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  1. I was just sharing info with my neice who has "plain old COVID". My son who lives near her has a homeopathy kit I sent him last year and I sugested the remedy GELSEMIUM for the beat down tiredness of COVID. He took it and hung a "water dosing bottle" of GELS on her front door knob... "our hero!! lol" She said it did help her. It was my constant helper when I picked up a "Covid-like" illness from driving a sister to shop who was vaccinated (not sick) a couple months back. I wore a mask because I am NOT vaccinated but 5 days later BAMM! I used a number of homeopathic remedies but Gelsemium was my go-to for "droopy, draggy, dreary, disinterested" symptoms. I think if I never tried another remedy this would convince me homeopathy can work. I first made a GELS water dosing bottle for my hubby in Feb '21 when he had a bicycle accident. Found unconscious and a day in hospital he spent 3 days home barely lifting his head with his eyes closed! I decided to give Gelsemium (in water was easiest to take) 2 doses had him AWAKE and watching TV and 3 doses had him wanting to go for a drive! He was getting other remedies but this one made him so much more alert! If you have a health market or can order online a single remedy is 9-15 $ US. Research it... Ask me about water dosing..
  2. It is a modest "knowledge" gotten from watching Maangchi videos 😋 while I was learning the fermenting tips and tricks about 6 years ago... The fermenting process really honors Jehovah's created processes and respects traditions that have proven healthful for the long term benefit of people on the land. I was amazed at all the lessons!
  3. I ferment EVERYTHING! lol This is a combination of my German'ish culture and Korean culture! The older cultures before refrigeration and canning were great fermenters! And well raised animals use all the parts! YUM!
  4. These anomolies make me see where early farmers might have gotten the idea to plant the seeds from such ones to see IF that full bodied trait could be passed on to the next generation. Those natural variations would be safe to grow and eat but doubtful in GMOs requiring chemicals to even have existence... New system is gonna be fun for us farmer types! And as a consumer I am thinking give me a bowlful of THOSE! lol I do grape fasts! Those (if truly organic) would be wonderful!
  5. I had similar effects happen on figs in the N Georgia US area. Since figs often show up before leaves I noticed what appeared to be bacterial wilt on the first ones and the following baby leaves. Worried, I pulled as many off as I could reach but later (new ones seemed to be OK) I fould smatttered among the regrowth figs with a similar issue but more like one large fig growing off the end of a smaller first stunted growth, but clearly a second fig! All my fig bushes had similar issue with leaves but not total failure, whew! First time in 30 years! I use the leaves in tea and ferments as well so I was really was careful to pull off ALL the wilty darkened ones that first showed up! Also when I dug up the sweet potatoes I found a hundred peach pits buried by squirrels in the ground near them and none of the pits had nutmeat in them! Every year there is a noteable oddity, this year a few! 😵
  6. After asking Goggle "Why can't I eat meat, milk or eggs?" in 2009 the owners of Goggle have seriously invested in the Pharma Industry and now the algorithms will steer (<<another pun!) you far from this information! Now that I know what to ask I can find the information but Jehovah help people (desperate people) to know what they need to eat safely. BTW I eat way less meat now... Happily and healthfully grown animals are more expensive to raise and bring to market and quite rare. I had a few vegetarian years where I learned very satisfying savory food choices but generally "imitation meats" are rife with chemicals and pollution histories one would not expect. Antibiotics May Kill Off Healthy Bacteria in the Gut | Health.com https://www.health.com › Digestive Health Nov 17, 2008 — "After the volunteers took Cipro, the gut-bug populations looked a lot different. Overall, 30% of the bacterial types showed dramatic changes"
  7. I have been in a few naturalist forums on methods of growing. In one there happened to be a rancher who claimed one benefit of low dose antibiotics was to HELP his young cattle to beef up! <<punny! I asked him if he thought that the antibiotic residue that becomes a part of beef products might then cause similar weight gain in people who eat them? He stopped participating in the group after that question. Since it was a science group and not a social chat area he might have expected this line of question. I would have liked an answer. Antibiotic residue CAN change gut flora. I was having severe food issues with meat products after a severe illness and only learned of this possibility after asking Goggle "Why can't I eat meat, milk or eggs?" A couple crazy pages later (that I seriously doubted could even be true) I tested them out by finding meat "raised w/o hormones and antibiotics" and suddenly I had food choices that did not put me in agony! Turns out my issue came about after being given the black boxed antibiotic CIPRO( it's a "fluoridated antibiotic") and what is used in Cattle and other meat animals is closely related. The largest antibiotic use in the US is in the food chain. Almost 10 years to repair stomach and had to become much more selective in food choices. I also learned to not judge the crazy folks without "getting down and looking them in the eye" as now I had become one of THEM lol
  8. Proper hydration and enough mineral rich salt was a miracle for my fibro myalgia. Chondromalacia patella (knee pain) and bone on bone vertabrae and collapsed(withered) discs were benefitted by this practice as well, dementia from too much water was quickly improved by adding enough mineral rich salt to my diet. Even refined salt with H2o will help/work in the short term, or emergency use but is not as natural a choice. I use the cheaper RealSalt product as a clean source from ancient salt layers now being mined. Still using it about 15 yrs now! I learned this from a great Dr who wrote "The Body's Many Cries for Water" ~ WaterCure | The Miracles of Water to Cure Diseases. "You're not sick; you're thirsty. Don't treat thirst with medication." Dr. F. Batmanghelidj. This was a life changer and just the experiment of adding BACK sodium was a BIG part of removing 15 yrs of chronic pain in a matter of weeks. So obvious a change I was know as the water/salt sister for a while. *Also if you tend to have chronic pain consider giving up wheat products, gluten and mill processed grains for a month. The acidic residue makes calcium sufaces soften and swell causing pain.
  9. The Codex Alimentarius, or “Food Code”, is a collection of international standards, guidelines and codes of practice to protect the health of consumers ... it sounds good but it protects the "business end" as much as the uneducated consumer. There is a grey area of those who have access to family, regional remedies and this means you need a network you trust. For some years as Codex became established you could go to Dr Google to learn, find great research and support but NOW it is pretty tightly in place and even most search engines have succumbed to the business control that has settled on the earth and "finding" reliable info is difficult without help. Just simple stories can be great for learning things... I learned from a teacher in Canada who works with Native People in his area and he mentioned that they used IVY for colds... So in 10 yrs you are only the second that I heard who is aware of it in a therapeutic way... but at least this product is available still! I know a Native sister from the NW United States who is a generation separated from their traditions( tribal groups can have different practices too) and she wasn't aware of Ivy as a remedy. Thyme is a powerful plant/oil... anti-microbial, soothing in small amounts as in vapors and honey mixes. Thx for that source!
  10. You might enjoy kicking this around.... I have dabbled many years (50!!) starting with homeopathic remedies for bee/bug irritation/itching/reactions, as a young mom the homeopathic for teething pain but as an aging woman (and a seriously medically damaged person) I have given up on the corrupt system that says "come, come to us" BUT we will only practice management not healing... With homeopathy there often is the possibility of healing... But alas, the Devil is in the details, even with homeopathy there is a type of politics if you get caught up in discussing "the correct way" as opposed to what has worked for others and can work for you. I jumped into classes for my medical needs And it has made aging "more doable", helped me repair internal systems that were impaired from previous medications, calmed me in emotional crisis and helped even in dramatic ways (now that I have some skill and a support team). Here are pictures of what can be done with homeopathy... 1st picture found unconscious on a bridge in biking area with a concussion, small brain bleed, 4 broken facial bones/1 sinus fracture/20 plus stitches and the 2nd picture 12 days later. And he is 72!
  11. I have used the idea of mega warming the throat area (just short of burning!) to stop COVID replication in the throat. Actually it's hot! Aiee!! I take handtowels, triple fold lengthwise (or in half and half again) and sprinkle dampen them, fold and heated in the microwave under a bowl works nicely (1 minute in mine). Wrap throat all the way around, hold. repeat.... repeat... repeat... Now the WHY. For me, I do not raise a fever hardly EVER! but heat is a known deactivater of viral activity! I was reading about *Ford's new Police Vehicles designed to heat up (think self cleaning ovens!) to deactivate any virus picked up during use when I imagined this as a DIY tool. I have a sauna but the temps acheived by sitting in mine do not approach the necessary intensity at the attachment area (throat) where the virus replicates for the few days before it migrates to the lungs, I don't feel my sauna is spot specific enough to ensure C-deactivation. I know masks do not stop infection but I do believe (from a serious credentialed medical researcher) that it limits AMOUNT of virus exposure. AMOUNT of virus decides severity of infection almost as much as immunity level. Lowering the replication ability of a virus is a DIY tool! The other thing is TIMING. As soon as you feel or suspect exposure DO something, gargle, heat wraps, hot herbal teas etc. Plan a monoclonal antibody infusion? * Packing Heat: How Ford’s Latest Tech Helps Police Vehicles Neutralize COVID-19 | Ford Media Center
  12. But the conditions whereby they are "allowed" to exist/live (Georgia touchstones, WEF, UN Agendas) and who gets to chose those sorted out to get the population under a billion is deeply involved in the current world wide "health" crisis, no? This year has seen a complete flip of remaining pure science and free-will decisions and a global digitalized medical system of tracking and control is being set in place. His ideas make him look like the futuristic wacko he may be (but he is deep into the forementioned agendas) this article makes people also discount what is going on and makes those of us caught up in it look like crazies and traitors. (See update #9) It's not feeling funny!!

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