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  1. Hi Josephine. I know it's not the place for it here, but welcome to JWTalk! I am not an expert on home schooling at all, since I have never been in a position to even consider it. However, many others on the forums here know more about it than I do. The subject has been discussed, at least from a North American perspective, at these links: https://jwtalk.net/topic/23726-the-challenges-and-benefits-of-home-schooling/ https://jwtalk.net/topic/23664-statistics-home-schooling-vs-public-schools/ There are other topics, too, that touch on this subject. Use the search box in the top, right corner, and type in "home education" or "home schooling" (with the quotes).
  2. We had the review of our Convention scheduled for the local needs the week of October 11. But then at this week's meeting, the brother announced that he had lied. We're going to have the Update #8 too, and the Convention will be the week after.
  3. Right. There's a sister in my congregation who is not saying whether or not she got vaccinated, or whether or not she will. Considering the reactions of some who just can't mind their own business, I don't blame her.
  4. The link I mentioned in the above post refers to my collection of songs. I was not offering to give anyone the link for the monthly broadcast. So please don't PM me for that! Some already have that link, but they should keep it to themselves. It is not to be made public before the broadcast is officially released on jw.org later today.
  5. The October broadcast is on the servers, including the new song for the month. I have converted the song to mp3 format, and posted it in my collection of songs. Included with it is the lyrics. If you don't have the link, send me a PM.
  6. When was the last time you saw such outspokenness on the part of a public official? The mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, publicly apologized for something he said about us! Jehovah’s Witnesses as an organization are not opposed to vaccination. In fact it is a personal choice. This position is clearly stated on jw.org. But on September 23, Mr. de Blasio spoke out against us thinking that our official position was that we were against vaccination. In response, the organization published this in a local newspaper. Then, yesterday, September 28, de Blasio publicly apologized, set the record straight, and congratulated us!
  7. I know. I also noted your status update, so you made quite an accomplishment!
  8. You're not the only one to mention erasable pens to me. I have some of those pens, but I don't think it proper to use them for letter-writing. The ink in those pens is sensitive to heat, and when you use the eraser to remove what you've written, that creates heat. That heat renders the ink invisible. That's how those pens work. However I also read that if you happen to leave a note you've written in your car on a hot summer day, that could erase your note completely. Can you imagine writing a letter using an erasable pen, then you put it in a hot mailbox for delivery? By the time it gets to its destination, what would the householder see?
  9. Well, I learned cursive writing when I went to school. But a lot of good that did me...! I am noting frequently these days that my witnessing periods are full of finding lots of mistakes I made with my handwriting! Having no way (in most cases) to correct the mistakes, I have to toss out my letter and rewrite it! Every time I find one of my mistakes in a letter I feel like it's cursive ...!
  10. I think they're all uploaded, aren't they? Go to LIBRARY --> VIDEOS --> Programs and Events, and scroll down to 2021 Powerful by Faith! Convention. Are we missing any in there?
  11. Woww! I didn't know Beethoven could sing… especially like that. Different Beethoven.
  12. Enjoying our Circuit Assembly today (with Circuit Overseer)... it's lunch break now.


    One baptized in our congregation (which happened yesterday), a young brother. He was baptized by his dad! It was likely in the family's own pool, but obviously the two of them gave each other a hug afterward!


    Waiting for the afternoon sessions now...

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    2. Luigi62


      Was this over studio stream?

    3. Sheep


      I'm not sure by what you mean: studio stream. It was not in a studio, and it was not the English pre-recorded session from the USA. It was live with the talks being done by local brothers in our circuit.

    4. Luigi62


      So Yes. studio stream. Not Jw,stream,

  13. Guterres had this to say about today's world: It flunked the ethics test in getting the vaccines to poorer countries. https://unric.org/en/covid-19-un-secretary-general-says-the-world-has-failed-an-ethics-test/
  14. Yes. That is my understanding of "home page" too. It's the place you arrive at when you type "jw.org," without anything else, in the address bar. The link in the OP has lots of other stuff at the end.

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