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  1. We will still have some new public magazines next year.
  2. Well… yes and no. That talk has been given since at least the 1960s but the outline has been revised several times since then. The most recent revision to the outline was in September 2015, and there is not a single reference in the outline or the related reference material to the water canopy. So it seems this is more a case of a brother who has given this talk for many years and has failed to update his talk when the new outline came out. That was six years ago. Makes you wonder how he’s gone this long without someone pulling him up about it. Or how he even missed it in the first place. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. The Xhosa edition of “Sing Out Joyfully” to Jehovah has been prepared with sol-fa notation due to the prevalence of this singing method in that language. Other African languages might also do similarly. Hope this helps. https://www.jw.org/finder?wtlocale=XO&pub=sjj&srcid=share
  4. The yeartext made me think about what is really involved in ‘seeking Jehovah.’ I hear that expression and often associate it with ones who have been searching for the truth and are learning about it for the first time. So I did some research and found this great article about what it means to seek Jehovah. *** w01 2/15 pp. 18-19 par. 5 Seek Jehovah Before the Day of His Anger *** You might say: ‘I am a dedicated, baptized servant of God, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Have I not already met those requirements?’ Actually, more is involved than dedicating ourselves to Jehovah… ‘Seeking Jehovah’ today involves developing and maintaining a warm personal relationship with him in association with his earthly organization. It means getting to know how God views matters and being attentive to his feelings. We seek Jehovah when we carefully study his Word, meditate upon it, and apply its counsel in life. As we also seek Jehovah’s guidance in fervent prayer and follow the leading of his holy spirit, our relationship with him deepens and we are impelled to serve him ‘with all our heart, soul, and strength.’—Deuteronomy 6:5. https://www.jw.org/finder?wtlocale=E&docid=2001124&srctype=wol&srcid=share&par=8 How timely is the reminder to seek Jehovah especially at this critical time! I think we have all seen recently how now more than ever we need to be attentive to God’s thoughts and feelings on matters and act on it. And how vital doing so will be in the times that lay ahead. A related scripture, Zephaniah 2:3, reminds us that we must seek Jehovah “before the day of his anger.” Very little time remains for us to seek Jehovah, so how appropriate to be reminded of this now.
  5. The Watchtower No. 3 2021 will be available for download soon. It has the theme “A Secure Future—How Can You Find It?” It has been designed to appeal to those of an Asian background, and especially Chinese people. Some features include several quotations and experiences from those in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and use of the expression “Holy Writings” in substitute for the Bible for most of the magazine. It refers to Confucius and popular Oriental sayings. The artwork and images all depict those of an Asian background. It seems that a number of our public magazines that have been released recently have been prepared for a specific target audience. The Watchtower No. 3 2020 has been designed for those of a Muslim background, Awake! No. 1 2021 has been designed for Hindus, and now The Watchtower No. 3 2021 for those with an Asian background. Will this magazine be useful in your territory? What do you appreciate about the efforts made to reach people of all backgrounds?
  6. We didn’t see this happen, but the film very accurately alludes to the fact that this happened. In the film, the series of events seems to happen very quickly. Yet, if you look closely and compare Daniel’s attire between the scene where he finishes interpreting the writing on the wall and after the Medes and Persians burst in, there is a brief switch back to where we see Daniel, and in this scene we see him wearing a purple robe and a gold necklace, just as the Biblical account tells us. Compare Daniel at 6:29 into the film and at 6:51 into the film. And Darius’ words to Daniel the following morning allude to his prestigious position that had just been granted him by Belshazzar the night before.
  7. It is anticipated that this will happen. The publication code for the printed Study Bible of Matthew-Acts is nwtsty1. There would be no need to add the “1” at the end of the code if that was the only edition they were planning. The thing that is uncertain is what the next complication to be printed will contain. Will it be the writings of Paul, Romans to Hebrews? Or will it be all the remaining books of the Christian Greek Scriptures? At any rate, the study notes will be released digitally first before they are compiled into the printed edition.
  8. This information is from the Daniel’s Prophecy book, and there have been a number of clarifications on Daniel chapter 2 since this book was published over 20 years ago. The Anglo-American world power began functioning during World War I, not from 1763 C.E. Also, we no longer speak of the “politically divided world” in the time of the end as representing a separate world power. This idea came from the wrong conclusion that the number of toes on the image had special significance. They do not. Hence, the Anglo-American world power, which is now ruling, is the one that will be in operation when God’s Kingdom crushes all human governments at Armageddon.
  9. The Governing Body have made very clear to the Bethel family worldwide that vaccination is a personal decision and will not determine whether one stays in this form of special full-time service or not. They have plainly stated it is not mandatory to receive the vaccine if you are in Bethel service. They have, however, stated that those who choose not to be vaccinated must accept that they will not be able to enjoy the same freedoms that those who are vaccinated can, at least initially.
  10. The Watchtower study for this weekend reminded me of the following verse. It is very sound advice and would follow on nicely from our current yeartext and from this year’s convention: “No one exercising faith will panic.”—Isaiah 28:16.
  11. Well, filming has not yet begun, so nothing yet to suspend but depending how long this hard lockdown continues, it may affect the project schedule. The restrictions that come into effect from Monday at the Australasia branch are quite severe; for the first time since the project began, construction for the film project will be halted. Many brothers and sisters at the branch will not be able to do their work assignments for at least two whole weeks. Lovingly, the Branch Committee have assured these ones that they should not feel guilty about using this time to spend more time with their congregation, caring for personal matters, and getting more rest and looking after their physical and mental health. Please keep these brothers and sisters in your prayers, they appreciate it very much. Amidst this, though, there is good news. The branch has made arrangements with a local clinic to get all who so desire in the Australasia Bethel family vaccinated. Not only that, but due to a series of events that could only be attributed to Jehovah’s blessing, most will be able to get the vaccine administered by one of the capable nurses who work at the branch, eliminating the need to go out of the branch and quarantine upon return. The Kingdom Hall auditorium on-site at the branch is being converted into a temporary vaccination clinic this weekend. It is hoped that within the next six weeks 97% of the family will be vaccinated.
  12. No, because Genesis doesn’t have study notes. If it did, it would. Presently this feature only applies for the books Matthew through to Colossians.
  13. Yes, it’s available in the JW Library app. Select the gem icon on verse 1 of a chapter, then you should see right up the top the link to marginal references. Tap on that and you will find they are separated into different categories.
  14. There are different categories of marginal references in the study edition, but they are only applicable to the books of the Bible that have study notes. For example, in the Gospels, in addition to general references, you also have parallel account references and quotation references. (See the screenshot below) In books of the Bible that don’t have study notes, all the marginal references will appear under the “general” category.

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