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    Two sisters contacted my wife in the door to door ministry, after some time we had a Bible study in the Knowledge book.

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    Bible prophesy, in particular the Gentile Times. Also, walking and enjoying Jehovah's awesome creation.
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    The Bible

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  1. I am waiting for the study notes for Hebrews, especially this verse... Heb 6:15 So after Abraham had shown patience, he obtained this promise
  2. Additionally... Visitor Centre: Announcement. From March 18, 2019, the Chelmsford Visitor Centre tour will change! Our visitor shuttle will take tours around the perimeter of site enabling you to see more than ever before. We are sure many will want to re-visit the site and take advantage of this exciting opportunity.
  3. A sister has windows XP laptop and wishes to update WT Library with latest files. I know this isn’t possible from jw.org but is there a solution without a complete upgrade?
  4. Just had this report sent to me from Construction Manager magazine (secular) I can't wait to book another tour now.... http://www.constructionmanagermagazine.com/onsite/witness-model-construction-project/ Praise Jehovah and his loving organisation. (Psalm 133)
  5. You’re right, thanks for clarifying, let’s hope we get that facility. Its me that gets confused, I’m sure I will think clearly in about a 1000 years 😊. Maybe we won’t need JWL then, but right now we do and I can’t wait for the upgrade.
  6. I would like to see the multi-language facility in teaching toolbox given to all videos in JWL. if you click on the video (3 dots) you get a list of all the languages you have downloaded. On the favourites videos you have to have a separate video icon for each language which takes up space.
  7. Yes, I suppose I am, being over cautious again, sorry. I just would not want to risk installing a foreign program into JWL, it just feels like we would be contaminating it. Would make life easier at the meetings for sure. ✅
  8. Do you mean that when brothers bring pictures for public talks etc. they can be shown at the Hall without using a third party application? That would be handy, especially for brothers on the sound desk. However I wonder if allowing that would make it appear to be ‘approved’ by the society when it’s a personal (or copied) picture or video? If I have understood you correctly?
  9. By April (according to the Annual meeting 6 month rule 😁) we will see the new jw.org website and new JW Library app. These will be unified and become even more user-friendly. These will greatly help us in our meetings and ministry since the new JW Library will include the content and features of WT Library as well as content that now appears only on the jw.org website. This should, I hope, help us use different language videos more easily in our multi-language territory. What benefits do you look forward to?
  10. Thanks John and Nicolette. The theme is: “Reach Out for the Real Life!”
  11. Memorial Campaign to Begin Saturday, March 23 See Meeting Workbook for week beginning March 18
  12. This brings us a step closer to Daniel 11:45... And he will plant his royal tents between the grand sea and the holy mountain of Decoration; and he (King of the North) will come all the way to his end, and there will be no helper for him.
  13. It must now be 11am so we keep praying. Please keep us updated if possible 🙏
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