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  1. (at the bus stop) "Hello! I'm glad to find you at home...".
  2. A brother gives advice about helping sick brothers and sisters who are in the hospital: "...we could bring them something good to eat... Or an interesting magazine, like a magazine about the resurrection..."
  3. Sister asks: "Brother, can I pray in my night shirt?" Brother: "If you have doubts, you can wear a tie."
  4. In the dark, in a storm and heavy fog, a huge warship sees a light at sea. And the captain sends a message through the radio operators: - Change course 20 degrees to the right to avoid collision. From the radio comes the reply: - I advise you to change YOUR course 20 degrees to the right to avoid a collision. - This is the captain of the ship speaking. Repeat: Change your course immediately. - No. I repeat: change course yourself. At that moment, the captain is furious and yells into the radio room: - This is the second-largest warship. We are accompanied by three cruisers, three destroyers and numerous support ships. I demand that you change your course 20 degrees to the right, or we will be forced to take necessary action!!!! To him in reply: - This is a lighthouse. Do what you want. Lesson: Jehovah's principles are like this lighthouse. They are immovable, unchangeable! It is we who need to change our course, not Jehovah. God's commandments cannot be broken, we can only destroy ourselves if we don't keep them. God's commandments are indestructible! 😁
  5. Sorry, I seem to have translated it wrong. It's called Worksheets for Teenagers: https://www.jw.org/en/bible-teachings/teenagers/worksheets/ I download all the topics that interest me and fill out one of the worksheets each personal study.
  6. I was wondering, what kind of game are you working on? Could you tell more?
  7. I put together a list of personal study ideas that I keep to myself. Some ideas I kept from this thread, thank you so much for that, brothers and sisters! I made this list to help one elderly sister, but I want to share this list with all of you. 1. Prayer. Ask Jehovah for wisdom before each Bible reading. Pray for 2 minutes longer, and thank Jehovah for something special; 2. Look at the list of questions in the Introduction of the Bible, in question 20. 3. Before you start reading a new book of the Bible, pay attention to when it was written, where, by whom, who else was living at the time, what the conditions were there (you can find hints in appendices A and B); 4. Before reading the chapter, pay attention to the summary so that it is easier to understand what the chapter is about. After you read it, try to describe the chapter in two sentences yourself, or paraphrase what the brothers wrote. 5. Read each publication index and write out key thoughts and tags (lesson, Jehovah's qualities, prayer, prophecy, archaeology, etc.) in the verse notes. 6. Underline favorite verses and interesting expressions you want to use in prayer. 7. After reading the book, listen to the audio production or watch, if available, the JW movie about the episode. 8. Listen and read the Bible at the same time. 9. Memory training: memorize the order of the books, favorite verses and songs. 10. Rewrite in JW Library Bible notes all your old notes that you have taken at congresses, meetings, and personal studies before. Find a verse for each note. 11. Choose and read the topics of interest to you from the "Start Reading the Bible" section of "Rejoice in Life Now and Forever." 12. As you read, pay attention to the details and write questions in your notes, marking them with the "Question" tag. After a while, try to look up your questions and take the time to look for the answer. If you don't find one, share the thought with your friends. 13. Download from the JW website work charts on topics of interest to you and work on one each personal study. 14. Try an app from a brother, Personal Bible Trainer, on Android. It gives you ideas for each day, helps you keep track of your reading on the schedule you need, and makes reading more interesting with achievements. It makes it easy to read chronologically, in reverse order of writing a book, or by topic. Many of these ideas are also in this app. 15. Read one sibling biography each day and note the verses that supported them in life.
  8. Nice work, @Nirex! I assume that you have used these tutorials: You did a great job. I'm curious, how is your development in 3D modeling going today? I just started learning Blender and Unity and making characters. My dream is to create games based on biblical stories. And I hope that these skills will be useful to our brothers and sisters in the branch. My first project will be an illustration of the flood on behalf of Noah. I will make it as a free world in VRChat game. I also know that @Igorianov on this forum is interested in Blender.
  9. The secret of Indian vocals. https://youtu.be/AIPraIlSmIk
  10. Which site has the most languages in the world? And why? 
    Hint˸ it's not Wikipedia (Matthew 24:14)
    Check it out and share your opinion with me ˸)


    This presentation you can publish on social networks and the statuses of your profiles. This approach will not only encourage people to visit the site, but it will make it clear that this is not just some religion and will create a number of questions.

  11. It's just that my red-eyed dog is getting acquainted with the motorblock in the garage.
  12. I, too, am surprised by the Meta videos. I wonder if we can preach in the Meta universe 🤔
  13. Thanks, brother for this quiz! I have one question for you: what is the password? For those whose smartphones don't see .qcm files, but only .pdf file: this problem is in your Explorer archiver. I unzipped it on my computer and sent the files to myself via Telegram.

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