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  1. Yes, sometimes a couple can/will choose a location other than the KH for reasons not connected to qualification, availability or BOE decision ... they may simply want to get married in a garden, on a ship/boat, near the sea/ocean or keep it very private. There is nothing wrong with this.
  2. I will be teaching a HOT class this Saturday - Carpets and Mats Hmmmmm ... I just noticed the "underline" is not the same color as the text Oh Well, that is a subject for a different thread
  3. From the meetings tab the meetings are listed where you can choose between MWM and WT Study. One selected (or automatically selected) the desired meeting is shown in the left window. In the case of the MWM the entire outline for the week is shown. In the case of the WT the Title of the article is listed. MWM - If you click on the song number in the outline for the meeting you will get the words in the right hand pane. If you click on the "media icon" in the upper right corner, you will get the links to the songs that can be played on the screens with the words. The change is that you now have an option to d/l the song(s) or stream them. If you look in the lower right corner of a song link there is a small cloud with a down arrow (if the song has not been d/l). If this cloud is present and you click on the picture, not the cloud, the video with the words will be streamed. If you click on the cloud you will get the d/l option box. If the song has already been d/l there will not be a cloud. Instead, there will be three dost in the upper right corner of the song pic If this is the case, clicking anywhere on the picture will play the d/l video instead of streaming. WT Study - This meeting works a little different. When you select WT Study as the meeting you will get the title of the lesson. If you click on the "media icon" you will get the same results as the MWM and the song pictures work the same way. However, if you click on the lesson and bring up the study lesson, clicking on "media icon" will only give you the images from the lesson, not the songs. Likewise, if you click on the song number in the lesson, you will get the words in the right pane. With the exception of the new "Streaming" option, this is the same way it has been working for the meetings.
  4. I wouldn't say it was something I learned recently - but, it was interesting when I learned that sharks have to remain swimming (in motion - should be forward) all the time to keep from drowning. Seems other fish can be still and it does not cause them harm but a shark must be in motion constantly.
  5. And what will you do if they make using a VPN illegal? Since NOT using one does not violate Jehovah's laws - if it becomes illegal to use one .............
  6. I clicked on a couple of the original song videos and they simply d/l without offering me a d/l option box If I am not mistaken - I think they may also have altered some of the icons in the "drawer" Mine now looks like this looking at it, the icon for the meetings looks to be "new and improved" - I remember I used to think that the icon looked more like a "mortar and pestle" then something from a meeting. Now, it looks like a person at a lectern.
  7. On the videos - you now have to be careful where you click In the past I could click anywhere on the video image and I would get the d/l options. Now, I have to click on the little cloud with the down arrow to get the d/l options - if I click anywhere else on the image it starts streaming the video instead of d/l Also, I only get the d/l options if the video is available in multiple resolutions. I have had some videos d/l as soon as I click on the little cloud - this tells me that they must only have one resolution and that is why no option box
  8. Are you sure you have not blown that out of proportion?
  9. Simple ... he can d/l the 2gb file to a portable device and take it to his PC with the WTL on it ... he may not be able to take the PC to a location where he can d/l the update directly
  10. This may work for the JWLibrary app where you can take your portable device to a public location. However, the WT Library (DVD) is usually installed on a "desktop" or similar "non-portable" computer ... so, it may not be possible to take the device with the WT Library to a public location with free Internet.
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