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  1. Yippe can't wait 2 the brother's smell cigarette smell on my suits agian 😭😂can't we have zoom just a little while longer 😢😂
  2. I was also thinking that with a lot of Afghanistan people coming to the UK I think jehovah will open up the way for them to hear the good news 😁so many of them going to UK places like Surrey West Yorkshire London opportunities will be there to learn there language which I would love to do but I wouldn't have a clue where to start thou 🤔😂hear iam jehovah send me., 😁
  3. Even thou the rules will be lifted July 19th in the uk and we have to treat covid like the flu and use our own judgement there's no way we will go back to our KH and even if we did I still wouldn't feel safe in doing so? So the question is for everyone will we ever go back to our KH?
  4. I won't be using this for a while 

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    2. careful


      i was going to see if there is a way to help homeless people but i noticed the topic is gone now.....i wonder why...

    3. happiness IS

      happiness IS

      @careful  Maybe Sister Carol, you could start a new topic/thread about homeless people. Or do you want me to open up a new topic for friends to discuss the subject. 

      I have met quite a few homeless people who take the free buses in this city and it is really sad to hear their experiences.

      I only had a cursory glance at the topic that Br. Lee started. I'm sure brother has a home to live in, right?

      Love, Anne

    4. cricket246


      Everything okay bro? 

  5. Yeah I can't impossibley imagine what's like without relying on jehovah that's all I can do really
  6. I did a little experiment today as I really wanted to see what it was like being in the Russian bros and sisters shoes and to feel empathy for them so I put away my spiritual food both physical and digital including my phone had the TV off and then pretended to be in a actual jail cell with just my thoughts and a pen and paper and just laying there on the bed all I did was look at four walls sings songs to jehovah and remembering bible verses I even wrote letters one from bros to me than one from me I did it for an hour but that hour felt the longest of my life and the room is small so it helped 😂😊
  7. I really enjoyed this broadcasting jehovah knows how to pull our heart strings 😂😊thou matter how much I watch it I always cry like a Baby 😭in my cong there's a Russian family we have a Russian elderly sister who married a elderly Scottish brother than her daughter came to live over here with her family because of the situation in Russia so I hope they enjoy. I really feel that jehovah wants us to imitiate the Russian bros and sisters in building up our faith so we can make it though the end of this system.
  8. I want it with English subtitles I did enable subtitles when I downloaded but they are not there
  9. Does anyone know how I can get the Russian song with subtitles? 😢😁
  10. Was the last song in Russian a new original song?

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