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  1. That's how the King James Bible describes her at Rev 17: So, Christendom (in English) uses that phrase. I haven't seen it in our magazines for quite some time, but I know we have used it.
  2. People I talk with at work, school, etc. say some changes are coming, but they don't see those as the end of Western Society. Instead, they think some untold truths will be told and things will get cleared up and then get better.
  3. Several of my workmates were extremely upset over their passing strict gun laws. They are just sure that this will happen in the USA. They said, "they take away your guns first - so, you can't defend yourself. Then they come into your home and arrest you later." The "they" is the government. People have a very cynical view of government here. Here you have to be ready to defend yourself from the governement with LETHAL force. I am so glad we don't feel that way about our government. We love our King Jesus and have no concern about him having ill-will towards His citizens.
  4. I haven't had trouble with the DL'ing of the audio files. I realized I needed to update a bunch of media files I have had for a while, but that finally went ok. And I cleaned up older ones.
  5. Well, we finally got the ability to DL audio files. I just deleted this app now that this ability is IN JWLibrary. I would DL the audio for the magazines at home over wifi - so I wasn't using up my data when I was bout to listen the magazines. The new ability in JWLibrary is pretty sweet!! First thing I did was DL all the audio files for the Bible (that we have so far). note: I would still love to have a widget for the text
  6. Tried my first Maple bacon bar from Pink Box. It is as pretty good.
  7. That was Henderson just a few days ago and today: Hello fellow Las Vegas and
  8. Elijah teasing the Baal priest always cracks me up: I too get deep in thought when I am sitting on the toilet
  9. Plumbing is in PEX, but gas lines are still black pipe. Something about how gas interacts at a molecular level with plastics.
  10. AS I am a building inspector I have often thought of this - many materials are only made to last 50 to 100 years. What happens when they rust or decay from age? Well, this will start happening more and more I think. Few put much emphasis on maintenance any more.
  11. I'm saving up, but Deb and I are 2 to 7 years away - depending on how well we save. For us the key is having the house paid off first. Half of our expenses are related to the mortgage and with it gone we should be ok.
  12. And, th Bible says they will declare peace and SECURITY at the end. A stock market in freefall is NOT security, but rather the opposite.
  13. https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1950805 This 1950 watchtower is the oldest I can find that speaks about the cross and why Christians wouldn't use it. It is mostly about translation, but it also adds in the pagan origins of the cross. It is more explicit about it being a phallic symbol than we can be today.
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