Scriptural teaching as to two separate destinies for those gaining salvation, a heavenly one and an earthly one. Rather, the Commentary takes it for granted that the student reading James 1:1 and the comments made on the expression in that verse “to the twelve tribes” (see pages 12 and 13) would appreciate that the restrictive number of those making up spiritual Israel are begotten by means of God’s spirit to be his sons.—Gal. 6:16; Rev. 14:1. To avoid ambiguity, the Commentary could have inserted the word “anointed” in this sentence on the bottom of page 47. Thus it could have read: “Besides being the God of anointed Christians, Jehovah is also their Father, for he has begotten them by means of his spirit to be his sons.” Then the question on page 57 on this portion could have read: “How is God also the Father of anointed Christians?” Christendom, with its beliefs that man has an immortal soul, that at death all go to either heaven or hell (or, purgatory) and that someday the earth will be destroyed by fire, does not allow for an earthly destiny for any of God’s faithful servants. But those who have a clear understanding of Jehovah’s purposes regarding the earth and man are convinced that someday there will be an earthwide paradise peopled by faithful human servants of God. In this regard it might also be observed that Jehovah God, while being the Father in a unique way to spirit-begotten, anointed Christians (Rom. 8:14-17; 1 John 3:2), is also spoken of in the Scriptures as the Father of those whose destiny will be earthly. Thus Isaiah 63:16 reads: “For you are our Father; although Abraham himself may not have known us and Israel himself may not recognize us, you, O Jehovah, are our Father.” Therefore all the “great crowd” of “other sheep” may rightly pray: “Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified.”—Matt. 6:9; John 10:16;Rev. 7:9. The article explains the book “takes it for granted” that readers would understand what was meant. However, Raymond Franz and others in Bethel at the time had begun forming private “study groups,” and one of the conclusions they reached through their private interpretation of the Scriptures was that all Christians have a heavenly hope. Since Raymond Franz was the principal author of the James book, could his wayward thinking have perhaps influenced this statement in the book, rather than a lack of clarity in writing? If so, could the same be said of other statements made in the book? You can begin to see why the James book received very limited use congregationally. In fact, it was only translated in a very limited number of languages in comparison to our other publications. That is not to discount all the information in the book. There was some great Scriptural information in it. It was, after all, still a publication provided by “the faithful and discreet slave.” Given both the age and the background of the book, though, and that it was published in a somewhat turbulent time in our modern-day history (though not often spoken about), the brothers probably decided it was best to remove it.
  12. We had 190 in attendance for our first Memorial as a new cong. We normally have 100ish to our Sunday meetings, so it was great to have nearly double that number!
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