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  1. A person from a hate group probably did this. Many race riots like Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921 was hidden 25 years after the event. Hwat is sad that the world don't understand that Satan rules the world 1 John 5:19 and can ignite any hate crime or crimes he want too. That is why we have the Bible to remind us what happened in the past, and what is happening now and in the future. Jehovah doesn't hide anything, mo matter what people thinks he tells like it is.
  2. Yes, the weather has gone crazy known days. But this is typical. To me the title: "Bomb Cyclone " has gone to far. We been having this for years. We just have to live with this for. now. If we have blizzards in the NW, then we know how to deal with it.
  3. Very good points here. We need to keep ourselves in check when it come to worldly education. We can end up thing we are better than others and that leads up to racism.
  4. That little girl that is delivering that Chocolate cake is my little girl. I'm going to adopt her. On the serious side it is nice articles. It is sad this generation is not picking up the points of this magazine. The world gets dumb and dumber.
  5. That is why we should make the truth your own. Who knows you might be doing this on your own area by yourself. Others might chicken out. The tract End OF False Religion Is Near was strong and some chicken out. This message will divide the Sheep and the Goats.
  6. I love brother Morris part. Will be popular when the Jusdgement message comes out.
  7. https://bitterwinter.org/jehovahs-witnesses-hunted-down-and-deported/
  8. I don't think we can repair this chair.
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