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    I was contacted at my parents house in Montgomery County, Maryland when I was 18 by a 17 year old pioneer sister..I had been praying to God since age 6 to know who he is! On the 2n'd contact I decided one day I too would pioneer..this I did for 4 years..then met my future husband and married at age 24..we served where the need was great for 8 years in Virginia..we moved to Fl. in 1996..

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    Kingdom interests, camping, cooking
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    Bible and other Watchtower publications.
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    Kingdom music..especially the new songs and songs from jw.broadcasts.
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    Is. 41:10, 13

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  1. Here in the western U.S. there are people who have chosen to live in their cars, vans trucks or campers who travel to various National Parks as a group. They call themselves Nomads. They live simply and appreciate traveling and enjoying the great outdoors! On YouTube, it is interesting to see how they have outfitted their vehicles to live off the grid. Many use solar panels on the roof of their vehicles.πŸ˜‰
  2. I recently saw on YouTube that there is a congregation near Orlando, Florida that posts some Public Talks..Has anyone seen this format? It is the same format for their midweek meeting also..just wondering if what you described looks like this when downloaded..πŸ˜‰
  3. I really liked this video. I found the link on BBC news..What do you think..Is this a realistic possibility?..Your thoughts! https://www.bbc.com/reel/video/p06ywmw9/the-amazing-homes-that-build-themselves
  4. Deadly tornados! Prayers for brothers and sisters living in these areas! https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/breaking-destructive-tornadoes-strike-alabama-georgia-sunday-afternoon/70007598
  5. Hi Brother and friends! Having read this thread so far, I want to share the link for Dr. Berg (choropractor) who has lots of videos (2500) that covered all my questions about Keto and specific health issues and which nutrients are needed. I would like to say that I wondered how to disolve kidney stones, what nutrient for cataracts, how to know if I have too much insulin...many more..He speaks calmly and is very scientific..Enjoy! https://www.drberg.com/blog
  6. I hope you will post some comments here about what you enjoyed most!πŸ˜€
  7. I don't know..it wasn't our assembly..unfortunately..πŸ˜‰
  8. He was the Branch representative at the Daytona Beach Assembly Hall assembly this past weekend!
  9. I have thought that this might happen..pray for our sisters if it is true!😯
  10. I am trying the intermintent fasting. πŸ˜‰Since my husband sleeps late until at least 10am, and I get up earlier..about 7:30; after a few ounces of sparkling mineral water with lime and stevia drops, I make my coffee and have one cup with some heavy cream. Then at about 10:30 I make breakfast..for me..3 eggs scrambled with hot sauce and roasted red peppers and a half slice of pepperjack cheese...cooked in butter...either organic chicken saussage, ham, or bacon. A few cups of mineral water during the day, one with the addition of a raspberry power pack (vitamins and minerals)..(has 1 gram organic sugar) and a little cream added..I could have green tea also..liquids are allowed anytime..😊 Supper is 6pm..4 oz. ground organic "Smart" Chicken (brand name) seasoned with hot sauce, garlic and sage,(or 3 oz. organic grass fed ground beef chuck) the other half slice of my pepperjack cheese. ... 2 small cauliflower tortillias heated in butter, baby kale salad with cukecumber, radish and a little olive oil sprinkled with parmesan... Soda mineral water with lime...Dessert..1 Keto chocolate chip cookie. The total calories for the day is less than I could have for my size, but Dr. Berg says that's ok..to only eat until satisfied. I am not weighing, only looking in the mirror occasionally.😌 Shopping and house work is my exercise..wish I was 10 years younger..this process would really speed up!!😎 In Paradise considering all the physical work, it may be hard to not loose weight..haha!! Can't wait!!πŸ’“
  11. That would be very expensive! No wonder the economy for many of the population is not as good as desired.
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