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  1. Same letter read at my meeting today. Can't wait to practice. Our Family worship will include the song!!
  2. I speak very little, but I am on this site most days reading the fine encouraging subjects from all of you. I really can't wait to meet each and every one of you in the New World. I wish peace and love and Jehovah's blessing and spirit to each and every one of you. I do not know of another site that is so well moderated.
  3. It's a very nice account, but it may be different when we get to the other side. Hope to hear that there will be one language all will speak! But still I always enjoy talk about the new world. Agape.
  4. Work in a private college in NYC as a Director of Community Outreach in the admissions department
  5. Cong pubs = 129 attendance = 367 partakers = 0 packed hall!
  6. I watched it 3 times. I am totally speechless!!
  7. Hello Brother Chris: The Brooklyn Assembly Hall Holds about 2,ooo people. It was a former movie house that was completely renovated and now beautiful.
  8. I am sorry that what you are saying is somewhat true Brother Andrej. Many of the friends have lost sight of the fact that these dear loyal, brothers, imperfect that they are, are being directed by our King Jesus. Do any of us think that HE (Jehovah) would have HIS Son direct the earthly part of his kingdom wrong. If the FDS were to write in the watchtower that we have to put mud on our feet every Friday, then I will have muddy feet every Friday. In print recently, the slave said that we may be tempted to question some decisions that will come from them or the elders, but being loyal to Jehovah, we will not. This may be our Kings way of sifting out those strong to the truth vs those not strong, giving the weaker ones time to prepare now. The current Nov 2014 WT Study copy has a very interesting picture in one of the study articles. We all have to beg the Master for more faith, to be prepared for what may be a few hours, days, weeks, months, or years (hopefully not years!) away. Just my 2 cents worth. We need to pray for our weaker friends, and give them encouragement while there is still time to do so. Written with love and hope for the brotherhood.
  9. 1) What year were you baptized? 1972 2) In a social setting, are you a talker or listener? I try to do both, but I listen more. 3) Do you have an hidden talents? none 4) Do you have any pets? nope. will have a lion in the new world though. 5) What is your current job? Director in a private college. 6) If you can one job the rest of your life what would it be? Once i retire in a few years, pioneer 7) Which Biblical person would you want to meet first in the new system? Why? Abel. To find out what Adam and Eve looked like. 8) What is your favorite scripture(s)? Romans 14:8 9) Favorite Kingdom Songs? 110 and 111 10) If Jehovah could give you one thing right now what would it be? A way to help some of my family member to come into and back to the ttuth.
  10. Sister Van: All questions and threads have a purpose. For some, it serves to educate, for others, encourage. I do not think that your question wasn't good or valid. So keep asking questions and welcome to the forum.
  11. I been using chrome but I notice that if I cannot print a document while in chrome, if I change to firefox it will print. So I use both. Have to use firefox more to check out the speed factor. IE is slower than either so I never use that anymore.
  12. I know that we all will have you in our thoughts this evening in our prayers. But, sad to say more is around the corner in these last days.
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