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  1. I too received a letter from a brother in Russia. It took a couple of weeks but a friend of a friend of a friend (JW's)... was able to translate for me. I was told one of our elders called the branch and it was suggested because of all the stuff going on that I not write to them now, that the website is mostly for media. (I don't understand all of this but it is a legit website of ours and I will obey my instructions)
  2. This means I have to try and remember my pinterest account info.
  3. I have also seen 10 Plaques. From Jwtrips.com. (Free) And proof of prophecy by a sister and she can be reached at [phone number removed, anyone interested can PM for the contact data]. (She accepts donations). I’ve seen both and recommend both. I’m watching both twice. I’m sorry if I’m duplicating information. My tablet is updating quick enough right now
  4. I’m on my way. I don’t have tons but I bought toilet paper just yesterday so we can have chocolate and toilet paper.
  5. I’ve recently read about ashwaghada, and thought about taking it to help with my blood pressure. I’ve changed my eating habits, even doing intermittent fasting. I’ve also started takin holy basil again to help with stress.
  6. Can someone please send me the progressive pictures of the stone hitting the Statue. I believe the latest one would have been the stone hitting the feet and it was in a brochure. I don't remember which publications the first one was in either. thank you
  7. My dear friend, I will solve some of your problem. I still have about 15 lbs to go so I’ll be shipping them to you later today. 😘. But on the serious side I do understand, as a kid I wasn’t able to gain either. But that did change.
  8. I’ve joined one but would love to join the other. Please send me the info.
  9. I started keto about two weeks ago. I started for both reasons, to get healthier and to lose weight. I feel great when I don't fill up on a lot of sugar and flour. But also I want to lose about 30 lbs. I'm not strict, so I haven't really watched how many carbs, I have lost about four lbs. I'm hoping to come off my blood pressure medicine. I also believe that the more medications we take then we have to take another pill to off set those side effects. I have more energy. I plan on making it a lifestyle change.
  10. We too were in shock. Well I was, Some never paid attention to the announcements of the RC. I’ve always eagerly waited. We’ve decided to ride the bus this year. We’ve tried everything from splitting the three days over two weekends. (Which is not an option anymore). Driving everyday ( an hour and half drive, dealing with downtown limited parking, or parking several miles away and shuttles) staying at motels and getting an Uber/ taxi back and forth each day. Now we’re taking the bus. I’m kinda looking forward to coming home each day.
  11. Thank you all I had thought I heard this before and was pretty sure it wasn’t new. But I’d love to hear the talk again. After I listen to the hailstone talk again. 😀


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    long storyshort Jane Austen from this group was my neighbor, best friend and taught me the truth, even though she was worldly at the time (she had studied before and learned it was the truth but hadn't made it her own yet). She of course progressed from that point and is still one of my very dearest and best friends today. I made the truth my own about 10 years later.

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    Lots of things, animals, sewing pottery, soap making.
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    Right now besides my Theocratic Library, that would have to be MY Paradise TO DO LIST... Yep!!! I started my Paradise to do list already. I also like the funny who done it mystery books.
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    50's and 60's, doo wop, Elvis.
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    Oh well!!! Life goes on get over it!
    Ya think?

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