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  1. There's a radio program that answers people's questions about English language usage and is fun to listen to. A Way with Words | Radio show and podcast about language and linguistics, with callers from all over (waywordradio.org)
  2. -audio books. They can be borrowed for free from a local library, the library's website or bought on Amazon and listened to on a phone or computer, some are on cd (audio can be more enjoyable and we hear the language patterns and pronunciation) -podcasts - I don't listen to them but here's a site with some Podcasts : NPR -online classes - they used to be free, some may still be depending if she wants a certificate, but it may be a good option depending what her local options are. Future Learn Exploring English: UK Culture and Language – Learn English – FutureLearn Coursera Top Writing Courses - Learn Writing Online | Coursera Edx Communication | edX -keep a journal, possible using a computer with Microsoft Word and Grammarly that can help with corrections
  3. In the anime video I was confused because of the "Eiffel Tower", while everything else pointed to Japan. But I looked on a map of Tokyo and there is a replica of the Eiffel Tower in Tokyo. That was interesting! Also, in the part about Philip, I recognized that the couple was in service, but it was filmed at Bethel in Mexico. Neat!
  4. Thanks, I really couldn't figure out what he was thinking. But that makes sense.
  5. I don't even know what he was trying to say. Was he trying to say the team they were about to play are not wimps? The article says, "attempted to say they were taking their matchup with the Florida Gators seriously..." but is that a typo that should have said they were not taking the matchup seriously?
  6. You know, it's stressful reading this and similar threads. I read through, see things that I know are not accurate and it starts to get on my nerves. Guess I better step back and take a breather.
  7. If the mask has the appropriate filter, wouldn't that protect the wearer? Theoretically, I'm breathing filtered air. I doubt it's fullproof, but I think it's beneficial for myself as well as others. It's another layer of protection.
  8. What wonderful news this was! There are some families from Eritrea in our congregation, and everyone was rejoicing at our meeting today.
  9. I thought these were amazing! I didn't know we had missionaries again, new ones, that is. So if single sisters can go to SKE, then they can be missionaries, too. (If I understood that right?) I think the three year assignment is a good idea. Wow, I'm still processing it.
  10. Being mild-tempered, wow, what a great quality! I need to work on that, and so does the world in general.
  11. That is the same with Jehovah allowing them more than one wife. His standard didn't change but he permitted it.
  12. I don't know how long it would take to vacuum Florida, that kind of thought gives me anxiety in the middle of the night! But the other night I was remembering all the pictures I could from the 1968 Memory game. We used to play it when we visited my grandma. https://medium.com/the-story-hall/experiments-on-children-how-our-imaginations-were-shaped-fcd1198f9499

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