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  1. We just discussed this video this morning during service i resent it to several of our elders - it was very encouraging and the part about the test of resuming in person in Puerto Rico
  2. GPU…GPC - Graphics processing card You can always start with basic tests to narrow down the issues perhaps you can try the ‘on board’ video if there is a video port vs a separate video card or if you can get a loaner video card - you can swap that in and narrow down the other video card you can buy very affordable video cards and very expensive ones - for gaming or specialized graphic needs is the system setup to support multiple monitors - are you using 1-2-3-4- monitors?
  3. NICE - That Sausage reminds me of SPAM - which is popular here fried for breakfast - haggis still reminds me of Boudin - a rice meat mixture stuffed into a casing - popular in the Deep South in the US
  4. Chili is a big deal in the US - especially the south - my company has 1-2 chili cook-offs every year - and it’s common to see chili festivals although chili con carne (with meat and beans is most popular) there are many variations - chicken chili - white bean chili - vegetarian chili - and in Texas Terlingua chili has no beans .. in Florida we even see Gator chili my son or I make a big pot at least twice a month besides being served over rice .. its popular over hotdogs or burgers and frito-pie is chili over Frito corn chips now I’m hungry - again
  5. I have too many ties (they provide more range for expression - since i don't wear jewelry or such) I always find ties on sale @ the department stores.... and - our local thrift stores (goodwill etc) have sale days sometimes TIES are $1.00 US each or $5.00 for a shopping bag full - you can get like 20-40 ties in a bag ( some are cool - some are UGLY) and then we share them with each other so that we have a range of colors and styles and stripes - a local dry cleaner charges us $1.00 to clean a tie -- I have way too many green ties (maybe 15 in different shades) - i like green -- bethel also has a room with clothing donated and the bethelites can 'rummage' thru the available clothes/shoes/ties so even a general donation will end up being used by the bethelites
  6. sounds delish Christopher - ill have to find some duck now.... I went with Asian inspired dishes (been doing this all week) - some Fried rice with Roast pork and some Walnut shrimp in white sauce over the rice and of course some broccoli - because thats the only fresh veg i had available ....lol thinking some Dim Sum or wontons next and maybe some Ramen....yum
  7. Friendships are built based on commonalities love of same things communication attending same events sharing same music celebrating same events The Bible specifically says they will ‘draw away from you if you do not participate in the same actions’ or perhaps they will see your changes and want to learn about Jehovah you just treat them well - politely explain your beliefs - dont draw a line in the sand - do this or else…. be a genuine friend based on BIBLE principles they will decide…… there is no specific time frame if you shared common things that you stopped doing because of your knowledge that these displease Jehovah - that separation may occur soon after you change to live by Bible principles …if you did not regularly participate together in scripturally improper actions — that separation from your ’Old Friends’ may take longer but in the end it is inevitable - you are now running in an entirely different race than they are in….. eventually those races will diverge…..Satan owns the other Race be assured Jehovah will care for you and make sure you receive much more (many more friends) from your becoming his…than you may lose by leaving Satan
  8. It’s actually funny how people are SelfLESS - when it comes to helping their pet but Very SELFISH in demanding their rights to do whatever they feel like they want to do regardless of the others around or the restrictions in place
  9. it was a technical issue - in their own house - not a hack the removed the network "BGP routes" think of it like they hid the directions on how to get to their house - no map = no traffic ps it also means someone is getting fired...lol us geeks call it a RGE - Resume Generating Event
  10. there were a ton of 'great hits' this weekend in the Annual meeting(2021) here are a few i liked David Splane - 'Way of Holiness' referenced George Storrs (1796-1879) who found a tract in a train and read it and later wrote a series of articles that influenced many Christians like Russell "we have just recently left the dark ages of Church influence" -- " it would not be strange to find we still wear some Babylonian Garments" --(still influenced by Babylon the Great - need to remove those pieces of the old personality) Br G Jackson - "are you there?" referencing Book of Remembrance 'your name may be there now, but it's only written in pencil....do all you can to keep your name in the book and pass the final test -- so your name can be written in ink" Br Lett 'Take up full suit or armor - do you want to be the soldier who showed up to battle in his underwear? - EVERY piece is vitally important' there where probably another dozens - but these stuck in my head
  11. just out of curiosity I understand health - auto immune , etc what would a religious objection be??? it does not have blood - other than those who reject any and all health treatments is there any ' legitimate sounding' religious reasons that you have heard?
  12. thats some good points shawn -- thanx for the reminders to be kind to others and not to be self-righteous against others some who dont understand some who dont agree some who just dont...... in the US we have had mandatory vaccinations for over 50 years I think almost every child in the US has had to be vaccinated in order to attend public school (measles, mumps, polio, rubella) (and yes I know some folks were against these vaccinations claiming it caused Autism - until that was completely debunked as fake news) (and YES I know these Covid vaccines have side effects and there are some legitimate worries about it) but its nothing new - requiring vaccines for students of jobs....... of course it is being used by Satan to sow discord and confusion and contempt glad my father is in charge of this mess in the long run 1 - how this will impact our association - or lack of association with the unvaccinated ---(see other posts where branch direction to FTS where to avoid unvaccinated) 2-was wondering recently - how this might effect the 'call of Peace and Security' ???? ---will people feel safe with this hanging over their heads
  13. Awesome — that second one is my phone wallpaper/Lock Screen - love it
  14. In my area - Florida - nursing homes are prolific with the virus - it tends to run rampant - once one person gets it 20, 30, 40+ people get infected group homes are just as bad Branch released some instructions for SFTS - those vaccinated can have some recreation/vacation it included quite a few restrictions eat only in restaurants with outside Dining avoid all close quarters and enclosed places like amusement parks, museums etc association with those vaccinated - avoid associating with unvaccinated - even family members avoid locations if unvaccinated may be present ( brother had to decline a BBQ with a few families since some were unvaccinated)….this made me think a little harder….. they told us today ….the list of restrictions was rather extensive but for those needing to visit aged family members it was a blessing to be able to go
  15. Our last 1/2 year in LDC / DRC we had numerous talks on ‘Near Misses’ We we Lax in reporting the previous issues - so the speaker often discussed spiritual maturity vs humility vs pride and he even threatened us………… with NO DESSERT…. If we didn’t confess……lol it became a game to see if we could actually admit to 3-4 at lunch each day it actually became a practice of REAL WORLD Humility - and we learned a lot i was very pleased to see young ones buck the trend of pride and admit even small mistakes as those leading teams - we had a mini huddle - reminding each other to set the example so in the end it was a very productive process with no hard feelings and quite a few laughs and once this good pattern was established it flourished and new ones quickly joined in and felt comfortable


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