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  1. So glad to know it is a common feeling of what/how to wear proper meeting clothes again. Around 6 months ago I decided my covid weight gain had to go before our summer so thankfully I have lost a little weight. It is definitely the shoe thing. I broke out for the memorial this year and wore heels. It nearly killed me. I've grown to love my slides/flipflops/slippers and of course the occasional no camera because too tired to change thing. Oh well we here in this part of the world haven't received direction to go back to the halls but I suppose it won't be too long. Another friend in Launceston Tasmania is going back to the hall next week. 😵
  2. I just looked through the magazine before coming online here. I loved the article on James. The picture of the angels in heaven looking down ready to pounce was amazing. The article on Jesus' tears was lovely. I notice that a picture shows door to door offering the new brochure so wonder if by the time we do the Memorial Campaign we will be back to door to door. I hope so. I so miss door to door.
  3. Just a heads up I am not in Sydney. I'm in Northern NSW in a little town called Mullumbimby. We are in the Byron Bay shire. Most know Byron but don't know Mullumbimby. Though they may now have heard of Mullumbimby because we are talked about often as the Anti Vax Capital of Australia. I witness with a friend in Tasmania on Mondays and asked are they involved in the trial and she said so far they haven't heard anything. Tasmania are much like WA and Qld with very few if any cases.
  4. I have spoken with a friend in Perth Australia to see if her congregation was involved. This is her message in part: Yes, only 3 Congs Ours- PCC, North Beach( my parents Cong) & Scarborough Cong. We are all feeling very weird about it & 2 of the 3 halls are really small……The CO assured us that door to door is still out of the question……..We have our CO visit at the hall in a weeks time & hrs associating with all of us! We spoke on zoom with them just a couple of weeks ago. We live on opposite sides of the country to each other. They in Western Australia we in New South Wales (East Coast). WA has 1 new case and 6 active with only 9 deaths since Covid started. NSW has 321 new cases with 5334 active and 514 deaths. NSW up until a week ago was getting 1000+ cases per day. Another state, Victoria is currently experiencing a surge. Queensland is another state whose covid situation is much like WA. However in WA and Qld the vaccination uptake is way behind those states that have had outbreaks. WA and Qld borders have been and still are closed to certain states. Me personally. I love zoom. I’ve done Pioneer School on it and loved the convenience as ordinarily I would have had to travel. We travel 45 mins to the Hall so another reason we love zoom. We live in regional NSW and our council shire (area) has 0 cases but vaccination rates are low compared to the overall state. My town is dubbed the Anti Vax Capital of Australia. Regular childhood vaccinations are shunned by many in the area, so naturally the feeling extends to covid vaccine. At dinner last night with friends we all said we hope we have zoom for a bit longer at least.

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