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  1. https://www.jw.org/en/news/jw/region/global/The-Governing-Body-Announces-That-Some-In-Person-Meetings-Will-Resume-in-Select-Areas/
  2. The amygdala and hippocampus work hand in hand with flight fight response and time stamping the event within the brain. Also it tags experiences in terms of importance so the brain can put it in a higher relevance category. That is what I was taught anyway. I assume you are thinking of adenoids which deal with viral and bacterial infection which is part of the very important lymphatic system.
  3. This whole issue of vaccinations will eventually come down to our stand before Caesar .. if Caesar demands then we cannot use religious convictions as a reason for non-compliance. We will just have to take whatever the repercussions come from that coarse of action… and not view it as religious persecution. That is of coarse, depending on whatever the Caesar in our local, demands of us..
  4. I have lived in many places across Canada and have made friends and connections with many 100’s of brothers and sisters.. In contrast this site has allowed me to widen out and make good friends with brothers and sisters in every part of the world.. I really feel that I have a pulse on the world wide brotherhood. It is amazing that no matter what culture or background, we have the language of the truth to share. My spirituality and my love for my brothers has greatly increased by being here and that is good thing.
  5. Yep take your pick .. eventually all people will be vaccinated 1) by getting Covid 2) by taking the vaccinations
  6. Yep we will go through the Greek alphabet on this one ..omega here we come 🙈
  7. Well to close down 100,000 Kingdom Halls and restrict all full time servants.. To shut down door to door preaching work for 8 million brothers and sisters and full time servants … this is the first time in the history of Jehovah’s people that this happened and yet cost many of our dear brothers lives… imagine if we were caviller and just followed a status quo attitude… and some how naively believe that this was a hoax.. we would be blood guilty as an organization… not something I am comfortable with.
  8. Another case about our right to announce that person is no longer one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. https://bitterwinter.org/court-of-rome-jehovahs-witnesses-ostracism-is-not-illegal/
  9. I shoot in 4K all the time …. It doesn’t cost anymore to shoot in it than any other size of file. I just downsize to whatever the client wants it in. It just gives me a whole lot more pixels to play with. They have good equipment anyway. They have high powered computers and video cards.. The major issue would be downloading massive files to millions of people and most people couldn’t take advantage of 4K anyway… just a waste of server costs. ‘It is all about counting the costs.
  10. Here is a good work sheet for those struggle with those difficult people…you know the one…or two …or Taken from https://feelinggood.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Blame-CBA-completed-version.pdf Blame cba.pdf
  11. Sigh…. 😔Around….around we go.. Do whatever your heart desires. Go to court, don’t go to court. Exercise your rights or don’t..Vaccinate or don’t.. isolate from all public places and people or don’t..that is purely up to you. That is just fine …we all carry our own load
  12. Likewise with CO’s .. Basically all full time servants in Bethel’s.. LDC.. Special pioneers etc ..
  13. Bob I am not interested in getting into a debate on the efficacy of a medical treatment.. not my pony not my circus. 1) Blood transfusions for Jehovah’s Witnesses is not a medical issue. It is is Biblical command “abstain from blood” so there is no choice there.. We don’t take blood because it is a poor medical treatment, we don’t take blood because of spiritual reasons. Immunization is a personal medical treatment that each individual can decide on. Just as going to a dentist or brushing your teeth is a personal decision. 2) You asked how the brothers in NY are going to handle this mandate from the government if they desire to partake in certain employment or leisure activity. Obviously they would obey Caesars laws if they decided to engage in those activities… Our decisions have a cost…. For some it may mean no employment in their chosen field, or no restaurants, shows, etc if they choose not to participate in the mandate.. 3) As for the Bethel family we all know the direction that they decided to go in.. I don’t think the example that they invoked is ambiguous. 4) We may trumpet the popular catch phrase “our rights” and even step into the area of our conscience being challenged. That is fine. We have to realize that every decision has a cost both in a positive and or negative way. We can in no way claim that this mandate is infringing on our worship to our creator.
  14. The local brothers probably take their cue from Bethel in understanding between a right and a privilege… in consideration of their immediate health challenges…
  15. I enjoyed this excerpt from Dr. Burn’s book “When Panic Attacks” I would like to hear your thoughts on this… The Hidden Emotion Technique sounds deceptively simple, but it’s not nearly as easy as it sounds. That’s because you probably won’t be aware of the problem that’s bugging you when you feel anxious. At first, nearly all the anxious people I’ve treated have insisted that everything was just fine, except for the darn anxiety. It usually takes some time and good detective work before the problem surfaces. Why do anxiety-prone individuals deny or “forget” their problems? I believe it’s because most people who suffer from anxiety are overly nice. I’m convinced that niceness is the cause of nearly all anxiety. In fact, if you’re struggling with anxiety, I’ll bet you a dollar to a dime that you’re a very nice person. Your “niceness” results from these kinds of Self-Defeating Beliefs: • Pleasing Others. You feel as if you have to please everyone else, even at the expense of your own needs and feelings. • Anger Phobia. You feel that you’re not allowed to be angry, or you may think that anger is dangerous and must be avoided at all costs. When you’re irritated or annoyed with someone, you act nice, push your feelings under the surface, and tell yourself that you shouldn’t feel the way you do. • Conflict Phobia. You avoid conflict because you feel that you have to get along with everyone all the time. • Emotional Perfectionism. You think you should always feel happy, cheerful, and optimistic about your life, your work, and other people. • Emotophobia. This is the flip side of Emotional Perfectionism. Emotophobia is a term I coined that means “the fear of negative emotions.” You believe you should always be in control of the way you feel and never allow yourself to feel anxious, vulnerable, lonely, jealous, annoyed, or inadequate. These Self-Defeating Beliefs are all slightly different ways of saying the same thing: namely, that you tend to be overly nice and you’re not always in touch with how you really feel. When you get upset, you automatically push the problem out of your mind. Pretty soon you’re so consumed by anxiety that you forget all about the problem that was bothering you in the first place. Researchers don’t know why anxious individuals have this tendency to ignore problems. It’s not simply a matter of being psychologically naive. I’m pretty psychologically savvy, yet I sometimes overlook obvious conflicts or problems that are bugging me. Although anxiety-prone people are often unassertive, this usually isn’t the issue, and assertiveness training doesn’t correct the problem. The problem is that they don’t even know how they feel. 1.The Detective Work. This is the hardest part. You have to put on your thinking cap and try to figure out who or what is really bothering you. Bringing the problem to conscious awareness can be extremely difficult. You may tell yourself that you don’t have any problems except for the anxiety itself. But sooner or later the problem usually does surface. The problem will usually turn out to be something that’s bugging you in the here and now, not something that’s buried in the past. In addition, it nearly always will be something that’s pretty obvious, such as hating your job, being upset with a friend, or wanting to do something different with your life. It generally won’t be a deep, complicated psychological problem, like an Oedipal complex. 2. The Solution. Once you’ve identified the problem that’s bugging you, you’ll have to express your feelings and do something about it. When you solve the problem, your anxiety will frequently diminish or disappear.

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