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  1. Average of every 5 weeks. Some are 6 weeks a part, some have been 4 weeks. Another thing I like about the updates is that they are always from the GB (hence the name). But they have not delegated the updates to the helpers. The GB have been there for us providing spiritual encouragement at a time when we have needed it the most.
  2. You could use Watchtower Library or Online Library for the bible.
  3. The updates have been like a shepherding call from the GB, and a big hug from Jehovah, to keep us going.
  4. Daniel studied Jeremiahs prophecy and saw its fulfilment. Jehovah's words literally unfolded before his eyes. We today study the prophecies that he recorded, and are seeing them unfold before our eyes. Daniel never returned to their homeland. He is a great example for our older ones. Though he had hoped to return, he knew it was too late for him. But he never gave up faith. And he received many blessings from Jehovah in his old age. He received from an angel a prophecy that reaches into these very last days. A prophecy that we talk about today and are fascinated with its outworking. What a privilege! And to be personally touched by an angel of Jehovah told that you are a very precious man. Words just don't describe how marvellous that must have been. He died a very happy and very faithful man. With faith that he will live again in paradise.
  5. Was assaulted yesterday, punched 5-6 times in the head by violent neighbour. Still shaken.  Need prayers.

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    2. happiness IS

      happiness IS

      Pssst sisters, there shoutld be a 2nd 'a' in the brother's name. Quick get the mods to correct it. 😁

    3. coony77


      That´s terrible, Jonathan, get well soon!!!! :o:praying:

    4. On the huh

      On the huh

      Thank you for your kind words.  Having friends who care really helps. :givehug:

  6. The Daniel drama is the longest for a for many years, but there has been longer. In 1972, a drama called "How Merciful Are You", and in 1974 "The Tested Quality of Our Faith-A Cause for Praise and Honour", were both nearly 2 hours long. However I suspect the longest was one from 1960's, the very early dramas.
  7. Zoom is a commercial app with other apps competing against it, like Teams. So they are going to add more bells and whistles to make it more appealing and to draw others away from using a competitive app. It is not tailored made for our meetings, but many features do make it useful for the meetings. Often, unless many people suggesting the same thing, or they get many complaints about something, its not going to get implemented or get fixed.
  8. The pandemic is over in the UK. Or that is the impression you will get when see hundreds, even thousands, crowds of people going about like it is over. I know it is the summer holiday, and people want to get away and relax. I've noticed coastal resorts crowded more than usual this year. Its not nice. I liked it during lockdown. It was much quieter and peaceful!
  9. We have such a light at the entrance of the KH. It comes on when the first person arrives and approaches the Hall, and after the last person leaves. Also we have one in the disabled WC. My point is, if the technology works well, this new zoom feature may well prove very useful. Wait and see.
  10. Matthew to Acts may be only 5 books, but they make up over half of the Greek Scriptures. In our regular NWT, they cover about 200 pages. Whereas Romans to Revelations are less than 200 pages. Or course, the amount of study notes will vary, and that will have an affect on the next volume. But I can easily see that volume 2 will be Romans to Revelation. Or volumes 2 and 3 will be smaller volumes. A volume with the writings of Paul, Romans to Hebrews would be a good one.
  11. Oh this is going to very useful. We have ones who struggle with the digital raise hand, so raise their physical hand. With the digital raise hand, you can instantly see who wants to comment and it so easy to miss those who raise their physical hand. I do that a lot with meeting parts, and miss some hands.
  12. Focus Mode I found this feature, I think it may be new Focus mode – Zoom Help Center Focus mode is designed with the digital learning environment in mind, allowing students to stay attentive or work on their tasks while under supervision, without being distracted by others and their tasks. This feature gives the host and co-hosts view of all participants’ videos without other participants seeing each other. This extends into screen sharing, as the host and co-host can view and switch between each participant’s shared screen, while the participants can only view their own content. If the host finds a participant’s content should be shared with others, they can easily begin sharing the participant’s screen with others. Besides the host, co-hosts, and participants spotlighted by the host, participants in focus mode can still see their own video but only see other participants' names, their nonverbal feedback or reactions, and hear them when unmuted. Not sure if it would be useful or not in the context of our meetings.
  13. I remember when shops began selling HD TVs. The demo model on show would show a split screen video. One side was the new improved HD, the other the old SD. But to make more of an impression, I could tell that the SD side was deliberately blurred to make the HD look even sharper. I think they done that because many people could not see a difference. It may be because NTSC is 480p and PAL is 576. The difference between 480 and 720 is 50% increase, whereas between 576 and 720 is only 25% increase. So 720p was not so much of an increase. 1080p is almost double the resolution of 576. (and 4K is just a marketing ploy. 4k sounds like it is 4 times better than 1080p, when actually is only 2 times at 2160p) On a spiritual note. While we enjoy the special effects, and the brothers are doing an excellent job at this, it is not why they produce the videos. They are not looking for awards. It is primarily a teaching aid. It is not just a video about Daniel's life. It is a video about his Faith, and how we can imitate that faith and apply can copy it in our lives. We are about to go through the greatest faith testing time ever. It is not the awesome FXs that going to save us. 1080p or 4K videos will not make a difference. It will be our faith that will get us through.
  14. Get those white robes on! "These are the ones who come out of the great tribulation, and they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb"

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