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  1. Wow so glad to see 👀this I suffer from depression and am currently taking meds but wow first the watchtower on Sunday now this Jehovah is surely good to us and knows what we are going thou thank you jehovah😊
  2. I actually know that sister in the video His mother her name is sonia
  3. Hi all did anyone watch the tv show called House with Hugh Laurie have only started watching it think it's brilliant☺I also got the quantum leap boxset.
  4. Hi all recently just started watching wwe agian as stopped watching now sort of got into it agian missed a few meeting past few weeks as I feeling low and then I fell ill am ok now bit have sort of lost my flow in going meetings after working so hard to getting there so need to pick up agian but now for some reason have been getting in to wwe agian and I don't want it to interfere with my spirtualy do bros actually watch wwe?
  5. I would love to have a whatsapp group chat with everyone here that would be great
  6. Wow the 2nd photo is north London bows road my assemby hall
  7. I just watched the video and wow maybe Satan will use signs and wonders to people belive they have peace and we are on the cusp was really up building
  8. Wow I saw the convention programme and Sunday knocked me for sixam currently inactive so it blew my mind.
  9. I woke this morning to see 2 ex witnesses on BBC news talking about being stunned my eyes nearly pop out
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