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    Married happily .....
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    Vancouver, ( Canaduh! ehh!)
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    My Moms parents came into the truth in the 1920's ...my Dad 1937..he was imprisoned in Canada for 2 years for not supporting the war effort... My parents were good examples of loving the truth and sharing it with others to the best of their ability...they raised 6 kids to love Jehovah, and to make the truth their own... and all of them still do ...after all these years... It is good to have family that really love Jehovah... I greatly value it...

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    Life....the truth about everything ..Just trying to figure it all out... I love the beauty of what Jehovah has inspired... The universe and everything seen and unseen... Just trying to appreciate it by ..Art... Oil painting .. Photography.. Gardening..Astronomy.. Reading.. oh yes and reading ... Podcasts..which is the future of education..Wood working... Welding... Traveling .. Astronomy...Helping people to work through stuff...Good friends.. Good food.. Good wine... Mentoring..Walking hand in hand with my wife... Having supper in the back garden with my wife... Working on Jehovah's houses with locks and doors .. And a whole lot more... What's not to like!!... Jehovah I want to live forever...!!! Just show me how..
  • My favorite books
    Pure Worship..United in Worship..Remain in God's Love, RBi8, New NWT,
    Anything to do with History, Science, Psychology, Astronomy, Medical Issues, Virolgy,The human mind.. Mystery novels while sitting on the beach in recovery mode..,
  • My favorite music
    Madeleine Peyroux...Billie Holiday... Mavericks..Al Green..Gypsy Kings.. Alash Tuvan Throat singing (real cool over tone singing) Little Miss Higgins, Ndidi Onukwulu, Amy Vachel, Megan Trainor, Vance Joy, John Lee Hooker, Johnnie Taylor, James Bay, Luba, Gordon Lightfoot, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Andy Grammer, Madi Davis
    Josh Ritter, Barry White, Creedance, Tina Turner, Johnny Reid, ELO, Stan Rogers, KD Lang, Etta James, Sophi Milman, Duffy, Wilco, Bee Gees, Adele, Otis Redding, Dwight Yoakam, Joe Cocker, Nadja ..And anything my wife and I can dance to.
  • My favorite movies
    Anything that makes me think... And smile :)
  • My favorite quotes
    "I believe life is a gift, and I live everyday that way"
    "Fear is in fact, never as bad as fear, of fear..."
    "We yearn for change, but cling to the familiar"
    "Spirituality is all about what unites us and brings us together on a universal scale"

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  1. Any relationship is based on give and take ... Jehovah gives and he expects us to have gratitude and give... by our attititude and actions ... ‘It is not “ all about us” as the world likes to promote..materialistic, ego centric, self serving ways.. ‘If we get the big picture we see ourselves as part of the family of God with privileges and responsibilities. james 1:27 27 The form of worship that is clean and undefiled from the standpoint of our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their tribulation, and to keep oneself without spot from the world.
  2. Well if you want her to pull off the side of the road and cry ... “He will call and I will answer” ... would be one in my opinion... I choke up and start to cry every time that is played .. I can get through the first verse and that is it... Jehovah is my shepherd is great .... anything that will lift one’s spirit...
  3. The way I look at it is that it is just an improved label or discriptor.... Our descriptors change constantly... from enfant to child to teenager ... adult... you are still who are We maybe are single and we get married.... some change their last name.. some conjugate it.. some don’t.. we are still who we are.. The transition takes awhile.., but I find the more I use the new label ... the more it becomes part of procedural memory.... but to error is human😊 To forgive is the other persons problem 😳... ya right..🙈🙊 Forgive me....❤️
  4. Well there is always a balance with our communication style...that is a bit of a challenge at times.... We all have issues, problems and triumphant successes in life... The Bible is full of life experiences that have been shared with us... for the benefit of all. Some of those experiences came at the cost of ones’ egos and loss of face at that time. The difference is that the Bible is inspired and ours ....well.... are not. So when it comes to sharing or commenting on this forum.... we have to be careful that we are not keyboard warriors, putting errant brothers and sisters in “ their place” or what we may figure as their designated place. So usually the backspace button is a great tool when the figurative hairs on the back of our neck start to stand up in some form of righteousness indignation on our part.... We all suffer from foot in mouth syndrome at times ... so gentleness is always greatly appreciated .... it is a healing balm...
  5. We will all come with a new reset button ....if we do something fatally stupid. A little flap beside the belly button...😎.. One of the 144,000 will come along... since they have life within themselves and hit the old button ... bam .. good as new .😎 And then they will sit us down and have a talk with us on safety protocols.... (Tongue firmly in cheek)...... Who knows what will take place ..all we know is that we will have everlasting life ... sort of hard to have that if we are dead.
  6. Nope.. Also nice shot of frosty the snowman in outer space..😊
  7. It is not the same font as used in printed edition of NWT 2013.. which is serifed I like it ... the “ J” looks like a J now as opposed to a lazy “J”. With a weak ascender
  8. Some people disire to see rules in everything.... others try to walk by faith and principles.... Rule 1: often it takes a lifetime to gain some proficiency at it. 😳....
  9. Well maybe it comes from reading the King James Bible 1 cor 15:52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: The last bush doesn’t fit so well... Just a thought 😇😎
  10. Well we have to careful about our personal pet peeves... even if they have some merit. Most of us live in a multi cultural society with much diversity.
  11. New Scientist June 9 2018 MOZART and Beethoven are both said to have had it. The same is said of Mariah Carey. Now a study suggests that some adults may be able to learn perfect pitch in just a few weeks of training. Many musicians can identify notes in relation to a reference note. For instance, if they hear the note C and are told it is C, they will be able to identify G. But only a few have absolute pitch – also known as perfect pitch – which is the ability to identify any note without a reference note. "It is a tremendous advantage," says musician Rick Beato. People with absolute pitch can play or write down any tune they hear, or just sit down and compose music without needing an instrument. It is thought that only around 1 in 10,000 people have this ability, and that if a person doesn't learn perfect pitch before the age of around 8, they never will. However, when Stephen Van Hedger of the University of Chicago and his colleagues attempted to train six people in absolute pitch, two of them improved considerably (bioRxiv, doi.org/cqjn). The training – which took four hours a week, for eight weeks – involved listening to notes, trying to identify them and finding out if the guesses were correct. At the start, the two people who showed most improvement scored under 40 per cent on tests of absolute pitch. By the end they scored 98 per cent or more. One of them scored 100 per cent. "He passed the strongest test we could throw at him," says Van Hedger. But some are sceptical. The two volunteers who improved had music lessons in childhood, notes Seung-Goo Kim at the University of Cambridge. "In other words, this study shows that absolute pitch can be refined in some adults by training if they already have 'latent' absolute pitch." "There are a lot of people who don't know they have perfect pitch," says Beato. This article appeared in print under the headline "You really can make yourself pitch perfect" Michael Le Page
  12. New Scientist June 9 2018 DREAMING helps us learn new information, and the boring dreams we have during the deepest stages of sleep may be the most important. As we drift off, our brainwaves slow and we enter progressively deeper stages of sleep, before returning to lighter sleep and entering a rapid eye movement (REM) stage. This cycle is typically repeated several times a night. Until recently, we thought dreams only occurred during REM sleep. We now know that is not the case, although REM dreams are the vivid, story-like ones we tend to remember. Those we have during deeper, non-REM sleep appear to be simpler and vaguer. For example, when you recall being chased down the street by a dinosaur, that is from an REM dream, says Björn Rasch at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. To investigate the role of sleep in replaying memories and learning, Rasch and his colleagues recruited 22 volunteers. They were all asked to learn a list of 100 words that were each linked to a picture, for example, the word tree with a picture of a child sitting on a chair. That night, the researchers used electrode caps to track what stage of sleep each person was in. Throughout the night, the team regularly woke participants up and asked them what they had been dreaming about. The next day, the volunteers were tested on the word-picture pairs. Those who saw more of the pictures in their non-REM dreams did best. There was no such link when it came to REM sleep (bioRxiv, doi.org/cqjp). Another night, the volunteers were given a new memory task and then allowed to sleep undisturbed. The following morning, they described the dreams they could remember – and none contained pictures from the task. This is the first hint that dreaming about things in non-REM sleep might be more important than doing so in REM sleep, says Rasch. This article appeared in print under the headline "You forget your most important dreams" Clare Wilson
  13. Ya right.... 😊😊😳 If you have such a strong urge .... look on eBay I am sure someone has a few for sale
  14. As for reporting things to authorities it is a judgement call ... if we find out someone robbed a bank as a opposed to someone not paying back a loan... two different things.. Elders are not commissioned to enforce Caesars laws... Again if in doubt they will contact the branch..
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