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  1. In Just 10 days, we will find out John’s special knowledge of anticipation proves to be accurate about the broadcasting 150th Class of Gilead😬. No pressure John 😂
  2. Usually the December Broadcast features the Gilead Graduation program from September. Does anyone know if that’s what we will get next month? Will it be the 150th Class of Gilead?
  3. From this interview it sounds like the branch are pilot testing meetings in Puerto Rico, which is at level one. Its the only place in the branch territory in the United States that’s qualified to invite guests vaccinated. And going to be testing out for the next four to six weeks. We're going to look at what the issues are, how they make these meetings hybrid and virtual at the same time, so that we can look to roll out to the rest of the world (at some point). https://www.click2houston.com/video/local-news/2021/11/07/houston-newsmakers-jehovahs-witnesses-go-virtual-door-to-door/
  4. Back to the KH in Perth, Australia. Always Rejoice…💙 624110411_WhatsAppVideo2021-10-27at20_53_30.mp4
  5. Of course, we now have the intro. video. Only 8 more intro. videos to go ~ Judges to 2 Chronicles.
  6. The Study Bible in English has just received an update (99 MB for ipad). 😄 I can't see what has been updated as we already had the Notes for 1 & 2 Thessalonians, any ideas?
  7. There’s also an interesting timeline on page 27 of the pure worship book, which shows that Ezekiel was also taken captive to Babylon in 617 B.C.E. Did you notice in the drama how Daniel’s father told him what Ezekiel said about Daniel [Jehovah told Ezekiel that in his eyes you are as righteous as Noah and Job].(Ezekiel 14:14). Wow. Can’t wait to ask Daniel to confirm that one 🤔 I am reckoning that Ezekiel was about 10 years older than Daniel, what do you think?
  8. Can someone with a facebook account can view this video ? https://www.facebook.com/100009701016286/videos/jehovahs-witnesses-the-russian-people/1424608154539205/
  9. Many brothers I know are looking to move from WhatsApp to Signal. So, I asked Our IT brother (elder) why? who answered me as follows : “ It’s not the actual messages we send that’s the issue but your profile details they will now share with Facebook, and many hate Facebook (Facebook own WhatsApp and Instagram), to quote ‘The information that you share with WhatsApp that will be shared (with Facebook) are your phone number, app logs, status messages, your profile name, your profile picture and your IP address.’ So even if you don’t have a facebook account they will have all the above info on you, and be able to sell that to advertisers. That is what many are objecting to. “
  10. Meeting hosts & co-host: New Zoom update (for Windows) "Raise hand" feature for host and co-host" 🙌🏻 Also, "blue hand" looks to be "yellow hand" not blue.
  11. Now available on jw.org... https://www.jw.org/en/library/books/2020-service-year-report/ Interestingly the memorial attendance was reduced (I thought it would be higher) and the memorial partakers increased from 20,526 in 2019 2020 Report : Worldwide Memorial Attendance: 17,844,773 Memorial Partakers Worldwide: 21,182
  12. Thank you Richard, appreciate your quick response. At least we can try to limit the possible pain caused done and pray that no one suffers for this innocently shared video. Just shows, how careful we need to be with social media. (Matt 10:16)
  13. However, we have been asked to remove this video from our devices please.......
  14. As we near the new world, Satan is distracting us as never before (social media, technology, man-made solutions) Only Jehovah and Jesus have our everlasting happiness as their concern. Therefore we need to think long-term, and as (Col 3:2) says... Keep your minds fixed on the things above, not on the things on the earth.

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