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  1. Hospitals all around this country is overload. I do not think we are not going to meet in the halls next year in 2022.
  2. That is true. If all can stick with Hebrews 3:4, then a lot of confusions would be solved. What do we expect, we live in a confuse world.
  3. I do not thinks so, since there is undue attention on apostate web sites that is a lot worse than this stupid pyramid.
  4. I wonder if the cat on the right ate to much chocolate? Or was it vice versa?
  5. Good old John Lennon! He was stoned when he did the song What The New Mary Jane. His weird music credit to Karlheinz Stockhausen, plus pot too. No wonder they did not release this song. It was way ahead of its time.
  6. I feel sad for women and my sister in those area. One sick world.
  7. To me it is the other way around. Plus, I see friends overtake Zoom discussions in which it is disrespectful. Ecclesiastes 3:7 b
  8. What I see, according to Helpful Reminders dated 9-8-21, page 2, under Physical Distancing. We are not going to meet together in person for a while. We need to get use of this.
  9. https://www.mlive.com/public-interest/2021/09/michigan-reports-7185-new-coronavirus-cases-in-3-days-ending-monday-sept-20.html
  10. By mapping the our sky we use the 88 constellations of doing so. If I'm right , all the stars that we use to map out these constellations are within our own Milky Way Galaxy. Do not forget, that is mapping our sky. But, if we go to a planet in our next door Andromeda Galaxy, it would have a different sky. So, that location would have different amount of constellations. This goes on forever when we think about the other 2 Trillion or more galaxies. Ecclesiastes 3:11 Any thoughts on this?
  11. Here it is: https://www.jw.org/en/recent-feature-articles/ This article relates to it: https://www.jw.org/en/news/jw/region/global/Timely-Home-Page-Articles-on-JWORG-Yield-Positive-Results/ If my number right, this site is being visited 584 Million times a year.
  12. In Michigan, it jumped 43 percent from last week https://www.mlive.com/public-interest/2021/09/coronavirus-data-for-thursday-sept-16-central-part-of-state-sees-highest-new-cases-per-capita.html

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