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  1. Has any one else seen the news on the dead sea scrolls at the museum being fake.so if they are fake where are the original or are they trying to say they don't exist
  2. On my profile it's there Ohh no it is not I wonder why
  3. As I understand it The chat bubble is on your profile And yes not many answer because they are not full members yet
  4. Mm I have never seen any green bubble at anyone name that I have chatted with
  5. Go to the menu bar at top right hand corner the drop down menu scroll to the bottom and it's the last on the list
  6. Lurkers are usually those looking for mates I have found I have come across this sort of thing b4
  7. Haha we are all jw that means you can't count as NH
  8. Yes and I have chat with him I too try to encourage others when I see someone on
  9. Naa when you look at the chat history. Many enter the room rand leave I don't have much time either but??
  10. Just thinking why we have a chat room that is not used. It is a provision the has been organized on jwtalk for brothers and sisters to beable Chat to others but it is not used. Or are people afraid to use? I think it is a good way to get to kn our big family a little better
  11. My country is fighting over toilet rolls They are limited to 4 but cleaning up all and they will assault anyone who dare challenge them
  12. How reliable is this Lastest mag says look at the facts Is it reliable Where does it. Come from Do the research. Is that presenter reliable??? Social Media Posts Spread Bogus Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory
  13. How reliable is this Lastest mag says look at the facts Is it reliable Where does it. Come from Do the research. Is that presenter reliable???
  14. In the colder Counties lije Denmark and Sweden they have hot sauna and straight Into an icey cold pool
  15. Haha 😂 we have all cold bucket baths here in ghana come rain or shine. Here we have to toughen up
  16. And I need to travel in August but these flights go visa Singapore. Or Thailand . I'm worried. Need to have a face mask
  17. Sign language assembly today. 

    Very good and my student loved it 

    587 in attendance 

    2 baptized 

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