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  1. Getting our Moderna Booster today. Yea !!! Even so we are still going to be very careful, no changes in behavior.
  2. Well the Corona Virus finally hit close to home. My Grandkids parents are firm anti-vaxers and the whole family of 6 of 4 Generations in one home contracted it. The Great Grandmother didn't survive. Ivermectin didn't do them much good. The feelings I have, I'll keep to myself. The decisions one makes can have far reaching consequences hard to deal with.
  3. We will have to rename the UK, mini-Kansas. 😂
  4. That is the epitome of hypocrisy. Start with your own country and your inhumane treatment of Jehovah's Witnesses.
  5. With a 20% infection rate I doubt if our Congregation will be meeting in person for a while. I am happy to see that some areas are getting back to normal (trial/test).
  6. In the US, besides government mandates, the medical insurance is private companies. The incentive for employers to have it's workers vaccinated is the rising cost of employer paid health insurance. The more claims the higher the insurance cost to the employer. My son works for Starbucks distribution center. If they have Covid symptoms they have to stay home for 10 days or get tested. If they have Covid they get paid leave, if not they get no pay.
  7. Had they paid attention to park rules this would not have happened. https://www.yellowstonepark.com/park/faqs/what-to-do-with-pets-visiting-yellowstone/
  8. https://news.yahoo.com/nuns-raped-girls-crucifixes-female-110940545.html
  9. Yep, your in trouble. Your going to get one less day of everlasting life. 😅 Next time it would be a good idea to report a post that violates the jw.org terms of use and our Forum Policy.
  10. The Awake #3 magazine has not been released but the GB has saw fit to wet our appetites' by publishing the Subject Index in the back of the December Watchtower. That Watchtower has been released so the Subject Index is fair to discuss. No one is forcing one to discuss the released Watchtower.
  11. https://jwtalk.net/topic/50156-2021-governing-body-update-8/?do=findComment&comment=842919
  12. The flip side of that is that if you put the heat caused invisible ink letter in the freezer the writing will reappear.
  13. I finally found some erasable ink pens at Walmart. Less stress.
  14. Ah, but you miss an important point. Parents don't need to learn a foreign language to have confidential communication with each other. Just write notes to each other in cursive. That aside I also think it is a shame that they don't teach cursive in many schools.
  15. rocket

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    Zoom Chat to get acquainted. https://jwtalk.net/topic/49890-8-am-pdt-1-pm-pdt-zoom-chat/
  16. rocket

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    Zoom Chat to get acquainted. https://jwtalk.net/topic/49890-8-am-pdt-1-pm-pdt-zoom-chat/
  17. rocket

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    Zoom Chat to get acquainted. https://jwtalk.net/topic/49890-8-am-pdt-1-pm-pdt-zoom-chat/
  18. The disinformation is that ivermectin is effective in combating Covid. It is not an approved drug for treatment of Covid by either CDC or FDA or WHO. People are dying of Covid-19 who have put their trust in the Drug even some of those who promoted it. There are to date no valid studies that show it is helpful. https://jwtalk.net/topic/47798-evidence-for-ivermectin-in-covid-19-latest-update-2021/?do=findComment&comment=839411 https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/conservative-radio-host-who-mocked-vaccines-dies-of-covid-19/ar-AANAg5N?li=BBnb7Kz https://twitter.com/US_FDA/status/1429050070243192839?s=20 https://news.yahoo.com/police-captain-refused-vaccine-took-152556970.html https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/a-texas-man-who-protested-against-pandemic-safety-measures-and-the-covid-tyranny-has-passed-away-from-the-virus/ar-AANRIsU?li=BBnb7Kz
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  20. The G.B. has said,  "Jehovah’s Witnesses are not opposed to vaccination."

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    2. WilliamChew


      I feel very much saddened by the so many unnecessary suffering and deaths of the unvaccinated from covid-19 infections. Sadly this state of affairs came about due to fake news.:no::facepalmpo2:

    3. Dismal_Bliss
    4. Mykyl


      An unfortunately needed reminder it would seem.

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