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  1. I will be waiting until this book is launched in kindle edition! Can't wait!
  2. WOW, what a warm opinion, this man has of Jehovah's people! Very nice read!
  3. I am praying for our brothers Habtemichael Tesfamariam and Habtemichael Mekonen's families. And the others brothers in Eritrea enduring such harsh tribulations.
  4. We had a wonderful turn out at our kingdom hall here in Kingman Az! Started at 6:30 here.A brother from our hall gave the talk. Gave a lovely talk. Not sure how many attended, but our hall was complete full!
  5. I pray the out come for our brother is good, and that he is released and can return to his family-
  6. Oh my goodness sister! Reading this is like being there with you, as it was just a few mins ago you posted! Please stay safe!
  7. Can't believe people would be so heartless to do something like this! And what happened to her clothes, to be put out in a hospital gown for crying out loud? Sad...
  8. I like your picture sis donna :) 

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