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  1. If anyone needs an ark, I happen to Noah guy.😁
  2. Just started to drink Warm Lemon Water to replace my tea drinking habit, I didn’t realize that it erodes your tooth enamel. I know apple cider vinegar does, and I always down it as fast as I can.
  3. Yeah I heard that as well a bit of miscommunication, I believe they just said second floor is cleared now.
  4. Anytime anyone flies, it is a gamble your taking, you just never know. The odds may be that flying on a plane is still a safe way to travel, but just having one plane crash is imo is too many. I’ve been on an airplane to Texas one time and we had really really bad turbulence on the way to Dallas Airport, and let me tell you that trap feeling you get when something like this happens, there is nothing you can do but hope that there are good pilots on board that know how to navigate the plane. Im with Qapla on Trains, I prefer the alternative if i can.
  5. Site is down for maintenance.. Where I live in Vancouver, we have a lot of bald eagles that love to sit on top of light poles next to the highways, I see them almost everyday as I’m travelling location to location, they are beautiful birds to watch, there is a certain spot out in the farm land where there seems to be a lot of them. Real fun to watch them.
  6. I meant just in general, here’s a quote from Finnish Defence Forces website https://puolustusvoimat.fi/en/conscription ,also Finland is not part of Nato, but is part of “Partnership of Peace” which includes Russia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/NATO Conscription - a Finnish choice General conscription guarantees Finland's military security. All Finnish men between the ages of 18 and 60 are liable for military service. Women can apply for voluntary military service. All men must either do military service or non-military service. Why conscription? As Finland is not a member of any military alliance, it is prepared to defend its territory relying on its own resources. General conscription generates enough resources for the Army, Navy and Air Force to act effectively in times of war and crises. Conscription is a cost-effective way of generating a large and capable reserve. Our reservists possess skills acquired through military service and life in general that can be used to defend the country.
  7. I’m not sure If im right here, but I believe small countries are more prone to being invaded so they force citizens to serve their country in case they need to call them up.
  8. For those that live in Canada and looking for a good weather app for your phone or tablet and want to be informed on any weather alerts automatically, I recommend WeatherCan App, this App is designed by the Government of Canada and it was just released to the public about a week or so ago. By far the best weather App I have ever used. If I’m driving from city to city, this App will give me the latest forecast and weather alerts as I get to that city.
  9. I was looking at their application form and their “Statement of Faith” that is listed there you need to sign/agree as part of the application process, your required to abide to their “Statement of Faith” in order to be hired and along the other requirements when on duty. Nothing like forcing people to believe something they don’t believe in just to get a job. Almost sounds like a backdrop recruitment. There are apparently 900 job positions at the arc??
  10. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a school resource officer, here’s a link of who and what they do exactly. https://work.chron.com/job-description-school-resource-officer-19546.html
  11. Because of that 1995 conviction, he wasn’t suppose to own any firearms, according to the media he had just bought a Smith and Wesson firearm just prior to that conviction. So it went under the radar.
  12. More mass shooting, this time in a workplace in Aurora. 5 Dead plus the gunman,5 Police officers were wounded as well in the conflict. The gunman was using a smith & Wesson handgun. https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/15/us/illinois-active-shooter-report/index.html
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