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  1. I apologise if you were offended by my post; I was not picking at you, I just chose you to quote because your post was closest. I didn't feel like going looking for another post as a vehicle to my comment... No offense was intended.....
  2. Haha, that is a funny gif. What happens when the wheels slip and spin real fast? Got seatbelts?...😎
  3. I prefer to believe that our Brother held up under cruel treatment and the stories told about him are just lies intended to weaken us.. Think about their chain of command: they work for the first and biggest liar ever known, the original loser...
  4. My wife showed me an Instagram posting that a friend of ours that lives in Iowa sent her, its a Brother being interviewed on camera. I don't know if his house was damaged or not, the clip was short. The news person said something about being lucky and the Brother said he thanked Jehovah, that his family are Jehovah's Witnesses..
  5. Naw, just 'Murican... I read something earlier about a church that had it's own armed church security team... Didn't really surprise me, much...
  6. I knew it, teach a man to fish and he sleeps better.... Thanks Alexa...
  7. Maybe you need to run more laps? work on that cardio a lil bit, hmmm?..lol
  8. I'm about the same.. When working I could get by with 4hrs but I felt it, 5 or 5.5 was enough. Nowadays it's gotta be 6-8 , or more. Too much and I'm pretty sluggish the next day...
  9. That was my wide awake resting heart rate for many years, when I was in good condition... It's up around 60 now..
  10. Thanks, but it didn't feel like I made any impact. The feedback that I sensed was that he was just being polite and wanted to get out of talking. I hope he thinks about what was said, it may develop into something good, somewhere down the line.. That's somewhat the line I was taking, I told him that I would be happy serving God even if there was no reward, that the association with Spiritual family and the knowledge that I was pleasing God would be enough for me. Then I pointed out that there is a reward, and Jehovah indicates that He wants us took look forward to it, that's why He had certain verses recorded, for our direction, to let us know it was ok to look at a reward. I don't really feel like I got through to him, only time will tell... Thanks for the comment, I appreciate that...
  11. Good point, I didn't even think about that angle, as an inherent need. I should have, I have used Matt 5:3 to commend people if they claim to read their Bible. I had this first part in mind, I was going to attempt to tie it in with the 'Jesus wanted to please his Father' angle but didn't have time. The second sentence is a bit controversial to me. Jehovah has a purpose for us and He works to accomplish His goals, it sorta feels like that could be called self serving, or fulfilling personal interests.. gonna have to cogitate on that one a bit. Thanks for the thoughts... This is true. I didn't think about that at the time. Thanks for the thought...
  12. Nice point... I did try the 'do it out of love' angle but didn't have enough time... Good reasoning....thank you..
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