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  1. I can't believe it! What a magazine, I never imagined such study articles would ever be written.Truly amazing!
  2. Do you qualify for any of the home repair programs?I think HUD is closed due to Govt.shutdown but you may be able to see if there is a program in your area when its back up again. I got a new hot water tank,my entire home isulated,a new refrigerator, carbon monoxide detectors ,new basement windows and a ventilation system installed with grant money I did not have to repay. https://www.hud.gov/states/michigan/homeownership/homerepairs In our area there are also programs that replace roofs,doors, furnaces,etc. Through local community action agency.
  3. My son is going to PuertoRico to do relief work in June.He has a tentative return date, 6 weeks but he could stay longer.He has no other obligations so he can stay as long as they need him.
  4. I need to know somethings about buying a plane ticket. What if you do not have a return date? How to get the least expensive planefare?
  5. Is that Br.Griffin and his wife on the cover of a Feb 15 ,1994 WT I seem to recall that .
  6. I love talks about raising kids...they have been invaluable to me.I was a blank page as to what to do.
  7. I would never criticize a parent for deciding to homeschool their children. You really don't know if your child will return home. I don't feel like school shootings are isolated incidents any longer.It is a daily concern.
  8. No,he somehow shot himself with a 22 rifle, the news says he is clinging to life.Students are able to return to school today.
  9. The most recent school shooting incident in the news happened this morning at a school 10 minutes from me.I know Witness kids who attend there.The boy shot himself,he had other 'things' on him.The report called them 'distractions.'
  10. Shawn were the entries by Chris you posted above on the gofundme site? Or where were they?
  11. Just listened to it...wonderful! I didn't know anything about Br.Herd before this.
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