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  1. Thank you. I do apppreciate that but I promise, no offense taken. But it did get me thinking that some may have misinterpeted my comments. I am not so good at putting my thoughts, feelings on 'paper'.
  2. The purpose of my post was/is to support my brother whether stories true or not. But if he did answer questions, for us to please not be quick to judge him as none of us really know if we will hold up under torture. And personally speaking, I do see him as a faithful brother. I keep him in my prayers, and pray that if stories true, that he not be overcome with sadness and guilt. Many of our faithful brothers have had moments of imperfection, (I used Peter as an example).
  3. I wonder if he feels much like Peter did when he denied Jesus. I pray that he is not overcome with guilt. None of us really know how well we would hold up under torture. What comes to my mind is Brother Splane's comment from the annual meeting (year text talk). When we fall, when we are down and can't get up, Jehovah extends his right hand to help us. Don't just lie there. Extend your right hand, allow Jehovah to help you to get up. My brother fell under torture. But with Jehovah's help he can get back up. Perhaps in the future, one of us will fall under torture too. How thankful I am that Jehovah will help him. How thankful I am too that it doesn't belong to us to judge one another.
  4. Thank you sister Victoria for bringing this to our attention. Yes you and all our dear brothers and sisters are in my, our prayers.
  5. Without using this link, https://jw-russia.org/en/news/19021923-622.html, how can I access that site. I do not find a link on jw.org. thank you much.
  6. When I started studying with this one lady, she wanted to keep the study at about 5-10 min, so we started in the good news brochure doing only subheading to subheading in each chapter. That worked very well. I'm now there for about an hour. We use about 15 minutes to ' talk ', about 45 min. for study. She is prgressing well. But since he's willng to give you an hour, you may want to start with the Teach Us book. You do not need to cover a whole chapter each study. In fact for this lady I study with, we have never done a whole chapter in one study. Or take the first study and 'visit'. Try to ascertain if there's anything in particular he has been wondering about. Enjoy your blessing from Jehovah.
  7. I tested with both Ancestry and Myheritage. For me, Myheritage was more accurate, even after Ancestry's recent update.
  8. Ah yes sister. United States is not very welcoming to many different ethnic groups. Although my daughter-in-law was legal here in the states, she and my son chose to go back to her home country. The anger and hate towards her/them was very real. Although her home country is considered dangerous, and very poor, she feels safer there than here in the states. (Clearly the anger and hate comes from Satan). But the congregation they are in now needed elders very much so they welcomed them freely. They have many studies, many who are coming to the meetings regularly. May Jehovah's kingdom come very soon.
  9. We had 4 kingdom Hall weddings recently. This was the same for all 3 weddings. No decorating at kingdom Hall but seating changed slightly to make an aisle. Decoration, etc done at reception area.
  10. Have not watched Endeavor or Morse yet but all of you have piqued my interest. One of the actors in Death in Paradise described the show something like a combination of Columbo and Scooby-Doo. LOL. Sister Dove, understand.... I was not happy either about losing the first detective, but in time the second one grew on me as did the third replacement.
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