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    The ONE over there, on the other side of the rainbow!

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    Divorced; not interested in marrying again
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    Wisconsin (by way of TX, OK, TX, CA, TX)
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    Yes, in as many ways possible w/mobility issues. :)
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    Yes, in 1973

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    Mom began studying & attending meetings when I was 9 months old. She got baptized when I was 4 (after Dad tried to stop 2 times & my 2nd little brother decided to arrive the morning of her 3rd try) in a private pool. I dedicated my life to Jehovah when I was 9. Finally got baptized when I was 15 (Mom held it off til I was 13; Dad stopped it twice, 3rd go-round he was having open heart surgery). Mom & sibs missed being there, but Jehovah more than made up for that with many surprises in the people who were there that day! That was in June 1973 at Dodger Stadium; Divine Victory International Assembly. A few bumps along the way here but nothing is keeping me from sticking close to Jehovah!

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    Since it's often asked I will explain here about my "location" info: I was born in Texas (the TX to the right), in Houston. 9 months later my parents moved us to California (the CA) and for the next 16 years we lived in various cities in the San Fernando and Simi Valleys and visited all around southern CA, especially the beaches. After I graduated from high school, with my parents' divorce finalized, Mom moved back to her home state of Texas (the middle TX). At 21, newly married, I moved to Oklahoma (the OK) where my husband lived. We stayed there about 5 years before work brought us the Dallas area of Texas (the TX on the left). We were there about 10 years when circumstances brought us to Wisconsin. And I'm still here 24 years later...longest consecutive stay in one state for me! (or my kids) ;-)
    My interests include: meeting people, helping people, sewing, crafting, reading, gardening, gluten-free living, allergies of all kinds, chronic pain resolution, working on my 2-yr plan to financial freedom so my disabled kids will always have an income in this system, even when I'm not here to care for them anymore.

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  1. Something else to note: ASL like American English has numerous dialects, or distinct signs used locally more than around the whole U.S. Very much like Texans have their way of speaking, New Englanders have their way, the Midwest, the Northwest, the South, East Coast, West Coast, and so on. What you're taught via most websites, apps, and even with the JW classes will be more general, but will likely have some signs that just aren't used locally without causing confusion, or worse, offense, so it's good to get acquainted with the local deaf community & culture as soon as you can.
  2. I'm still learning ASL - but I find the more exposure to it, the better - for me anyway. Seems true too for my 2 girls that are learning it as well. One of the "tips" given to me was to get the DVDs of the My Book of Bible Stories. Play the DVD for the beginning & the 1st story daily for at least a week --- in this way: Day 1 - Play DVD and just watch intently (do not try to follow along in the book) (do not have subtitles available & no closed captioning either) Day 2 - Play DVD and just watch intently (as above) but take time to notice facial expressions with signs Day 3 - Play DVD but as you watch try to put together images of what the signs are saying Day 4 - Play DVD and begin to copy the signs - hand motion, hand placement, facial expression, body motion too Day 5 - Play DVD repeat Day 4 Day 6 - Play DVD & keep in mind all the above; when DVD is done, READ the book & visualize the signing & all movements seen on the DVD as you read. Day 7 - Read the book, play the DVD & see if you can sign with the video. If you can keep up then you're ready for the next story! If you're not quite there, then continue repeating until you are before moving on to the next story. By the time you're finished with the book you should have a good base for ASL in the ministry & at ASL meetings. You can learn much from the JW Sign Language APP as well. Beyond that, there are several decent websites now teaching ASL at no charge. http://www.lifeprint.com is one of my favorites There are others and there are several secular apps that are decent too. If you can connect with a local congregation you may learn of some local places to meet the deaf and get some real-life practice in your skills!
  3. Thank you Brother Kristian, Right now I'm not up to learning something else so new, no matter how simple. I'm curious how that t-tools group is doing there. They were a fairly big group at one time. The few others I'm connected to are having similar issues. One went over to Google Groups awhile back though but never deleted the yahoogroup. Not sure about what the others are planning to do. The other groups I'm owner of haven't had activity in awhile so I'm deleting them as is. Most of the sisters in those groups I've been in touch enough that I know they aren't interested in the old inactive group's purpose. Like I said - it's the one group of just under 100 sisters that concerns me most. And it's looking like we're just going to keep working on the transfer to Groups.io and hope that works for us. Yahoogroups' functions are failing - hit'n'miss (mostly 'miss') at best - can't invite to the group, can't pull up files, or full databases, photos are there one visit and gone another, files too - gone one day and back another, or not (some have been "blank" or "empty" for a week now). And I've just discovered today that many members haven't received messages from the group in years! They thought the group was gone! But they don't show as bouncing or any problems with the address - and it looks like they are regular, active members with settings that say they would get emails from the group - but they haven't been getting them & it seems attempts to email the group never came through either! They did reply when I emailed directly. So there's been multiple failures with yahoogroups for a long time now - stuff that has nothing to do with the people trying to use the group. Maybe email contact is losing it's appeal. Texting and messaging seem to be more desired. But those work best for short, quick messages. With email - like with this forum - a person can write much longer posts and provide better details & context to what they are typing. That's what my group is about - short & quick may work at times, but mostly we want to talk a lot! There doesn't seem to be as many options for hosting this kind of contact as there used to be.
  4. Mods: THANK YOU for moving this to the most appropriate group. I was hoping for more response by now - at the very least I thought someone here would know something about what's involved in getting something like THIS forum set up. The group I'm most concerned about is a small group of less than 100 sisters from around the world fighting to remain loyal to Jehovah while suffering various mental health issues. We're now working on a transfer to groups.io - similar group email platform; but different, so I'm spending a lot of time learning how it works. They do seem a bit bogged down right now but my understanding is that it's due to the high numbers of yahoogroup owners doing the same thing I'm doing. Many of those groups are much larger - running into 1000s & 10000s of memberships. I'm thinking we'll fare better with a more manual (hands on) transfer. That begins with roughly 100 personal emails from me letting them know about the changes and helping them get subscribed to the new group. This seems worse than the chaotic changes - way back when - with eGroups & ONElist - if anyone recalls those. But I must help my sisters! Times are getting so difficult! Satan is fighting relentlessly against us! Jehovah has us safely in his arms - but with mental illness sometimes that is very hard to perceive. Any thoughts & suggestions are still most welcome!
  5. Is there anyone here currently using YahooGroups to host an email group of any kind? I'm owner of at least one such group. Seems to be lots of functional issues lately and I'm not finding a lot of info on how to remedy the problems other than moving to a different host. Also seems to be fewer options for such hosting than years ago. In questioning group members about where else to go, many are reluctant to be on Facebook, even if the Group is set to Secret or Closed. Questions: 1. Anyone here know anything about the likely demise of yahoogroups? 1a. And any info about an actual date that such may happen? 2. What other email group hosting exists? 2a. Free group hosting? 2b. Paid group hosting? 3. What's involved in getting something like this forum set up for a relatively small but worldwide group using a variety of devices & platforms to access the group? 3a. What sort of costs would be involved with that? Thanks for your help! PS - If moderators feel this post is better added to a different category - please move it and let me know. I really wasn't sure where to put it.
  6. Why "vigorous" exercise? Is increased blood sugar your only motivation? Consistent exercise is likely more valuable. I'm terrible at it though! As for blood sugars - try increasing your intake of cinnamon as well as chromium (often available combined in one supplement). Those do help me for sure. I do a few other things to keep my blood sugar in a normal range since I do have other risk factors - so far, so good. Actually better than good! My last A1C was just 5.1, down from 6.0 in 2009. Other risk factors include: obesity, close relative w/Type 2 Diabetes (mom & sister, plus aunts, uncles, cousins), previous gestational diabetes, history of kidney problems, having other auto-immune disorders. Feel free to PM me if you want more details about anything. My sporadic exercise of choice is average everyday walking when I'm able AND the occasional (but wanting it to be more consistent) T-Tapp in one variety or another.
  7. Thinking a little more on your plans.... MOA in itself has a LOT TO SEE - not just shopping! The aquarium there is highly regarded by many. There's more there too - my kids have all been and nearly everyone in my congregation goes there every so often - but it's too much for me to take lately and I don't keep up with all the newer stuff. I'm told, often, a person needs a good week there to cover everything. As for a KH - can you check jw.org and look up what's nearest? If not, I can check and send you options. I know a few friends up that way but none right near MOA so not much help there. Enjoy your trip! Plan well & stay safe!
  8. Can't offer too much... but if you choose to drive on I-90/I-94 and find a need to stop a bit... I'm in Tomah. We can share details in private messaging if you'd like. Tomah is roughly 3 hours before the Twin Cities... if you're on I-94 - if you choose I-90 then it may add a little more time but you'd come in more directly to MOA.
  9. Looked it up too! Reminded me why I'm not so fond of Latin, or more accurately, Late-Latin, even though I love many Latin-based languages!
  10. I was just wondering about any news on Phelicity... This was posted on the gofundme site 2 days ago (I'm writing early Thursday morning - my time), so maybe Tuesday sometime: "We are so thankful for the continued love and support from all over the world! Phelicity suffered a setback that delayed things for a couple days, but arrangements are still being made to get her home. We are encouraged by all the kind comments and appreciate them so much. " Someone expressed concern about donating via the gofundme site (privacy issues, etc). I can't vouch for the site - tho I've known many who've successfully used them both ways (as a donor and as someone in need) and never heard of any negative issues arising from it. But another possible avenue to assist the family is via the hospital: Nationwide Children's Hospital. Most likely in "The Heart Center" Their website is simple: nationwidechildrens.org Their snail mail is: 700 Children's Drive, Columbus, Ohio, 43205 Their main phone line is: 614.722.2000 Most hospitals will collect mail that comes after a patient leaves and bundle it into weekly mail-outs to the patient's home address - so if you mailed something there it would eventually get to them, even if it arrives after they leave. At this point, I'm praying hard that she gets strong enough to make that 30-hour flight back to Australia and can spend her last moments with all her family around her.
  11. Need help - I'm getting a popup that says my profile is missing my full name but when I go to profile to edit I cannot see where full name should be - I see it nowhere. ???

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      Did you see Bob's update about how to fix this?


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      Nope. :( Can someone give me a link to it? :) Please? :) 

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      Please, see the PM I sent you.

  12. Looks very familiar! Don't think it was just your browsers either - I'm on Windows 10 with the Edge browser. It seems rather lame (or insert any similar word of your choice) to mandate that millions must apply at this website by a given deadline and then expect that the number of users attempting access in the final days/hours of said deadline would be no greater than those accessing the site any other time. Yet, it's quite obvious that this is what said mandating entity chooses to do. I think I'll go back to looking ahead to days when such things are no longer needed or thought about!
  13. Celiac is what I think you are meaning by "sciliacs" and then writing on about wheat & rye. If that is so - barley would be another grain to watch out for. The symptoms you describe may be related to celiac - or may not - or may be a type of gluten sensitivity. The real issue is you - do those symptoms reappear each time you eat wheat, rye or barley? If so, you may need to eliminate such grains. (so easy to say) ;-) I live with such issues - and more - and in the time it takes a given food to get to my stomach I can usually tell if I've been "glutenned" by surprise! UGH! Redness & itching sound more like an allergy though - just saying...
  14. Not all vitamins are equal - maybe you are not absorbing the one's you are taking. Do you get check ups for blood levels of various markers? Iron? Blood Sugars? Vitamin D3? B Vitamins? Magnesium? etc. - some have multiple tests for various forms of nutrients. If you are not able to get to a doctor for testing then start from the basics at home yourself: How much sleep do you get each night? How much water are you drinking in 24 hours - and what's the source? How many servings of vegetables in 24 hours? How many servings of fruits in 24 hours? What about protein? meats? fish? dairy? nuts? beans? etc. How active are you? There are a number of factors here that could easily be altered by simple changes. You could try a change for a week or so to see if it makes any difference. If you see a little difference try tweaking the change a bit to see if things improve further. If you haven't really paid attention to all these things you may find keeping a journal, diary, log, etc., something in writing will help you see where you are at now and make it easier to spot areas to consider changes.
  15. That's where I was last - it does not list Windows 10 - at least not where I could see it. But I will just download and see what happens. Thanks!
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