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  1. Just a couple of pages with settings for cooking various foods. No times or recipes or anything more than that. I need instruction ha. Also prefer a book to looking up on the internet.
  2. Jesus will be speaking many languages if they start translating.
  3. Thank you. Yes that looks like the event. But interesting the picture in the book has a dog in the front but is missing the guard. My husband was curious about who that guard might be but I don’t think the time of this fits his thinking. Thanks all for helping me find it. Naomi
  4. I too have a new instant pot and learning to use. It is very annoying to find recipes on internet and then either print, copy or just cook off the website. Would like a cookbook, especially one that helps convert recipes to the instant pot. Any suggestions?
  5. Watched the Brooklyn tour and Ten Plagues. Both excellent. Another great tour is by a brother who was in the art department at Bethel. It is called Art History and Pure Worship tour. You will have a new understanding and appreciation for the art work in our literature. I don’t know how to post a link but you can find the information at edsalazarfineart.com
  6. Does anyone have any information about the cover photo of the video. Where was it taken and what was the occasion? Thank you.
  7. I just finished Released. So glad you included and updated previous characters, but still want to go back and reread them all. It was a little too sci-fi for my simple mind to comprehend, but food for thought. I was not surprised at the ending, but shocked at my reaction to it. I found myself sobbing—couldn’t stop. Wondering why it so affected me, I thought of two reasons. One, in back of my mind there has lurked a nagging fear that somehow I might fail to pass a test of faith. And two, my number one weakness is fear of man. For example, I can witness to one person at a door but cringe when I see a group sitting on a porch! Even though it’s just a story it’s very believable. So now Brother Thomas you have given me a good reminder of what could happen. But even better, to focus on Isabel. Thank you so much. P S. Amazon wouldn’t let me post a review. Do I need to be a member?.
  8. It seems to me if Jehovah wants it to happen he will direct the faithful slave accordingly.
  9. I didn’t know you were supposed to sign in with your name so the brother called on iPad to answer. Nobody did because I didn’t know it was me! 😁
  10. I love poetry and your poem touched my heart brother. Jehovah bless you.
  11. Exciting to read about those who will be able to go to 2019 Conventions. We feel for those disappointed they missed out. My husband and I have never been to an international convention. Living in California we considered applying for Toronto which would put us closer to visit Warwick. However we are in our 80’s and after reading the instructions decided it would probably not be wise to attempt such a trip which would require a fair amount of strength and energy. Now hope we can still try for Warwick. Maybe on a less intense level. Will be praying for those attending and look forward to the reports after.
  12. It dawned on me the Mac and cheese was to make his son feel welcomed, like the skateboard. Will have to read it again for more of these subtleties. But first finish the second book The Unrighteous. They are addictive!
  13. Finished first book. Nice read. Brother Jonathan has a good imagination. I like how we just get bits and pieces of the narrator Mitch Hanson’s story until the end. Two things I wondered about. Somehow I thought with all the work the brothers are doing on JW.org and broadcast that Jehovah would not destroy that means of communication at least until something better ha. My opinion. And we don’t know what our diet will be but Mac and cheese? 🤔

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