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    The reasons some brothers and sisters give for not being at the meetings are the very reasons they should be there.

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  1. Interesting. Our congregation has the memorial invitations, but none of the publishers do yet. The campaign starts Saturday. But we have a Circuit Assembly on Sunday, and therefore no meeting this week! How will we get the invitations in time? I pointed this out to the Service Overseer on Sunday after the meeting. He said I was too smart and told me to keep it down. But he also said the invitations would be given (somehow) to the group overseers before Saturday.
  2. At least that article had one accurate point to make. "They honored their faith," it said in the last paragraph. I smiled when I saw that.
  3. You're hard of hearing too, huh? When you watch the broadcast on JW Broadcasting, click on the cog wheel icon at the top right... Once you're in there you can select the option Display subtitles when available. Make sure you click on Save when you're done, and then X to exit. Then you will see the "transcript" as it plays. (That's where William gets his transcripts... from the subtitles embedded in the videos.)
  4. The topic of depression has been dealt with in many publications previously. And for good reason! Many of our brothers and sisters suffer from this unsettling and sometimes unexplainable illness. It's good to see something addressed specifically to adolescent depression again, as it was in 2017. (Click on the picture.)
  5. All right, I've added the Lingala version of the song to my collection.
  6. Yeah, but so far it's only in 720p resolution. But who cares? Oh Yes! The real reason I'm on here at this moment...! The original new song is entitled We Are One. I've converted it to mp3 format for those who would like to listen to it on their respective phones... It's part of my song collection, and will stay there until the "official" version is released in a couple of weeks.
  7. There are a few for children on Tracey's Theocratic Treasures, or for a nominal charge there's Karyn's Etsy site.
  8. Hey! Nobody's posted the link yet. Here is where it will show up first... https://www.jw.org/download/?fileformat=All&langwritten=E&pub=jwb&issue=201903
  9. I saw that. It's unnerving how many natural disasters are taking place these days. But of course, what can we expect from the last days? Relief work diverts us from our principle commission, that of preaching the good news and making disciples. But it is a necessary diversion, to help our brothers and sisters in the affected areas to get back to their principle commission. At least we can say we have "officially finished" relief work for one disaster. It will take the New World before we have "officially finished" relief work in all of them.
  10. Not necessarily any new developments. It's usually like that. A "Breaking News" story will only stay there for a few days, as Mike notes: Give it a bit of time, and it will show up again in the regular News section.
  11. All right, Ross! That's enough! I will not accept any more of your disparaging remarks against those cute kangaroos, associating them with Russia's corrupt justice system! How could you insult innocent kangaroos like that? Even they are more intelligent than those judges over there! So enough of that! (...and I so agree with you... SCREAM!!! )
  12. Big announcement tonight! 16 congregations in my city are no longer going to exist as of April 1 (only 2 of them are English). With that, at least two Kingdom Halls, and possibly a third, are no longer going to be used as KHs (one of them is ours). Things are being reorganized to better use our facilities. (Similar to the status update from @Old dated Feb 3.)

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    2. Lance


      20 English 10 Foreign language amalgamated

    3. booboo


      Wow! That’s huge!   We have not had our restructuring yet.  But it must be coming. I used to fret about being called on less in a large congregation, but have learned to view it as how wonderful that so many are able and willing to participate. Jehovah worked hard on that with me.  😝(and yet he continues to let me live.lol)  

    4. tuntun


      what is happening?

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