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  1. d.”a 62 Jesus said to him: “No man who has put his hand to a plow and looks at the things behindf is well-suited for the Kingdom of God.”g 👁the video:
  2. I was looking over EccentricM's profile and ran across one of his favorite quotes, my wife and I laughed for a good 5 minutes. I've sligthly modified it: "I'm so smart, that sometimes when I'm talking to myself, I don't understand anything I'm saying..." 🤣
  3. Good morning 'careful'. if you want to send that to someone by text, send them this link, exactly as shown here: https://www.kinderworld.org/videos/animal-videos/animals-hug-humans/
  4. In this moment, my wife and I are having our circuit assembly lunch break. In the morning session their was direction given to the 'youth'. Because I have my own service business, I drive alot in my town, I often spot kids (10-17?) walking alone or with friends. As I drive by them, I in an undertone say to them: "take care my friend, it's a rough life out there", take care of yourself". I've always had a tearful compassion for worldy youth, knowing that parental insight & direction that once was common, is nnow missing because of their own parents being lost, suicide among youth today has skyrocketed. Instead of being critical of today's youth ("look at those non-JW kids, they're bad...) let's have compassion for them. If we have an opportunity, mention to them the website JW.ORG with it's sections for youth. Be careful about handing them cards or tracts, as it may not be legal because of their minor status. As I'm near retirement, I've been attending classes to be certified to become a youth coach, I want to work with youth. So as I retire, I will (Jehovah willing) do auxilary pioneer and my part time business as a youth coach. Please cut and paste the following video link:
  5. I'm a 'newbee' and actually tried to delete that particular post "couldn't have said it better myself". I looked everywhere for instructions on how to delete it with no success. My apology's.
  6. the dirt = life's strife, the diamonds = eternal life. Giving up right before success; DON't
  7. For me personally (and probably some other brothers and sisters), it seems that the poem writer was spying on my exact thoughts and feelings. Every single line in this poem has my name, up to and ending with "the person Jehovah knows you to be", but after that I have to modify the following lines (for myself): I know that soon he’ll make things right [but I've had day's where I can't see light]. I know the blessings he has in store, [and yet, I've felt at times I can't go more]. then he opens my eyes, signs are everywhere, I get myself back up, we're all almost there! Yes, you and I he apparently chose, because for eternal life, we're all disposed.

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  • Birthday 04/01/1958

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    California OC
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    introduced to JW teachings as a child by my mother.

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    my 'secular' interests: writing, reading about psychology and mental health. reading about adolescent mental health. biographies about historical noble people.
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    After the New World Translation, I have 2 books I live by: "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen, and "The Power of Now" by Echart Tolle.
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    anything that: inspires me, reminds me to pray for the sad & downtrodden. But mostly anthing that lifts me or makes me want to dance.
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    A River Runs Through It, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, A Beautiful Life.
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    I don't know it it's a quote, but "Never never quit".

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