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  1. I clicked on a couple of the original song videos and they simply d/l without offering me a d/l option box If I am not mistaken - I think they may also have altered some of the icons in the "drawer" Mine now looks like this looking at it, the icon for the meetings looks to be "new and improved" - I remember I used to think that the icon looked more like a "mortar and pestle" then something from a meeting. Now, it looks like a person at a lectern.
  2. On the videos - you now have to be careful where you click In the past I could click anywhere on the video image and I would get the d/l options. Now, I have to click on the little cloud with the down arrow to get the d/l options - if I click anywhere else on the image it starts streaming the video instead of d/l Also, I only get the d/l options if the video is available in multiple resolutions. I have had some videos d/l as soon as I click on the little cloud - this tells me that they must only have one resolution and that is why no option box
  3. Are you sure you have not blown that out of proportion?
  4. Simple ... he can d/l the 2gb file to a portable device and take it to his PC with the WTL on it ... he may not be able to take the PC to a location where he can d/l the update directly
  5. This may work for the JWLibrary app where you can take your portable device to a public location. However, the WT Library (DVD) is usually installed on a "desktop" or similar "non-portable" computer ... so, it may not be possible to take the device with the WT Library to a public location with free Internet.
  6. Would this include modern hearing aids? Most newer digital aids are using low power radio waves ... yet, I have not heard any information/news about hearing aids causing cancer
  7. Bring back some pictures and experiences ... and post an update
  8. a few details about Cody gleaned from the Internet: Cody is a city in Northwest Wyoming and the county seat of Park County, Wyoming, United States. It is named after Colonel William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody for his part in the founding of Cody in 1896 Cody is located at the western edge of the Bighorn Basin, a depression surrounded by the Big Horn, Owl Creek, Bridger, and Absaroka ranges. At the western edge of Cody, a deep canyon formed by the Shoshone River provides the only passage to Yellowstone's Eastern Entrance. Rodeo is important in the culture in Cody, which calls itself the "Rodeo Capital of the World". The Cody Nite Rodeo is an amateur rodeo every night from June 1 through August 31. The primary industry in Cody is tourism. Hotels, restaurants and shops cater to travelers coming to visit the West and Yellowstone Park. Cody has several art galleries, with some notable local painters and artists living in the area. Cody is fast becoming a hub for Outdoor Recreation. The Shoshone River runs through town offering Class I-V kayaking and whitewater rafting. Shoshone Canyon offers over 300 rock climbing routes, while Cedar Mountain boasts nearly 600 boulder problems. Cody hosts nearly 50 miles of single track, with a large amount of it accessible by bike from town. A bike park was recently completed with Jump and Drop lines as well as a Pump track.
  9. The rest of would like to know about Cody It looks like there may be a KH in Cody ... it would be nice to see what it looks like now
  10. There are also those of us that simply do not like heights! It has nothing to do with our perception of the risk or the safety record of air travel. It simply comes down to an "irrational fear" - the fear of heights. The same way that some of us cannot work on a roof or on a ladder, we cannot or will not fly. My preference to ride the train is not because I think planes are unsafe - I like trains and I do NOT like heights!
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