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  1. Thanks...now currently trying to figure out how to convert the files
  2. Hello I have a quick question... How do I convert WMA files ( from a Jump drive or flash drive ) to MP3 using windows media player? thanks
  3. Loving the vegan food pictures... I'm also loving the recipes Spiritually I personally would avoid the 2 Facebook groups posted as some in the first one there aren't actually Witnesses, and in the other one the admin was actually asking viewpoints regarding philosophy... When another brother spoke up stating that's not a good idea(regarding the philosophy) he was told that philosophy is not a bad thing. I left after seeing that conversation.. So for one's own spiritual health I would avoid these groups. .😷😓😁😧😧😧😧sorry I'm having a minor issue with the emojis can't delete the ones I didn't want.
  4. Feeling pooped..how about you?

    1. Good-O


      Yes indeed!  I am pooped as well.  Yesterday we 5 sisters spent the morning in our invitation work and it was so hot.   Our heat indices have been 106-108 so we do early morning witnessing.  Our RC will be in Baton Rouge at the end of the month. But we are expecting a bad rainy, possible hurricane, weekend.  I hope not because the IC is in Houston this week and there are several RC south of me.  You stay cool and inside if possible.  

    2. Miss Mouse

      Miss Mouse

      I think I was born pooped. Just did round two of RC and I have convention hangover today. :) But in a good way of course.

  5. I love this broadcast....💞💞💞💞💞💞. Especially the story about the brother who was a translator.
  6. I found you on ravelry...can't find you on Instagram .. I'm Crochetqueen1933 on ravelry..
  7. Hi there I have a quick question Have anyone here tried oil pulling to help with their teeth? If so how has it helped you with your teeth and general dental health...?
  8. The fact that he would actually say please to us lowly ones .... I find that amazing...and considering the fact that he created all things he doesn't demand that we do anything .. he wants us to do things out of love... that's is one of the newer things that I appreciate about him
  9. It started off okay... then went down hill from there.... note: DON'T READ COMMENTS
  10. Pooped but happy...finally changed / updated my profile here :-)

  11. Pooped but happy...

  12. So sorry to hear this... his poor family.

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