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  1. 150 beautiful Psalms... (Did I do this correctly?) Agape, Dave
  2. I am sorry to hear that. I have googled and read the news. Will keep you in prayers. Agape, Dave
  3. Sorry to hear that. Is there any way for you to start looking for employment? Perhaps part time job until you received the final pay slip? I am sorry for suggesting without knowing the full story. Will pray for you. Agape, Dave
  4. Hello.. I tried to click on the link but there is this error 404... Can someone help? Please... Thank you!
  5. Greetings! I'm a member of the great crowd of other sheep rendering sacred service to the Ancient of Days in the earthly courtyard of the spiritual temple by following the example of the fine shepherd and engaging as a regular pioneer (or publisher) in preaching the good news of the kingdom with the sword of the spirit. We are helping to warn those not familiar with the Divine Name that the second presence of the Chief Agent of Life has begun, and soon the last days will reach their culmination when the scarlet-colored wild beast will turn on the harlot and destroy Babylon the Great, thus starting the great tribulation which is climaxed by Armageddon and the ruler of the world, now in Tartarus, being thrown into the abyss for the rest of the last Adam's millennial reign. However, antitypical apostate Jerusalem, with her man of lawlessness class, is supporting the false prophet and fighting against the anointed remnant of spiritual Israel, the ambassadors of heavenly Jerusalem and their envoys, who are keeping themselves without spot from the world and who would rather go to Sheol or Hades than Gehenna by rejecting the theocracy proclaimed by the faithful and discreet slave and the Governing Body of the spiritual paradise on earth today. So, if you would like a personal Bible Study, & would like to learn more about Jehovah's Theocratic order, here's a program schedule for the Kingdom Hall, where you can come and learn more about New Jerusalem, new heavens, new earth, new commandment, new birth, new song, new creation, new personality, and the new covenant. Thank you for your time... which is not to be confused with a time, times & half a time. Not sure of those 2 terms... Will do research... Thanks! Still have a long way to learn...
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