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  1. I knew it! I just knew you'd find a way to sift through those bazillion ideas in your head and come up with something new for us. And I'm so glad! Your newest treasure is read and reviewed! I'm mentally reviewing all my favorite Bible accounts and wondering which one is next for you!
  2. Possibly not the primary reason, but it is definitely leading up to that situation prophesied in Revelation. Babylond WILL come down. It's only because we're watching it happen in slow-mo that it seems like it's taking soooooooooo long............
  3. I wonder if anyone has contacted this associate pastor to advise him on the ramifications of writing novels that feature Jehovah's Witnesses and their beliefs?
  4. But not the white ones. https://religionnews.com/2021/02/04/southern-baptist-leaders-decry-racist-letter-received-by-dwight-mckissic/
  5. Could be getting close now! https://www.phillytrib.com/religion/amid-calls-to-taxthechurches-what-and-how-much-do-us-religious-organizations-not-pay-the/article_ec7ffe52-53d0-530e-a105-a93369f3fa5f.html
  6. If they can get a "token" woman to join their government, I don't believe she would even be allowed to speak without her husband or father there. Perhaps they could persuade more people to stay in the country instead of fleeing to surrounding areas. After all, they have to have someone left to rule over, right?
  7. Well, that's keeping a positive outlook. Let's file that one away for the New System, shall we?
  8. So, the goal is to catalog each star. Name, properties, type. Be sure and take plenty of videos so that the rest of us can enjoy your journey. What a great project!
  9. Are you saying people who have been drinking beer all day on International Beer Day are less likely to pronounce P&S? Do we REALLY know who the "THEY" is?????? Just saying..................
  10. My son and I are watching Star Trek DS-9 (again!). It's so hard to find anything new that's clean.
  11. With so many fleeing the country, perhaps this will open the way for some Afghanistan residents to finally hear the good news?
  12. You know, I've often wondered about the pros and cons. I have plans to travel to Washington state next month to visit my son, and a local sister advised me to have a copy of the Watchtower on my dash. I know it can be a conversation starter as well as a target. This sister is elderly and traveled extensively when she was younger, but it's a much different world here in the last days of the last days......
  13. Can someone tell me where I can order the sign?

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    My grandparents learned the truth in the 1920's. My father taught my mother, and she was baptized in the 1960's. I grew up around the truth, although sadly, none of my other sisters ever progressed.

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    Reading (of course!) Singing, swimming, reading (constantly). Traveling more now that I took early retirement. Not enjoying it as much as I would if COVID would clear out.

    Goals: to memorize more scriptures
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    I don't have as much time to read anything but spiritual material these days, but I enjoyed the Foundation series by Asimov...anything science fiction, really. REAL science fiction, not fantasy or magic themes. Also, dystopian plots fascinate me.
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    Josh Groban, Celine Dion, Carly Simon. Hip Hop, soft jazz, Beach Boys, Big Band, Dean Martin!
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    "Click" "Pride and Prejudice" Star Trek and Stargate television shows.
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    "Be excellent to each other"

    Rudyard Kipling's Poem: "If"

    Favorite Bible scripture: Proverbs 28:5--those who are seeking Jehovah can understand EVERYTHING......

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