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  1. Yes, a few years back Jim Cantore, a well known meteorologist on the Weather Channel, said that if he is somewhere other than his home area where people are used to seeing him, just his shopping in a store has set off buying frenzies of bottled water and toilet paper - people jump to the conclusion that, if Jim Cantore is in town, there must be some catastrophic weather issue in their area and they empty the shelves.
  2. Well, since I was not born in Florida, I would have a certain amount of credibility do deny being a "Floridian". And, since I did not live in the state I was born in for more than about the first 18 months of my life (which I do not remember), I could also deny being a "Pennsylvanian". However, since I was raised being taught the Truth and was baptized as a JW at age 12, I wholeheartedly will claim to be and identify with being a JW and the neutrality that comes with it. In the context of the US "we" ... I do not use the inclusive expressions that connect me to the US when talking about things that identify me as "A Good American" with expressions like "our army", "our military", "our government" or similar expressions. Therefore, I would not include myself in the "context 'we' " when it comes to making things "political"
  3. I'm not sure why I would give a "beautiful declaration of love to your wife" but I have told my wife of my love for her
  4. I'm not sure who this "we" is ... I may have been born in the US and live here (all my life) and am even a citizen of the US - but, I do not have any capacity to make things political (especially not a boundless one) because I am not involved in politics. It is accurate to say that "many" in the US excel at it or even "most" ... but that is "them/they" NOT "me/we/us" as JW's - at least, it should not include "me/we/us"
  5. I drive a 2007 Nissan Titan pickup that has 345,000+ miles on it and I see no reason to put myself in debt for something newer when the one I have runs just fine.
  6. Any possibility all the threads about the meeting pilot program could be merged into one thread so we don't have to g searching for each experience?
  7. Yes, in Update #8 he did say that the meetings being held at the US Branch were in accord with NY law. It would make sense that all pilot meetings would be subject to the local laws as well as GB direction
  8. These shortcuts can be found in the app in the Windows section of the Start Menu When you open the Character Map you can find most of these keyboard shortcuts by simply clicking on the desired character you want and the "alt" shortcut will be displayed in the bottom portion of the app It should be noted this is the "number keypad" - the numbers across the top of the keyboard will NOT work for these shortcuts I have been using this method for many years
  9. Since the announcement was about "meetings" and it was stated that: it is a "pilot program" Resumption of door-to-door activity was not even hinted at it just seems to me that our discussion should be about the benefits and encouragement we will get from such a pilot program instead of coming up with potential problems, exclusions and difficulties as well as activities that are not being resumed at this time. Just my opinion, of course.
  10. Our boom mics have used wireless mics for many, many years Most of the new or renovated KH's I worked in sound on with RBC/LDC got wireless boom mics with the new sound system ... many of them already used boom mics, but for some it eas something new
  11. Dwelling on the negative aspects of the how-to's of meetings resuming does not really serve a useful purpose. I am sure the FDS has thought things out quite thorougly and "all things [will] take place decently and by arrangement" (1 Corinthians 14:40) Instead of wondering how it will be done - why don't we wait until those who participate in these "pilot program" meetings report back to us and get the "facts" - not engage in speculations and possible problems.

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