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    My grandparents learned the truth in the 1920's. My father taught my mother, and she was baptized in the 1960's. I grew up around the truth, although sadly, none of my other sisters ever progressed.

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    Reading (of course!) Singing, swimming...but most of my time it seems is spent in secular work...or "making bricks for Pharoah" as one CO's wife remarked. How true.

    Goals: to memorize more scriptures
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    I don't have as much time to read anything but spiritual material these days, but I enjoyed the Foundation series by Asimov...anything science fiction, really. REAL science fiction, not fantasy or magic themes. Also, dystopian plots fascinate me.
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    Josh Groban, Celine Dion. Hip Hop, soft jazz, Beach Boys, Big Band, Dean Martin!
  • My favorite movies
    "Click" "Pride and Prejudice" Star Trek and Stargate television shows.
  • My favorite quotes
    "Be excellent to each other"

    Rudyard Kipling's Poem: "If"

    Favorite Bible scripture: Proverbs 28:5--those who are seeking Jehovah can understand EVERYTHING......

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  1. That's how I get the lyrics to the original songs, too!
  2. That is entirely possible. We really DON'T know how long Satan might have been questioning Jehovah, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to start his life-changing rebellion. thanks for the new thought-track.
  3. Actually, the original topic was interstellar travel in conjunction with the concept of humans eventually inhabiting other planets. The speed of our solar system, while a fascinating topic of its own, is just a satellite topic.....you know, much as most of our de-railed conversations are.
  4. "Satan caused all the humans in the planet to rebel against Jehovah. Had he waited until later later when more people were alive, some w oul have remained loyal to Jehovah and this would have proved Satan a liar right then and there. The issue would have been immediately settled. " That is a really good point, Shawn, I really hadn't thought of that scenario. So it really could have happened at other points in time, without messing with free will, and with the SAME outcome (the vindication of Jehovah's name)
  5. I have a recurring thought that I haven't really been able to reason away: When I think of the issue of Universal Sovereignty, I think that it is a good thing it occurred at the beginning of human history, rather than at some later point. It almost seems like too much of a coincidence. Like it really HAD to happen this way. I can't conceive of a timeline in which the events that DID happen would've happened out of order (the order in which we experienced them). I know this line of reasoning can't be right. But it FEELS right. What piece(s) am I missing????
  6. If this was indeed a school project, then I'm sure the young brother's wish to undo all of the suffering was not intentionally "haughty"....he just hadn't thought the consequences of those particular actions all the way through to your logical conclusion.
  7. Now THAT's my kind of response! (check your SPAM or inbox for the multitude of attachments coming your way!)
  8. My daughter (who's a Regular Pioneer) made a new friend in Puerto Rico a few months back, and this young pioneer sister is coming to visit for 3 weeks. We will be driving to Atlanta, GA to pick her up from the airport and then we are traveling up to Fishkill for the first week of April. Like most of her trips, this is 95% spontaneous, so no reservations, etc. And a limited budget. My daughter feels that Fishkill is a central location where we can more easily travel to the Bethel, Warwick, Patterson, Walkill, centers etc. My question to all of you is: what are some suggestions on inexpensive places to stay in or near Fishkill? We are checking online, also. I just thought some of you might have some really great ideas. Thanks!!
  9. Here kitty kitty! What NOT to say to Noah when he's resurrected
  10. How's the new book coming along? I don't want to take your time away from writing, as long as you assure us that one is coming I will try to be patient......🤐
  11. We had our new CO and his wife last week. I'm not sure where they served last; perhaps someone here had them? Daniel and Brandy Wiggins? Our last CO was Lakes Ismailidis. Does anyone here have him? And I'm still missing our CO from before THAT-- Steve Elambaugh and his wife Lisa. He was AMAZING!!!
  12. There is a note by the author at the bottom of the book description. It says the books are inspired by the beliefs and teachings of the Jehovah's Witnesses, but I am not affiliated with the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. But, you ARE a brother, right?
  13. Oh, my! These Timbits look like cinnabons! If so, they are heavenly!
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