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  1. In fact the MAKER of Ivermectin had this to say: https://www.merck.com/news/merck-statement-on-ivermectin-use-during-the-covid-19-pandemic/ That company is NOT spending MILLIONS to NOT sell its own product. Instead they are actively examining findings and there are studies being done, but none that have been conclusive as a "cure". There is only "anecdotal" evidence.
  2. Biden’s Authority to Mandate Vaccines Stems From Law Protecting Workers From ‘Grave Dangers’ https://nyti.ms/3A8NEM4 As the wording for the vaccine mandate to all businesses with more than 100 workers hasn't been written and distributed yet - we should wait until it has. Once written where it can be read and determine what exceptions are in it - there is no need to get too unduly worried. Although, you should know it is coming, but usually these OSHA requirements have specific exemptions. As it's to create a safe work space, I'm pretty confident it will exclude those who are not in "a work space" ie they work from home.
  3. I joined in 2010. I found the site while looking for something - I can't even remember. I was at a desk job doing accounting and yet one more budget transfer and checking yet another spreadsheet and was totally bored! The 2008 crash had me moved from doing fire prevention inspections at businesses throughout the City to sitting in a cubicle making one key click and mouse move after the next. JWTalk was a life saver - as many of you know what I mean. I was skeptical at first, but what I could see and read it seemed legit. I hesitantly joined to see if that would change - you know, the subtle apostate attack. And to my amazement it did change, but for the better. The spiritual interchange was wonderful. I got to see so many more sides of so many more spiritual thoughts than I could have imagined. I have since moved back to inspections - with less time, but still thoroughly enjoying the site. And then there is all of you and many who have come and gone over the years. Each one of my brothers and sisters, mother's and father's, etc. It's true what Jesus said - I will give you more than 100 times of any you've lost (Mark 10:30). I think he add "with persecutions" but that has never been from His gifts of you. Instead, you gifts have been what has helped with even those. Thank you to all of you for giving a once bored man much thought, entertainment and friendship!
  4. What can be given by a judge can almost always be taken away by a judge: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/judge-says-ohio-hospital-cannot-be-forced-use-ivermectin-treat-n1278576
  5. Where can I buy it in the US without a prescription? Where I work they noted that the monoclonal antibody treatment is available now IF we have a positive COVID test result - through our union wellness clinic.
  6. Thank you. That was not clear in your previous post. It looks.like the US is trying everything and setting up tests for many of these antiviral pills. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/17/health/covid-pill-antiviral.html Hopefully more than anecdotal evidence - like an actual clinical study - will find success.
  7. I read stuff like the above "ALL are doing well NONE is being hospitalized" in Portugal, but then I go and look at the data https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/portugal/ And see that is NOT true. Deaths are up, but at least flattening. And I think, why do they need to lie? Many of us know there is no such thing in the medical field as ALL or NONE in relationship to a reaction to disease or a "cure" -with the exception of Jesus. It makes the rest of what is said untrustworthy - don't you agree?
  8. My sister in law near New Orleans is without power, but OK. Cell service goes in and out, but she has a solar power system to charge things and keep a frig running. Home Depot is open and selling generators like crazy!! The insanity continues.
  9. My sister in law texted that she is OK, but with out power. Clearly cell service is working as long as her phone has power. This just reminds me how important it is to have some way to charge a phone in case you don't have power for a few days.
  10. My sister in law lives in New Iberia - near New Orleans. She wasn't required (just strongly encouraged) to evacuate either. She stayed and says she is ready/ prepared. We talked to her last night. I'll check on her later today to make sure she is ok. We'll keep you in our prays too April!!

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