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  1. Hi Anniebea great topic especially these days! I am a Biomagnetic pair therapist, and am interested in wholesome natural alternatives too. Am thinking about learning more on nutrition / herbalism. Since I discovered how good herbal teas and vitamins are for us, (like actually personally as a family for real). Pine needle tea, dandelion tea, echinacea, cats claw, grapefruit seed extract, colloidal silver, hawthorn, and much more! Have you learnt anything really good recently!? Or any relevant new tips?
  2. I am glad it’s down aswell. There are many negative connotations these days regarding symbolism especially the pyramid. Even though mature brothers know it was most likely erected in respect and with a good motive, neither would WE ever want to stumble one of the “little ones” who may not appreciate that it has no link to the great many Masonic symbols around the world that do include the pyramid. Like one of the comments said, this might be a good thing after all.
  3. My husband is a recent Irish ex catholic. (It runs in their blood!) but he’s noticed that almost HALF of the catholics he sees/knows/social media have decided that the Pope is either an antichrist or a false prophet! I found this very interesting? they are surely skinned and “tossed about like sheep without a shepherd” 😳 We can pray for these ones.
  4. True. In our congregation about 15% have had it. Of those Three were very unwell, and two were hospitalised in their 70s but are home and fine now. maybe it’s to do with a more virulent strain, or their underlying health conditions. It does seem to affect some regions or countries differently. We still don’t know a single person who died from it in the whole time period and that includes neighbours work colleagues brothers and family. Thus I suppose it could explain why one area is less in fear than another diaspora. Not saying that’s correct, just confusing. But then that’s what Satan and the world wants for us, to be confused, to be in fear and not focusing on Gods kingdom. Thank goodness it’s not political over here in the Uk. Romans 8:38,39
  5. My husband is Irish and not a brother second marriage this was 8 years ago. He’s a star he really is and I’m hoping he will be a brother very soon you never met anyone who loves Jesus more than he. 🍀🥰 my two sons are bigger now and the one on the left is getting baptised next weekend in the Loch! 😃🙏
  6. They would need to be at least 1000 Gauss to have any real effect on the human body. (Thus I don’t really buy into those wee magnet bracelets etc although I would never dream of saying they don’t work because if you think they do then that’s halfway to a solution!) I get mine from Spain covered in leather, but I’m sure you can pick them up at hardware shop or online, I try and use natural ferrous magnets but man-made neodymium works aswell.
  7. If you have any strong magnets, or pick up 2, use them as in this diagram. Leave on for 30 minutes I would use a headband or hat to keep them on. Also excellent is where you have one on each side, (but OPPOSITE polarity one negative on Theo left temple/ear area and one positive right temple /ear ) again 30 minutes. This will help tinnitus and also certain headaches.
  8. Ideas that worked for you. Suggestions. Subject choices. Online teaching recommendations. Socialisation issues. I am the mother to 4 children and with my very last wee boy who is half scottish half Irish (he says “skyrish” ) Hector who is 6 years old. My older three were in a traditional primary / secondary school situation and are all well adjusted and two are adults now both baptised. The reason I took the plunge last year is because I couldn’t trust exactly what the school system is teaching him. Over here it’s extremely politely correct, we had wee boy who wanted to be a girl in the class and so they treated him as such and in Scotland the law is clear they do not have to tell the parents. Also we found out they introduced trans men who were women (did I get that right?😩) into the school to lecture to the children WITHOUT our consent. So we decided to give it a go, since we were in a position to be able to. I realise not all can do this 😳, but we figured we could try and if we fail we will humbly accept failure and put him back to school if that occasion arises. please let me know your experiences and advice. Christian love, Jo in Scotland
  9. This is for the sisters: SENSE AND SENSIBILITY (The Emma Thompson one) it’s SO GOOD. Enjoy with your feet up and a wee glass of wine. Like a hug in a rug. (And oh I can’t wait until we are all masters of our own fashions in the future, Ha ha can you imagine what on earth we will all look / dress like!?? 😆)
  10. We only have KFC here (and it’s free range chicken they use in the UK) so not much choice! Instead I make my own version which is actually baked. Don’t mock! It’s actually really really good and tastes like it’s fried: I marinate the chicken pieces (I used boneless thighs) with buttermilk, maple syrup, and spices. I used paprika and cayenne. Salt and pepper. then I blitz up breadcrumbs with grated Parmesan, some flour, and again spices including paprika, cumin and cayenne and pepper. toss the drained chicken in the coating and place carefully on greasproof covered oven dish and drizzle with olive oil and or knobs butter then baked for around 40 minutes. Super yum!
  11. If we look a the context of Colossians 4 we can see that Paul is listing all his beloved brothers who have helped or slaved in some way or another, (aswell as Mark) which reminds me to pray for all the ones I know of are suffering, or be thankful to Jehovah for all those who have helped us that day. Every morning I thank Him for all those that care about me and my family it’s wonderful! Might only be a handful but Jehovah uses such ones to answer prayers, and in return we are thankful for all those that are in our life daily too. Also reminds me to pray for (by name) some of those suffering persecution listed in the “newsroom” or out circuit servant or anyone else who know strives daily for Him.
  12. I apologise for my use of the word amygdala. As a Biomagnetic therapist when I place magnets on “amygdala palatina” it’s the area of the tonsils. This name would still be correct for my point, however I submit to the other use of amygdala also 👍 With regard to specificity - these are prophylactic yes rather than actual treatment however both the teas are excellent for covid, but MOSTLY the spike protein. If our immune systems are tiptop we are unlikely to get very unwell from covid unless we are advanced in age, obese, or compromised with another separate serious illness or condition. so it’s important we work on our immune systems. We NEED pathogens around us. Keeping sterile all the time is not practical or useful to your immune system. Another tip is eating organic or gone grown food. I used to think this was a gimmick for rich people. Not so. See below - a fabulous wee chat about all the nutrients we could be missing out on! A positive wee video ❤️ Also ANOTHER amazing tea to drink 😇 https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/dandelion-benefits
  13. This might have already been covered by others but I’ll add my ‘tuppence worth’ 😀 As noted already vitamin c, d, and zinc PINE NEEDLE TEA DANDELION TEA we have a pot every single night and we’ve remained healthy over last two years. And no we are not vaccinated. (The tea Contains small amounts natural suramin and shimeic acid.) Our immune systems are tested whenever I spend time with someone who has been RECENTLY vaccinated. (Not someone who had it a while ago) our amygdalas get sore: I’m sure most are aware that our tonsils are the first sign our body is fighting ‘something’. When your amygdala gets raised this is a good thing, your wonderfully created immune system kicks in. I use two high strength magnets on them. One on negative one on positive - one on each side, the swelling goes down after a while. (I’m a Biomagnetic pair therapist and dental nurse). Oh - and NOT LIVING IN FEAR Fear is the beginning of ill health. love to you all X
  14. My husband and I really enjoyed this series so far. Fantastically portrayed (mostly) right out of the bible. Jesus warmth and love is beautiful to see -and its humbly done. My husband is not a baptised servant of Jehovah, but a more spiritual man I’ve yet to find! He cried at parts of this. (Big irish 6ft3 rugby player!) He loves what our Lord did for us. Pathetic human beings that we are. How does he and the Father love us so much? It’s something I can never take for granted. Note- many many many threads constantly refer to GB or FDS, which I suppose is necessary at times. But why quote them or our literature ALL THE TIME.? It would be lovely to see Jesus or Jehovah mentioned or referenced more than them. just saying… I love our faithful slave, and peter was told “feed my sheep” and thus I appreciate the spiritual food they give us. Does that mean I follow a man? No, for in fact Jesus told us not to. He is The Way. Nobody else. I hope that made sense. I only want to be on the side of Love. Always thinking- what would Jesus do? He gave us two commandments only. And they both involved love.

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