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    Fourth Generation Witness. My great-grandmother started studying in 1898 and was baptized in 1902. Total of 6 generations of loyal worshipers of Jehovah in the family.

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    Gardening, Video production.
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    Bible, Truth in Translation, Strong's Concordance, The Interlinear Bible-Hebrew & Greek, all Publications by WBTS.
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    "WE cannot incite if you're not in sight." Heb. 10:24,25

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  1. From what I've seen on Air Disasters, Smithsonian Channel, they don't teach pilots to fly the plane, they teach them to monitor a computer flying the plane. Many of the pilots in the air now have never landed a large plane with out the radar guided glide slope and many of even experienced pilots have little time and experience flying without auto pilot.
  2. Maybe have your own pet T-Rex. I don't think so. All things are possible with God.
  3. Does anyone know yet the expected life of a SSD? Speed is nice but not absolutely necessary. I have a 2nd drive to clone my C drive to so if my C drive crashes as has happened in the past, i don't loose everything.
  4. https://www.jw.org/en/news/jw/region/united-states/Deadly-Tornadoes-in-Southeast-United-States/
  5. No charges yet but they do have two persons of interest, just not enough evidence to bring charges.
  6. Man, you are a total mess. I feel bad for you! My wife is also allergic to cats and dogs with the exception to Poodles. She breaks out in a rash similar to poison oak. No pain just itchy.😍
  7. I knew a sister who held out for the perfect man to find her but they come and went because they were looking for the perfect woman. Finally, at almost 60 years of age, she gave up looking for the perfect man and married a fine imperfect brother and living happily with all the problems a normal marriage would have.
  8. Very Very glad that I am waiting til June to visit Yellowstone. They are so very temperamental and unpredictable. I've personally walked on a trail within 10 feet of them and they pay no never mind and again I've seen them charge other people from 50 feet away for no apparent reason.
  9. https://www.jw.org/en/news/jw/region/south-korea/All-Witnesses-Imprisoned-for-Conscientious-Objection-in-South-Korea-Now-Free/
  10. Right click and "save as" the resized pic to your computer and go from there.
  11. Post your picture in a comment here and I or someone else will resize it for you. I usually go with 150x150. Then right click and "save as" the resized pic to your computer and go from there.
  12. One month it was posted on JW Broadcasting about the same time as our link. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
  13. Something tells me that he had the FOOL market cornered long before he dangled ornaments from his beard.
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